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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Healing Sounds; What is your Inner Soundtrack to Harmony?

Healing Sounds
are every where
Every Thing
Connecting with the Power and Beauty of Sound
is not new
we listen to music
we enjoy the sounds of Nature..
water flowing, the rain falling..
birds singing,
trees swaying in the breeze
Sound Healing is ancient
We all have " certain sounds"
that we feel drawn to
and this connection can
create Harmony Within
Singing is another Powerful way
to ignite healing and balance and harmonize
with your body mind and spirit
For those who create with  or work with
the Throat Chakra Center,
this is the beautiful energy center
of Sound, Expression, and Creative energies.
Sounds are created through speaking..singing..
it is a direct way of creating with
the Power of Sound
and Sound healing.
Singing or even Humming a single note..
or even a scale can change our energy instantly!
Sounds are Powerful!
Singing is very powerful and Uplifting.

Singing Bowls
are a wonderful way
to connect with
a single perfect tone
H a r m o n y
Uplifting and Peaceful
They can be enjoyed in many ways
..to energize the Body  Mind and Spirit,
to align the energy centers
to cleanse space,
to clear energy,
to attune to
new wonderful nourishing vibrations
to simply enjoy,
or to meditate with

Healing sounds can help our energy shift,
and move and flourish and flow more freely
Everything is a sound..
even we are sounds..
everything in our body also hums to a certain sound
All of our organs and cells dance
to a certain tone and frequency
It really is not strange..it is powerfully beautiful!
Music is so nourishing..is there any wonder
Everything in the Universe has  a sound..
a vibration..
a magical note that dances
within Creation

Notice what sounds you feel drawn to..
which ones are healing for you..
soothing, calming, relaxing
How does your body respond to different sounds?
What is your Inner Soundtrack to Harmony
This soundtrack may change often or remain!
The Body Mind and Spirit
is like Music...
To find your own
Inner Rhythm
is another Key
to Finding
Your Perfect Harmony
and in Creating
Balance on all levels.
Find your Natural Harmony,
the Music within.
This will Nourish you
and strengthen your Personal Energy
Sounds can uplift us
amplify our moods
make us feel calm
or even stressed
Using music or sound is
A Great De-stressing tool
What sounds are most healing for you?

I Love this small mini singing bowl..
it fits in the palm of my hand
and it is easy to bring anywhere..
it is beautiful to play outside in nature
It is wonderful to use when you have a small moment..
it can help you reconnect with
your inner space instantly
If you are feeling Mind-Clutter,
it can instantly Take you OUT
of that clutter and brings you Back into FOCUS
I'd say it is like having a peaceful cup of tea..
it is a quick energy balancer..
clears the mind and 
is like a "Re-set Button".
Singings Bowl are One way of connecting with sounds.. 
there are many tools out there..like tuning forks as well etc..
or even playing any instrument..
But you don't need a bowl or anything at all
..it is a wonderful to play
with beautiful tools

but ....

Our most Powerful
is an Open Heart
and the Beauty of Nature

Being in Nature
is a Naturally Attuned Environment
that contains Natural Healing
and Natural Energy
we can harmonize with the power of nature
at any time.
It is no secret
and not new
yet it is so powerful..
Even Silence and Stillness
is the most powerful Vibration of Sound
Sitting in Nature can bring us to that inner space
The Natural sound of our Breathing..
flowing in and out is also soothing
Finding that Inner Stillness,
especially in Nature
and Breathing IN
that Power of Nature
and Natural Energy is wonderfully Meditative

Every Flower, leaf and rock that you see..
every star, snowflake and grain of sand
every creature
and every bird flying in the beautiful sky
 ...carries an Invisible Sound..
Magical Sounds
of the Universe.
Music is in All Things

Listen Closely
and you will hear the Voices of Nature
singing to you..

Sounds nourish us
Nurture us
From the time of being inside the womb...
to being a little baby being sung to
by a mother or father,
or falling asleep and feeling safe next to
the sound of a Heart gently beating
sounds are powerful energies..t
they conjure emotions, feelings, connection
We naturally connect to sound
it is how we communicate
sound touches our lives...
Can you imagine a world without music?
Pretty hard to imagine!

