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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Power Potions: The Magic of Smoothies

Power Potions

Smoothies are Fabulous

The Perfect Spell
for Energy
and Balance
and Harmony
Deliscious Potions..
This one is My Fave..
I call Purple Magic

Smoothies are so easy to create...they are quick,
Grab a blender
add in what you love..blend..Voila!
One can simply adapt to their taste, flavors, preferences
and also thickness..light and smooth..
heavy and thick and rich
There are truly a Kazillion ways to make a smoothie
Everyone will of course have their own preferences of ingredients
*Use Bananas to create thickness
* Use Fruits that you love
*You can use what is in season or whatever you have..ENJOY
*Some are Juice Based, Soy Milk Based, there are countless versions
Whatever your food/beverage preferences are..create what you like!

Smoothies are wonderfully nourishing,
health enhancing
full of nutrition
easy to digest
simple quick energy boosters

They are gorgeous eye-candy too!

yet light

Awe-inspiring Goodness...
They pack a powerful punch!
Wonderful Color Therapy too don't you think?!

The Blueberries in this smoothie give it
this dazzling purple power..
and such a Color-Rush!

If you experience food challenges,
a smoothie may be something you'd like to try.
Or if you just have loved them forever..create away!
There was a time in my life, when I was not able to eat solid foods..smoothies were a real life saver !
Simple..pure...and nourishing..!

Great for Breakfast..
or as a snack
at anytime..

Smoothies have been a part of my life..since forever..
I enjoy their simplicity and versatility
They are the Ultimate 

Create some Smoothie Magic...
Discover your
Power Potion
What are your fave ingredients..
or recipes?
Any special secrets
you wish to share?
What is your Ultimate Smoothie?

Finding Harmony


Terri said...

What a beautiful and powerful post! I have been drinking smoothies for quite a while, and I truly enjoy them.
I make green smoothies more often than any other kind, but looking at your luscious purple one makes me want one of those!
Your photography and composition, as always, are stunning : )

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wonderful..yum! Glad you are a smoothie kindred! yes green ones are fabulous..! Thanks for stopping by and sharing..so appreciated! and thanks for the lovely compliment! It was a fun and tasty photoshoot! ha ha!

Auroran Lauriel said...

What a beautiful smoothie and the last one of your empty smoothie is a nice touch. I want to try blueberries in my next smoothie just so I can enjoy that gorgeous color. Also, I usually put my smoothies in a simple plastic cup--not too pretty. Why not use a gorgeous glass and enjoy the appearance of the juice while I drink it? Thank you for a visual smoothie boost. :)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Auroran Lauriel
Yay thankyou so much.....and thanks for sharing..so appreciated! yes i like to use fun glasses..make it an event!Have a sparkling day!

martinealison said...

Quel régal pour les yeux... Bises

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiki,thank you very,very much for you visit and lovely words.Your blog is also very inspiring and full of goodness.
I'm a strong believer that you are what you eat and I do pay special attention to what goes inside my body.Right now I am 80% raw vegetarian... and smoothies are a big winner when comes to eating healthy. I love smoothies,they are a fabulous, complete,heathy and powerful meal on one go.What is the recipe for this one and is it made with berries or beets?
lovely,lovely,lovely post!!!

Foxglove said...

Such tantalising delicious smoothies, the colours are amazing and gorgeous.
I think I need a energy boost!!!!

I love coming to your wonderful space so magical and peaceful.
Have a enchanting day. xxx

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay..hapy you enjoyed this smoothie tribute and love them yourself! Thanks for visiting and have an awesome day too!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Merci Martine!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Thanks Lila for stopping by and for your super lovely words..so appreciated! Wow..80%..wonderful..shine on!

This smoothie is made of soy milk.. mostly bluberries, a few strawberries, and half a banana.

Yum..beets would be awesome too..the color would be fabulous!.
Thanks for sharing..shine on!

Yarrow said...

