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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meditations with Victoria: Carry Only Joy upon your back, Let your Burdens wash away

Begin to see the Beauty all around you
Find a small moment inside each day...
and let it bloom into a Garden

As you walk through life
Carry only Joy upon your back
Jewels in your Heart and Mind
And surround yourself
with an appreciation
for the Blessings you have
and the beauty all around you each and every day

Walk your journey
with balance, with love, with gratitude
Understand that..what you align your path with
will powerfully influence the way
you feel and think .....about life the world , your relationships
and how you experience your every day awareness  and choices

Your "walk " can feel heavy, long, painful
it can can also feel..... light and flowing and healing
Your life can be Blissful and Beautiful
as you participate in this Awareness more and more
like a beautiful ripple ...it continues to emanate
through all layers of your life
What you build onto grows..and grows and grows
Joy comes to life.

Not all days are like these.. not all moments are bliss
there are days of sadness and challenge
but to empower your spirit and heart
with Beauty, Calm, and Peacefulness
Can Enhance your Ability
to Become more Susceptible to Joy instead of pain
to be Open to Life and  Positive Energy and Healing
to always seek new potential
and enhance your ability
to grow and adapt and shift with Joy
Be Susceptible to Joy...........

Take a moment each day.. to Encounter Beauty
to know it's relevance and build in it
Add your Beauty to the World
It creates the potential for your world to change

Carry only joy upon your back
walk steady, strong and in balance and harmony 
It can ignite new pathways for you to explore
and  help you to experience even more Joy.

Today's Meditative Thoughts

*Carry only Joy upon your back..it feels light as a feather

*Become Attached to your Joy.. and less attached to what may burden you..

*Become Susceptible to Symptoms of Joy!

*Make Space for Joy.
It cannot make a home  within you..if you do not let it in.

*When you remember How to carry only Joy upon your back
your burdens wash away ...for there is no place for them to stay

*Make a conscious effort each day to Create Joy
and Embody the Spirit of Beauty and Love
For these Seeds are far more powerful than any burden you may have.

*Seeing life through the eyes of joy and love and being able to find the Beauty,
especiallty when it is hard....
can transform your burdens and create powerful change.

Every burden holds Powerful Ingredients..
instead of carrying them upon your back....Open this Gift  up..
and allow it to Transform you into new life.
It may be hard to think of burdens in this way..
but become less attached to them..
For this is the only way
that you can Become
A Vessel for Joy.

~Victoria Pettella~


Silke said...

Oh, Victoria, I LOVE this! It is so exactly where I am at at the moment! I love the notion of opening up your burdens and receiving the gift of transformation. You are most wonderful and inspiring!! Much love, Silke

martinealison said...

Que la joie demeure et qu'elle transpire sur nos créations...

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Much eye candy, as always, sweet Kiki. Great quotes too!
Have a sweetest of Sundays xxxxx

Tammie Lee said...

"*Seeing life through the eyes of joy and love and being able to find the Beauty,
especially when it is hard....
can transform your burdens and create powerful change."

yes, to find it at these times can be quite empowering!

Beauty and love are the sweetest of gifts as is your lovely empowering post!

Mina said...

Beautifully said. So many of us forget not only to carry our joy but to feel it often as well and let it flow into others. Our world can seem so negative. Thank you for these gentle reminders.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

how very true victoria...what has happened to me with my arm and putting me out of action from caring is yes a burden...but looking at the positive side my hubby has been able to take carers leave giving me a break form it all...although he is run off his feet...have happy week...dzintra

Lori Saul said...

I love the idea of being "susceptible to joy".It can be catching if we carry it around with us! Beautiful post!

Bohemian said...

Kiki I loved this Post, it ties in so well with what I JUST posted about. Just became a supporter of this lovely Blog of inspiration and meditation you have created.

Dawn... The Bohemian

mirsini's creations said...

Wonderful post! Thank you my friend! I will keep your healing words in my mind today( and every day i hope) Hugs and many kisses to you! :>

Paula said...

Dearest Victoria,
I soooooooooooooooooooooo needed to read these words today ... I too shall try to remember these ever so wise words of wisdom for the coming days ... but lately, I find myself fiercely battling my foe ... depression. For it seems to ride my shoulders with the weight of an anvil. Alas, then joy becomes a most difficult ally to obtain.

I shall covet these poignant words ... thank you!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

HUgs Paula..thanks for sharing your deeply touching words..keep shining within..wishing you many healing-hugs on your journey!
hugs and hugs

Mina said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind words about my collage. You are sio sweet and inspirational. Have a great day.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Thankyou everyone so much for your lovely words!
So appreciated!


mirsini's creations
thankyou..and hugs!

Hi Dawn..Thankyou..i am so happy you enjoyed it..thanks so much for your beautiful words! Shine on!

Queen Dzintra
Wishing you many healing hugs..hope your arm gets all better soon! yes enjoy your time..and relax! get well my friend!

Lori Saul
Yay..thanks Lori!