Music is the Poetry of life
it is filled with immeasurable tones,
notes and harmonies
 and it is a Universal Language
that everyone understands,
responds to..and is touched by!
Sound is healing..Music is Creational
and whatever Inner Music you feel uplifts you
will be another Key ingredient
to Bringing
Harmony to your Life.
Celebrate the Power of Sound.
Healing Sounds~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony
Articles of Creative Well-Being
Victoria Pettella


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh gosh, what a beautiful, harmonious post...amazing!!! I have to tell you that I moved to New Orleans just following Hurricane Katrina...I moved from California where I always woke up to the sound of birds...Well, here all the trees were wiped out, so we never hear birds...It's funny how we can take things for granted until they are not there...So, when you talked about sounds in nature, I immediately thought of the birds. So now, I listen to the "quiet." That has its own peacefulness too.

Wishing you an amazing day!!!

Terri said...

Absolutely wonderful post! I feel like my body is singing all by itself! I love the idea of finding my own inner harmony music!

Jo said...

Beautiful.... such serenity in both words and pictures. I too looooove the idea of finding my own inner harmony.... the sounds that truly resonate with my soul. Yet I know that my needs change so much according to my mood or what I'm actually doing.... sometimes the stillness of silence is quite 'loud' enough! Thank you... just what a needed to read today.
Hugs xxx

Mina said...

Your posts are so soothing and leave me feeling relaxed. I believe there is a silent sound in the rhythm of your words.

I am most curious about the singing bowl and am going to look into that.

Nature is by far my favorite sound.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Pure Eye candy, sweet Kiki. I like green, it's soooo calming. Enjoy your Wednesday xxxxx

Brianne said...

Beautiful pictures, Kiki. Thank you for saying that the sound of nature is as beautiful as any "noise" we can try to fill our space with! People ask why I keep my windows open year round; why I don't use airconditioning. One of the main reasons is because when I have in the past, I missed, terribly missed, the sounds of the world outside. The birds in the morning and at dusk. The wind in the treetops as a storm approached. The stillness of a hot afternoon. The katydids. I'm so glad to see your beautiful post about these things. Thank you. Peace. Brianne

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Kiki...what a wonderful post!!! I love to put music on to suit my mood...I love the sound of the ocean...and I also revel in the sound of just being and listening to what is going on around me...Have a beautiful day full of lovely sounds...Dzintra♥x

Manon Doyle said...

Loved the post!! I love the sounds of rain on the house, music, birds, crickets in the summer, the ocean waves....omg....and so much more!!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Cindy Adkins

Yay Cindy..thanks for sharing such powerful and beautiful words and sharing your expereinces..wow..!
Happy you love the sounds of birds..and yes the beautiful quiet!! Thanks for all your lovely words!
have a beautiful day!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Terri...yay i am thrilled you enjoyed the post..wonderful!
Thankyou ever so much!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hello Jo...yay..thankyou for stopping by and sharing your wonderful insights..so appreciated!
Happy you enjoeyd ti..thanks for adding a sparkle to my day!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay Mina...thanks for such beautiful words..! Happy you enjoeyd it! Gald you liked my singing bowl..this green one is a Heart Chakra bowl...there are all kinds out there..Tibetan singing bowls..crystal healing bowls. The one I have is very small..comes in a cute little box and a pillow..i love it!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

yay saskia..thanks for stopping by! Happy you enjoyed it!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay Brianne...i love when you stop and so enjoy reading your wonderful comments!! Wow..awesome..thanks for sharing your beautiful insights and experiences..wonderful!! I love all the different healing sounds you have described..I feel uplifted now..thankyou!!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Queen Dzintra
Yay Dzintra...you are so wonderful for stopping by..hope you are well!
Lovely ...that sounds divine right about now..the ocean rolling in..beautiful!!Yay..you are so lucky! Thanks for sharign your healing words!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Manon Doyle
Yay Manon...love when you stop by! That sounds so magical..all sounds i love too..thanks for sharing your wonderful healing sounds and insights!!

Lori Saul said...

