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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Morning Meditations with Victoria: Tune IN to Life

Find small moments..to Tune in...
to your self,
your body, your mind and your spirit.
This Ignites Awareness.

When you take the time to "tune in" ,you will be in touch with yourself and the Harmony waiting to create with you. Tuning In helps you stay focussed in what is most helpful for you at this time..and keeps you aligned with the Perfect Flow for your unique life.

Tune in..
Listen closely......
what do you need at this time?

Open your
H e a r t
..where does it wish to fly right now?

Stretch out your arms often ...
Try out your wings...
where do you wish to Explore
What new qualities do you need to bring to your energy
and add to your life?

What sparks you within?
where do you wish to create and play?
what goals do yo wish to reach for?

Stand tall...
What have you learned about your life thus far?
Feel empowered in who you are
Be proud of your journey,
your path and the unique spirit
that makes you....You

Smile on the inside
What have you made peace with?
What things have you grown to love
and accept about yourself?
Feel Blessed

Jump for joy
what excites you about life?
what are you grateful for?

Touch the sky
Your dreams are touchable..real and here.
....open your eyes!
What dreams have your forgotten?
Which ones are still calling you?
what would you like to create in your life right now?

Tune in to your body..how are you feeling?
what would bring you balance today?
What do you need to help you feel strong and healthy and well?

Tune into your mind
what new thoughts could you transform and bring to life?
What new attitudes could help create positive changes
and shape the way you think?
Do you feel mind-clutter or clear?
What do you need to do to ignite Clarity, Calm and Renewal
Let the Mind flow..in Harmony.

Tune into your Inner Spirit
Where do you feel guided to go..do...or be?
What do you sense is True for you?
Stay in touch with your Inner Self
and you will Remain Strong
in the Powerful Flow of your Beautiful Life!
Harmony will become the Landscape.

Tune into L I F E
It is awake right now..
you don't need an invitation..
Create with your life..
Share your life..
Celebrate life..
Ignite the Spark of Life.....

Finding Harmony
Victoria Pettella

All Photography
Victoria Pettella
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Morning Meditations with Victoria: Embrace the Power of Nature and Explore

There is a World
of Beauty
All around you
A World of Nature
Full of Magnificent Powers

this Magical Landscape
Be in Awe
of Nature's Universe

Find Harmony in Nature
See the connection between you both
You are Nature
and Nature is you
Feel Gratitude for the Beautiful planet
the seasons , the cycles
the Potential everywhere
The Force of creation
birth, death, transformation
Growth, Renewal
Nature's Rhythms
New Life Constantly Becoming
The Poetry of the Forest and all of Earth's Landscape
is sparkling with Life

Find Adventure in nature
Take notice of the tiny things
the miracles
the beauty in every life-form

Take Time to walk,
stretch out the body...
explore new territory
 and absorb the natural healing energy
flowing all around you in nature...
Experience the fresh revitalizing air
with each breath
Recieve Nature's Nourishment
Rejuvenate the body
with nature's breath and life-force
Meet new friends in Nature
Appreciate every single Creature
Learn from all that is around you

Explore the Beautiful Textures of life
Explore the shapes and signatures
of Nature's Prose
Use these metaphors for your life
Explore your Life
be excited about Being Alive
and experiencing Life everyday!
Make Life your Adventure.
Enhance your well-being
Appreciate Life, Nature, the Planet,
the world, those you love
Enjoy Life.
If you feel you need a change
and you haven't yet explored
a New Pathway
or direction in life..
get up..stretch..Be Open
and try something new...
Go out into the World
and explore Nature
Feel the beauty all around you.
It will ignite new energy.
Walk in Nature and you will feel reconnected to yourself
your dreams
your health
your mind and spirit
Your horizon will shift
and your perspective
will change
Your Awareness will heighten
and expand
Colors will become richer,
life will feel fuller
your Heart will feel attuned
to The Spirit of Gratitude
Explore the Pathways
of Your Life

Rediscover the Powers of Nature,
the Colors of Harmony,
the Dreams of your Life
Rediscover your relationship with Nature
and renew this bond
It is a perfect metaphor
for reconnecting with your life,
Finding Harmony on your journey
and seeing things in a fresh new way.
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony

All Content, Photos, Articles
Victoria Pettella
All rights reserved

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Morning Meditations with Victoria: Reflecting on Forgiveness

Forgiveness releases you
breaks apart chains
breaks down walls
frees you from captivity
opens windows, bringing the presence of Healing Light

Forgiveness sets you free

Forgiveness creates the Miracle of Peace
it fuels the Power of Love
it allows the Breath of Life to flow in harmony
Forgiveness opens the world to a New Interval of Love
it gives Wings to what burdens you and carries it Away

Forgiveness is like an Angel of Release
standing with you, holding your burden
so that grief can find joy and renewal
Let go
it was never yours to hold

letting go
releases you from the dark,
warms you from a cold cave of sorrow and anger
and transforms you slowly,
gently and divinely
inside a New Space where you can breathe again,
Believe again
and find Joy once again

Forgiveness frees you from the Old World
and ignites you with the Lantern of Life ..
Guiding you into a New World

Forgiveness is a Beautiful Doorway
with music you have never heard before
A Doorway, that will give you the Power to move on
to the other side,
to create in the Wisdom that you have been given
and to Transform everything
into Love once again.

Find love in yourself , forgive others, those who have hurt you and especially.. forgive yourself.
Forgive again and again...and you will be given
an Empowered World
that Shines only in Love
and Creates always in Peace
and heals and restores all that is broken
into Joy, Wholeness, Beauty and New Life.

Return to your Self
Return to Love
Restore your heart, mind and spirit
Give yourself the gift of Peace.
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony

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