Thanks so much Mina for sharing your beautiful thoughts and words always!

Tammie Lee
yay...thanks for visiting tammie and for your lovely words!

yay thanks Saskia..Happy week ahead to you!

Merci martine!

yay..wonderful Silke..i am happy to know you enjoyed this! you are a shining star..thanks for your beautiful words!

Jacqui said...

Wow, what a profoundly beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing

JoMo said...

I love the idea of being susceptible to joy, like your immune system grabs it and is strengthened by it.

And I love these words, "...what you align your path with will powerfully influence the way you feel and think..." Yes! So true!

Thank you Victoria for sharing your words.

Terri said...

Dear Victoria, your meditative thoughts here are powerful and transformation! I appreciate every thought you have so lovingly shared.
I am open to joy!
I am open to finding the gift in the burden.
I am open to seeing beauty each day.

Rusted Wings said...

thank you victoria for your sweet comment via tammie's post of my gift to her. each one of your blogs, your photographs, poems, meditations, art...all are so inspiring and lovely.
i feel it...the pure oil coming through the squeeze... so to embrace the trials with 'a garland of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness' is the way of life & abundant joy!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

My 6 year old son adores elephants!

Have a sweet day, sweet Kiki xxxxx

Anja said...

Dear Kiki,
while reading I pause sometimes a little bit to close my eyes and to enjoy your words to let them resonate a moment inside me. Sometimes they lead to something which is in me very close and it is like hands are finding together like a short clap which follows the felling of deep relief.

I just saw the foto of you on the right bar, you look like your words, sweet angel!


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Kiki,
I'm going to carry happiness on my back !!!! I love this and oh my gosh, I saw your pic on your sidebar...you're so gorgeous!

Coco Coterie said...

Lovely post. Clicked on Loree's Stories and my computer automatically popped you into my screen. How delightful is that?
Have a wondeful weekend ~ xox Alexandra

joanne May said...

Ah Victoria,
This is a magical post and it is exactly what I need right now, to relax and breath in positive life energy. The words and photos are very calming to the soul. I see you also have a beautiful pink love stone, Rose Quartz! ;-)
I have made a necklace with Rose Quartz and Amethyst. They are a nice combination of beads!
Have a lovely weekend my friend.
Jo. xx

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Thankyou so much for all your visits!Happy Wkd!


Thanks so much..happy you enjoyed it!

Yay..happy you enjoyed it Jo! Shine on!

Yay Terri..thanks for your kind word and visit always..and for sharing such powerful words! Shine on keep sparkling! You are Wonderful!
Have a marvelous wkd!

Rusted Wings
Hi Abigail..yay..thanks so much for such super lovely words..much appreciated! You are a shining star!

Thanks Anja so much for such kind-hearted and touching words..you are so wonderful..and so thoughtful!Much appreciation always!!

yay..happy he likes elephants!

Cindy Adkins
Yay..sounds wonderful! Aw..thankyou you are so sweet!

Coco Coterie
Yay Alexandra...lovely to meet you..I love your blog..wonderful..have a happy day!

joanne may
Yay Joanne...thanks for your lovely visit..happy you enjoyed this post! ooh..your necklace sounds fabulous..a divine combo..my faves!!
Happy Wkd!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Kiki
Today I am walking by your blogs,All them are beautiful!
Sorry my visits are not very often now but really I have not too much time ,excuseme
Visiting you is really a pleasure

Annabelle said...

A beautiful soul that you are!

Keeping positive is the secret.

I'm smitten by your crystals....gorgeous.

Hugs Annabelle

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Kiki,
Sending hugs your way and lots of LIGHT for a beautiful weekend!!!

LauraX said...

Such a beautiful meditation..."be susceptible to joy..." I love that!

Deborah said...

Such a simple philosophy, yet so powerful...beautifully expressed and illustrated.

This is an inspirational place, Kiki.

Cindy Adkins said...

Wishing you a beautiful day filled with harmony, balance, and joy!!!

Shop-FMSeymour said...

A beautiful post!!! Thank you so much Victoria.
Have a most wonderful week.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Have a happy day, sweet Kiki, I was wondering, do you speak French in your part of Canada? xxxx

Martina said...

Love this post and everything in it! So true! Blogland is for me a place, to cultivate joy and harmony and focus on all things beautiful! Thanks for visiting me - let's stay in touch!

Auroran Lauriel said...

:) Yes, when I do take the time encounter beauty I welcome joy into my life. Simple shifts. Great thoughts.

Coco Coterie said...

Hoping you have a lovely day ~ xox Alexandra

Icy BC said...

How very beautiful to feast my mind on this post this morning, KiKi.

Emm said...

I had to read this post twice as it is so good. Each day I try to find a little bit of beauty to sustain me. It can be found in nature, architecture or in human kindness. &heart;

Eliane Accioly said...

Tudo o que mais preciso, a simplicidade que você aponta.
Ótimo fim de semana!

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