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Find a Quiet Moment

Find the Sacred in every day simple things..

Find the Sacred in every day simple things..

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Holding the Light. Holding the Space: An Empowering Essence: Victoria Pettella

Hold the Space
Hold the Light
Empower the Potential
Embody the Power of Love
Shine bright and strong when those who struggle
need to find that piece of light Within..

The pieces you Shine Out
Become the Mirror of Connection and Possibility
The Power of Love
Can Carry All things Into Being
and make All things Whole
~Victoria Pettella~

Healing Insights to reflect upon~
~Victoria Pettella~

When those we love and care about
are in the midst of struggle,
pain and suffering
when someone's life or health is at stake
Often we can feel helpless

In these times...
 that no matter what is going on...
you are not helpless !
and you can Embody great love and light
and by filling yourself with this beautiful Energy of Harmony...
you can Become a Vessel of Potential
you begin to shine this Potential
and become a Mirror
of that healing, that hope, beauty, light

You become a mirror
of support, release, remedy and peace.
You become The Power of Love..and this essence is Alive
This essence heals, restores and brings comfort.

While everyone is indeed
on thier own personal path
and they must journey through it on their own
you can still be there in many ways..
especially spiritually..and energetically

This energy..although seemingly Invisible
is Powerful and Harmonizing and Full of Potential

No Matter what situation a person may be in
no matter how helpless you feel
no matter how dark it all may seem
you can still offer your beauty and light and love
in this potent way!

While we never project our will 
or interfere in someone's sacred journey,
we can still "honor them" and 'Offer" our light
and whatever is most divine.. will be!
We are all responsible for our own healing and our path
is only ours to walk.. we can still support one another
in a divine way.

Hold the Space, Hold the Light
Shine out Love and Positivity and Peace
When we fill our hearts
with Empowering Love
and shine that Truth Outward
New Potential can Bloom
this "energetic support"
is like a "constellation of light"..shining..
it offers it's energy in the most pure and divine way
and if that person can connect with
that support through their Own Divine Way
it can definately help and amplify the spirit
of healing, love and empowerment.

we can heal one another in many ways
we can offer the power of love on many levels Unseen..
like lines of light..
they merge and join and flicker and spark to life.

it flows divinely and in divine measure
honoring whatever ones path may be.

And even though you may not know how someone's path will unfold
while they are here..shine your light..
it empowers them when they are in need!
They also ...are in Deep Connection with their Own Spirit and Path already in this way.. you are simply being a mirror for that

Offering spiritual-energetic support
and wonderful side-effects they bring to those in need
~ While this can mean different things to different people
In essence it means .....
to simply "hold a positive loving attitude",
a nature that is filled with harmony
and lightness and peacefulness.

~for some it may mean offering pray, support and positive thinking
~ When we remain postive and loving..the potential is heightened and amplified
~ when we shut down our energy and thoughts with are literally turning off the light..and cutting off "a connect"... to that "constellation of flowing Light" I described earlier

We are all connected..and interconnected....the Human Spirit is emotionally connected and when we bring that to a Spiritual Level or Cosmic/Universal can be very uplifting and healing!

And especially when you love someone..your energy and thoughts and worries
are interconnected..(it impacts them)..and your cares are shared.
Likewise your Joy, Enlightenment and Hope is shared as well.
When you shine this potential heighten, amplify and accentuate the possibilites and magical and powerful is that!
You can raise vibrational energy and awareness by being a Pure Vessel of LOVE.

We are all  collective energy whether we know it or not..and we all affect one another.
Be mindful of what you are shining out...

 In simplicity..offering a positive presence and an Awake-Awareness..brings positive energy to the equation and that is always healing and empowering for everyone!
Shine your Love...focus on nothing else but knows the way and works knows what is meant to be and not meant to be...shine your love..carry it..and Be is an empowering essence and an Honor to Shine !
Victoria Pettella~


Silke said...

What a wonderful post, Victoria, and just what I needed to hear! I have a number of dear friends who are in crisis mode and I try to be a positive beacon of light and love. What is hard for me is to maintain my own energy and light... So, this was wonderful refueling! Love, Silke

Terri said...