Wonderful post! I do search for more soothing sounds these days. When I was younger music was so important. But now sounds of nature really soothe me. My son is always trying to get me to take my iPod on my walks- but I really want to hear the birds, the wind, the trees whispering softly to each other. I must try some singing bowls though... thank you for the inspiration.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Lori Saul
Yay Lori...thanks for sharing...wonderful! me too I agree..the sounds of nature are beautiful just as they are! I love whispering trees too..magical...yay..thanks for sharing that!

Lynn said...

Beautiful post, I feel so relaxed right now. I was listening to an instrumental piece called "Spring" by Bliss as I was reading your post and the world around me just felt so spiritual.
This morning I had more up beat music playing and it made me dance:)
Music really is a key to the soul isn't it? Thank you for your beautiful words :)

LauraX said...

music...in each breath...the wind outside too....the owl in our backyard sweetly singing Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoooooo. The giggles of my daughters, are one of my favorite healing sounds...and the soft snoring of my dog...rain on the roof...and singing with others when the harmony is PERFECT and my heart vibrates...the sound of my husband playing the piano...so much joy in listening.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What a beautiful post... and you are so right.
The harmony of waves crashing onto a warm sunny beach. Just the vision, can center my world.

a fabulous friday favorite :-)

***Icy BC said...

Such wonderful colors combination, and a harmony post all in all. Very nice and soothing!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Wishing you a Wonderful Wintery Warm Weekend, dearest sweet Kiki Stay warm and cozy xxxx

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Icy BC
Thanks so much!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Sandi@ the whistlestop cafe

Thanks so much Sandi..and what a lovely vision you have shared! Much appreciation!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Lynn..yay..happy you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing your wonderful words and insights!all sounds so lovely! yes i agree..well said! Thanks for visiting and adding you sparkle.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautifully said Laura..thanks for sharing your shining insghts and heart!Beautiful!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

yay thankyou Saskia...wishing you a wonderful week!

Tammie Lee said...

your post is a lovely song overflowing in beauty.
today I love the sound of snow falling ~

Spring's island art and life said...

I Love to Hummmm...
In the car ,
When I'm surfing ,
when I mow the lawn
Mostly when I am alone or when I am feeling Low and you are sooo right on it is an instant boost to my being the in and out of air clears my head an lifts me Up Up Up
Your Blog also lifts me up
I check in weekly to be inspired by your sweet posts
thank you for what you do it is truely a gift!

ruthie said...

Beautiful words, the sound of nature to my ears is the most healing of things & brings me great peace of mind x blessings to you x

Carol said...

Reading your post is a lovely beginning to my day Victoria. Beautiful photographs and words of wisdom. I find these bowls so centering. This post makes me want to simplify my life. The garden and nature is where I find the deepest peace and the many songs of birds my singing bowls. Very beautiful post.

Anja said...

Dear Kiki,

do you know the Shanti chimes, they are also a very good instrument to feel calmness to enter the inner space. Here is a link you can hear the different harmonies when pressing the play button. Golden harvest is my favorite I own two of them but playing them to little.



Kiki aka Victoria said...

yay Anja...thanks so much for sharing your beautiful words and links..i love chants too and they are very healing and fun to do. and yes thanks for sharing all these awesome lnks..i shall enjoy them!
HUgs Anja..thankyou for sharing yoru magic!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay Carol..thanks so much for your super beautiful words...I feel the same beuaty when I visit yoru gorgeous blogs full of nature...thanks for visiting and adding your magic here..always appreciated!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Ruthie...yay..so wonderful..thanks for sharing what brings your peace...beautiful!!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Tammie Lee
yay Tammie..thanks for your lovely words and adding yoru sparkle here!!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Spring's island art and life

yay Windy thanks for visiting and sharing your wonderful healing sounds..awesome!! Thanks for such lovely words..i am so touched..have a beautiful day, I'll be sure to visit you very soon!

Elena said...

Oh my gosh I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your words and photos! Simply amazing and what a wonderful reminder to just listen.

JoMo said...

Beautiful. I agree, music is so important. I love classical when I'm in my studio. I also love the sound of waves, and the rain on the roof, laughter...and silence can be wonderful too.
Peace to you Victoria!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Kiki,
I just came over to say "hi" and hope you have a great weekend!!!

Mary Hysong said...

I love your photos and poetry! Great work.

Mary, new to PPF

Priyanka Singh said...

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