Oh yummy. This post has satisfied and inspired me on so many levels :D Thank you for sharing and for your sweet words on my blog :D

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Yahooooo for smooties! Captured divinely!!
Have a terrific Thursday, a fun Friday and a wonderful weekend, sweet Kiki xxxx

Inge said...

Yummy - I do love smoothies too. And blueberry is my favorite. I do love the color and the berry. Have a wonderful day, Inge

Anja said...

...and they are so easy to make. The smoothy you made has such a nice violet color and the last foto is cute.

Cathy Bueti said...

Great post Kiki! Your photography is wonderful in this post!

I like smoothies too. . . my fav is rice milk, cacao powder and a banana. I like to use blueberries too with bananas and rice milk. Mango and coconut water is a good one for summer!

I need to get a cool glass to drink them out of like you have!


The Tablescaper said...

Such a glorious color. I wish I could reach my hand in and take a sip!

- The Tablescaper

Lori Saul said...

You have elevated the smoothie to a new elegance Kiki- I love them too and they are such a cleansing way to start the new year. I just bought a magazine called "Whole Living" that has an array of smoothies on the cover. None of them are presented as beautifully as yours though. Cheers!


LauraX said...

Victoria, these photos are the best!!! And now, in the midst of NH winter I am longing for fresh fruit...will have to deal with frozen berries from the supermarket with my bananas:(

Chandrika Shubham said...

I liked the fruit blueberry very much. This looks yummy. :)

Beautiful thoughts are presented in an interesting way.

Spring's island art and life said...

Your blogs are my absolute favorites! I have find myself looking forward to each new inspiration you create!
Thank you for all the beauty it truely makes my day!
Windy Spring

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay Thanks everyone for your awesome comments!!


Windy Spring
Wow..such ebautiful words..you are so kind!Thankyou so much!

Chandrika Shubham
Thanks so much for your loevly words..so appreciated!

Yay..thanks so much Laura..it was a fun photo shoot to create..and then drink!ha ha!
enjoy your smoothies!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

The Tablescaper

yay..thanks so much..thanks for stopping by!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Lori Saul

yay thanks so much Lori for your super-awesome comments..your mag sounds very cool! Enjoy!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

yay thanks so much Anja..yes it was fun to drink!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Cathy Bueti
yay Cathy..thanks so much! YUm..those sound super fabulous...and very yummy..thanks for sharng your power-combos..deliscious!!

yes cool glasses are a must..for smoothies!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay..thanks so much Yarrow!

Yay Saskia..glad you are a smoothie kindred too..wonderful..have a great day!

Yay Inge..happy you love smoothies too..thanks for stopping by!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Kiki,
That looks awesome!!! And I wanted to tell you that I have a precious tuxedo cat too (I saw yours on your other blog header!) Don't you just love them?

Shop-FMSeymour said...

Hi Victoria
Your smoothie looks absolutely delicious. I love the glass you used, and the photos are fabulous. Yes it sure is geat colour therapy too :-) I love berry smoothies, and also enjoy mangoe and banana smoothies too.
Have a wonderful week.

Rosey said...

A smoothie is one way I can get my son to eat something healthy without him knowing it.
I love blueberry banana smoothies, what a delicious post!

Thanks for following my cooking blog, you are a sweetheart, Kiki!

weekend et coup de brosse said...

vos photos sont superbes! Victoria

Kiki aka Victoria said...

weekend et coup de brosse

Merci! Thanks so much for your lovely words!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Thankyou so much everyone!

Yay thanks Rosey.i love your new blog..awesome!Thanks for sharing and visiting!

ShopFM SEymour
Yum..wonderful combo..thanks so much for sharing..that's delscious!

Cindy Adkins
Thanks so much Cindy.much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm.... that was a delicious post! I feel as though we just had a smoothie together Kiki! I love it!

You are soooooo inspiring!

Bohemian said...

I love Smoothies too and often put fresh Spinach in our Fruit Smoothies... the G-Kids like Spinach but can consume more of it in a sweet drink.

Dawn... The Bohemian

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