Perfectly timed for me too. Thank you Victoria for the loving reminder.
Hugs of love to you dear one.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hi,my beautiful friend Victoria:-)*

Adorable post with many useful advices and in so enchanted,wonderful,playful way..........!!!
How do you made all you great,fantastic photos,my dear?!
It's really inspirational and talented work!

Thank you million times for you visit and you beautiful words by me:-)*


Emm said...

What a beautiful post Victoria. I am fortunate to be doing very well lately but you are so right, we need to be there for others in those times. I've been thinking a lot about service lately.

Auroran Lauriel said...

My heart swells as I read your post and I thank YOU for shining your light. In your light, I see my path a little more clearly. When the light flickers in my vision, I can return to here and immerse myself in the Love and your positive presence (and those around you, here, that you attract).

Part of the path right now is learning "how to be" when I am around a coworker who is dealing hard health problems. I love how you expressed here to be love and light for others. Today, I did loose that connection with her because I did choose to invest my energy into worries for her and this does her no good. It's a learning process for me, but I really really benefited from your insight on this here. Thank you, Victoria!

earthenmagic said...

...beautiful share Victoria! ~ thankyoU sO much!...
...third image down the post ~ a li'l wee child sits ~ curled within the shadow petals ~ she is the healer of the lily ~ do yoU see her toO?! ~ blessings to thee...

Purpletreebird said...

"The pieces you Shine Out
Become the Mirror of Connection and Possibility.."
So true and thankyou for a lovely post. :o)
Jess xx

Laura said...

so beautiful Victoria...may you be blessed with deep peace and joy!

Martina said...

This is a very helpful post - yes, it's our vibratory essence hat shines out and influences others for the good or the bad. Such a great reminder to work on positivity, love and strength. Have a magical start to your week Kiki!

Cobalt Violet said...

Oh my word... best post ever! I need to bookmark this.
Beautiful message about holding a loving space for people. That what I tried to do when I used to work as a hospice volunteer ... but we can always do it.

have a beautiful week Victoria!

Jane said...

Thank you for this wonderful message Victoria! Our inter-connectedness is something we all need to become more aware of and then strive to live accordingly.
As always, beautifully illustrated. Wishing you a blissful week :)

Lori Saul said...

Wow- what wonderful words of knowledge and power and I love how you captured and emphasized the light in your photos. Truly spiritual for all to read and practice. Love this post Victoria!

mirsini's creations said...

Victoria... Thank you so much for this wonderful post my Shinny Fairy Friend, full of wise words and magical photos!!!! Your words are helping me so much!!!! :o) Sometimes I wish i would live there ...closer to you and could tell you some things i am dealing with lately!! I'm sure you could help me with your own magic way!!!
Thank you for all your lovely comments!!! I was almost sure that we will have common tastes in music!!!
I'm not blogging so often cause i'm trying to finish some works i have and generally.. i'm very confused lately! I'm trying to deal with many things together and in the end i can't focus to anything !!
When i visit your realm i feel more relaxed and see things different and more positive!!!!
You are my favourite Wizardess!!!! Thank you so much!!!! HUgs & KIsseeeees....:o)) !!

Mina said...

Sweet Victoria, thank you so much for this beautiful post and much needed reminder that we are all mirrors to one another and what we project can be ultimate beauty. As always, your images are stunning. Happy Saturday, my sweet friend.

Joanne said...

This was such a lovely post to wake up to this morning. I'm going to have to read it again!
I certainly believe in positive energies and light.
Your meditation posts always bring a smile to my face and this one is very appropriate for me right now!
I saw a rainbow yesterday shining on the kitchen floor, it was made by the sun shining through the glass on the fish tank and the light kept flickering. Ziggy had fun jumping on it, trying to catch the colours. Also yesterday I bought some glass rainbow beads and dreamt all night about rainbow beads, then this morning I read your beautiful post about light. All magical synchronicity! ;-)
Thank you for sharing your lovely words and photo's and making my morning.
Have a great weekend,
Jo. xx
P.S. I really think you should put a meditation book together! ;-)

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