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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Morning Meditations with Victoria: Tune IN to Life

Find small moments..to Tune in...
to your self,
your body, your mind and your spirit.
This Ignites Awareness.

When you take the time to "tune in" ,you will be in touch with yourself and the Harmony waiting to create with you. Tuning In helps you stay focussed in what is most helpful for you at this time..and keeps you aligned with the Perfect Flow for your unique life.

Tune in..
Listen closely......
what do you need at this time?

Open your
H e a r t
..where does it wish to fly right now?

Stretch out your arms often ...
Try out your wings...
where do you wish to Explore
What new qualities do you need to bring to your energy
and add to your life?

What sparks you within?
where do you wish to create and play?
what goals do yo wish to reach for?

Stand tall...
What have you learned about your life thus far?
Feel empowered in who you are
Be proud of your journey,
your path and the unique spirit
that makes you....You

Smile on the inside
What have you made peace with?
What things have you grown to love
and accept about yourself?
Feel Blessed

Jump for joy
what excites you about life?
what are you grateful for?

Touch the sky
Your dreams are touchable..real and here.
....open your eyes!
What dreams have your forgotten?
Which ones are still calling you?
what would you like to create in your life right now?

Tune in to your body..how are you feeling?
what would bring you balance today?
What do you need to help you feel strong and healthy and well?

Tune into your mind
what new thoughts could you transform and bring to life?
What new attitudes could help create positive changes
and shape the way you think?
Do you feel mind-clutter or clear?
What do you need to do to ignite Clarity, Calm and Renewal
Let the Mind flow..in Harmony.

Tune into your Inner Spirit
Where do you feel guided to go..do...or be?
What do you sense is True for you?
Stay in touch with your Inner Self
and you will Remain Strong
in the Powerful Flow of your Beautiful Life!
Harmony will become the Landscape.

Tune into L I F E
It is awake right now..
you don't need an invitation..
Create with your life..
Share your life..
Celebrate life..
Ignite the Spark of Life.....

Finding Harmony
Victoria Pettella

All Photography
Victoria Pettella
All Rights Reserved.


Zondra Art said...

Beautiful post!!!
Kisses and regards.

Healing Woman said...

Such beautiful words that accompany your photography. I love the close ups of the amythyst. You have chosen all the beauty of nature for this post and it is so lovely.

martinealison said...

Belle combinaison de mots et de photos... Bisous

Victoria said...

I like yours photos very much and i am pasing very often from your lovey blog . Have a nice day.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Zondra Art
Thaks Zondra,you are wonderful!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Healing Woman
Hi Cheryl..Thanks so much for your beautiful words!

Kiki aka Victoria said...


Martine!! Merci!

Kiki aka Victoria said...


Hi Victoria...thanks so much for your kind words! Much appreciation!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Kiki
You are always fantastic !

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dearest Kiki:-)))*

What an inspiraton...you are immensly talented soul!
Thank you SO very much for your post,my dear friend!

Much Love to you,

JoMo said...

A beautiful reminder at such a busy time of year! Blessings.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Perfectly pretty purple, sweet Kiki.
Sending some sweet snowflakes your way ***x***x***

Anja said...

Smile on the inside.. this passage attracted me today mostly.
I read this week in the newspaper that people whow meditate regular their brains change, cute. What a power the spirit has.

Manon Doyle said...

Awe....that was a beautiful post! I loved your words and those are the perfect pics to go along with them!!

Mandy Higgs said...

Happy dec.2!!!!! Thanks so much for warm comment:D
I love this post very beautiful!!!! We all need Harmony and your blog is very peaceful and gives me joy:D

Tammie Lee said...

such lovely questions
and images
ponderings and inspiration.
I had a teacher that thought it quite important to tune in to ones needs... we can care for others so much better afterward.

***Icy BC said...

Excellent post, KiKi..I so needed at this time, this morning to be exact!

LauraX said...

So beautiful Victoria...I just added a link to this blog onto my blog list, I know my readers will enjoy visiting here!

The Muse said...

what do i sense is true for me...

i linger and ponder and twist about with this ...

searching is half the joy.

sweet spirits linger here.

Malu said...

Seu blog é muito lindo !!!!

Me encantei com suas imagens... :)
Tudo aqui é belo .

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