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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Luscious Hummus..and variations

Beneath a Royal Cape
 a beautiful secret is waiting

Oh that Luscious Hummus
You may not think it is super-sexy on sight...
but it taste divine..
and there are many creative ways to amplify
this Favorite...
especially if you have an adventurous palate!

The basics of Hummus are well known
Chickpeas aka Garbanzo beans
mashed or pureed
with Tahini
Lemon Juice
The Basics
Different variations exist
Find what you like! and build from that recipe!
Enjoy Hummus... simple... as is
add your zing or flare...
if you'd like to change it to your tastes
or take into a new level of flavor!

Hummus is
pure music to me
In this series...
Hummus is the Main Base flavor...
but also has given over to a mixture of tastes..
I have added Red Roasted Peppers
a splash of Olive Oil
To enhance the roasted red pepper taste
( if thats what you want to come on top)
..add a table spoon of Tomato Paste
Italian seasoning..
If you like heat..
Hot sauce  or/Mango chili sauce( for some heat)
Roasted garlic is beautiful too..
I have added Greens
such ingredients as
Curly Endive..
you could use any Greens you like..
spinach..rapini ..fresh basil etc
Raw as is..
or Wilt them...with a touch of Olive oil..
IN my verison I have
also added  few Sundried Tomates
and one Fresh Tomatoe
just to lift the flavor
sea salt and pepper
 blend them all down together
Keep tasting and see what it needs!
If you need a sweetness..
add a teaspoon of agave nectar..
if you enjoy as is..leave it!
use what you like...simple as that!
IF it were summer..
Id be throwing in all my fresh Garden Herbs..
wow..that would be awesome!
I alway create with what I have...

If you cook just for yourself or others or a whole family..
tastes vary...so it can be fun experimenting
with flavors and ingredients that suit everyone!
If you know your own palate well...
then creating flavor-combos will be easy!
I often find it hard giving recipes out..
for my style is intuitive and "in the moment"..
I trust my instincts , use what I have
and depending on the amount
also always changes the ratio of flavors
If you  know the basics of  ANY recipe..
taking it into Your Realm and re-interpreting it is fun!
I love to encourage intuitive creating..
so try out some flavors you adore
and it  makes
such simple sense..
if you know what you like
and understand the
language of flavors
then creating a recipe for yourself  is easy!
For others? not always so easy!
Our taste buds can literally exist on different planets!
so this is also another reason 
that I often kick up some traditional recipes
in  a new way..
like a Hummus..
those I am cooking for
begin to embrace and even enjoy
what I eat...
and it is nice to share a meal.
I tend to know their palates too..
so I can bring a recipe into a flavor-space
they are drawn to...

I love eating hummus  as is.....
simply on  a bed of lettuce
or greens!
I find this nourishing, grounding 
and energy-uplifting..
My food approach is pretty plain and simple
but always flavor-rich!
If you cannot eat breads and such..
it can still be enjoyed..it is wonderful to make.
I prefer to make it all from scratch..
and buy the dried beans, cleaning then soaking them,
cooking them 
and then blending them down  in a food processor.
From there..any ingredients, spices, seasonings 
or flavors you wish to add
or any cooked additions you wish to add..
throw in..blend down..puree...and voila!
If you make a huge batch..
you can set different portions aside..
and even flavor them all differently!
They are wonderful as a dip-spread
for a festive event..
adorn them with some bling to enhance appearance.

Others ... enjoy it with Pita breads, Crackers, Nachos 
Garlic bread and Brushettas etc

Hope you enjoyed this spotlight
Do you like Hummus?
Do you ever make variations?

Thankyou for visiting and adding your magic here..

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Tammie Lee said...

you sure know how to spot light the beauty of hummus! So beautiful and enticing with the raddicio! I do like hummus. I like sunflower seed pate' even more.... if you would like my recipe, let me know.

Terri said...

Oh so delicious looking! I love your post, especially how you speak of creating intuitively in the kitchen. I can not say I do it that way all the time, but I do have my moments where I am really tuned in and it goes beautifully.
I do love Hummus, I eat it with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. I have never made it myself, but there is a fabulous Greek resturant here that specializes in gluten free healthy food. So I am lucky to go there.
Thank you again for sharing with us!

Inge said...

Yummy - I have never tried Hummus, but I think I should do so. Your photos so delightful. It is always a pleasure and inspiration visiting your blog. Have a nice weekend, Inge

Mina said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words! You are so kind.

Emm said...

I used to eat a lot of hummus but had to stop for a while as I was overdoing it. I am not able to eat bread but I do enjoy it on wheat-free, gluten-free pita. I love how pretty you make it look. You gave me an idea and I think I'll try add pickled red cabbage into my diet.

Brianne said...

Yes! Garbonzos. Chickpeas. Beautiful beans. From India to the carribean to the middle east. Such a great bean. I love hummus. With cummin. Or curry. Or agave. I like you, rarely have a recipe. I didn't know anyone else admitted it. I love to feel what needs to be included in the bowl (always a bowl to mix the ingredients - as Rumi says it is the shape of the soul)according to the day, the season, the person I am cooking for. So good to know someone else loves to use herbs, spices and the kitchen with such mystery, meditation and meaning. Thank you for putting such wonderful words to the act of creating a recipe!Peace. Brianne

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