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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meditations with Victoria: Breath; a Powerful Ally for Well-being, Be Nourished

The Breath is Powerful
Both beautiful doorways
of Unity and Connection and Wholeness

When we take time to be calm, quiet and still
and to focus on the breath..breathing can instantly shift us on all levels.

Breath is a Powerful Nourisher,
it can invoke beautiful ingredients in the body, mind and spirit
and make us feel fantastic, rejuvenate us and bring clarity to our mind!

Breath is a natural healer..
When we align with our breath...
focus on the breath..
And Become Nourished by the Breath
we can find our Natural Harmony....

Think of Breath
as a Powerful Ally
of Transformation, 
and Creativity:

this ally can transform stress into calm
it can take a burden and make it lighter
it can mold a problem into a solution
it can slow down a racing state of anxiety
and bring gentleness and peacefulness and a coccoon of safety

Breath is Wisdom
it can open the eyes to deeper perception
it can make a bud fully Bloom
it can awaken all of the senses
it can carry us into a new world within
it can make what ails us .....heal

Breath is Transformative
it can take tears and find paths to joy
it can take us deep within... to hear the answers
it can bring us out of pain ....and into bliss
it can shift what is negative... into a positive space
it can shapeshift the mind and ignite new wisdom
it can transform anything.... and bring us into balance
it can help the mind and body heal, restore and rejuvenate
It can strengthen us on all levels
reduce stress and re-align what is out of balance
It can bring your whole being into Harmony

The Breath is alive with life-force,
essence and energy
it can reawaken the body, mind and spirit
into a space of well-being

Take a moment each day
to Honor the Breath
To flow with it
to be still
to listen to it
to allow it to Guide you
to heal your whole body
and enhance your well-being
into a State of Harmony

Breathwork..breathing...IS Harmony...
the circuit of unity , wholeness and balance.

When we breathe...we become awake, in focus,
we become intune and aware and creatively abundant.

The breath is sacred
and greets us with our first breath of life,
it carries us all throughout... till the end of our journey,
until our final and last breath.
It is a sacred gateway..to the beginning, the inbetween and the end.

Tune into Breath,
Tap inot this Resource...
it can bring your whole Being into a Creative-Awake Space
and a healthy mind and body.

The breath is your powerful ally...create with it's powers!
Victoria Pettella~

What are your favorite ways to Create with Breath?
I love yoga and breathwork
I also love being in Nature and walking and flowing with my natural rythym of breath. I love to be still and meditative and focus on the abundant resource of our natural breathing...

Honor the Breath...breathe...be nourished by this powerful ally!
Victoria Pettella

Finding Harmony
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Victoria Pettella

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Kim said...

What a wonderful post. It is a subject that is not touched on enough. Focusing on your breath alone, is a wonderful way to meditate. I use breathing exercises before preparing to channel Reiki.

Beautiful pictures...as always.

Sending you warm hugs xxxxx :)

Mina said...

How often I forget that simply proper breathing is so powerful and restorative. That breath is the key to all of life and creation. Thank you for this wonderful reminder, my sweet Victoria. You are an inspiration from the Heavens.

Lori Saul said...

Beautiful wise words and what a wondrous stroll through such a meditative garden. Summer slows us down to really concentrate on our breath and savor the long days. Happy solstice to you Kiki!

Jacqui said...

Beautiful post, thank you so much for your lovely pictures and words!!

Terri said...

The beauty of breath, so vividly shared in your beautiful post!
Your meditation is a breath of fresh air : )
Thank you,

Martina said...

Dear Kiki, thank you for this wonderful reminder on how precious and mysterious breathing really is. I'm practising Yoga regularly and sit a few minutes every day with little exercises. But still, we need new inspiration and guidance to awaken again and again to the miracle of life, to not fall asleep. Love this post of yours! Hope your day is lovely, xx

fernenland said...

Beautiful and very refreshing. Thank you. :)

Emm said...

I just love that blue feather and the clay sun. I never appreciated fresh air as much as when I got to the UK. There are days when my lungs literally rejoice when I get off the hot and stuffy train and get some air in!

weekend et coup de brosse said...

je suis toujours émerveillée de lire tes posts, beaucoup d'harmonie dans chacun d'eux c'est merveilleux car nous avons tous besoin de nous recentrer sur nos vocations intérieurs!
Merci de tes visites sur mes pages et de tes jolis commentaires.
Très bon week-end à toi Victoria.

Leovi said...

Beautiful photos in texture, light and color, exquisite.

Paula said...

So beautiful and so powerful. Thank you, Vicki, for yet another relaxing and schooled post. Indeed, taking the time the breath deeply certainly brings about new life into one's wellness. I have made this practice a ritual in my life and find myself breathing deeply nature's essence quite frequently as it has become the elixir I depend on for healing. This is one of my favorite posts yet! So serene ... the blue and white is calming and revitalizing. Thank you!

Sheila said...

My dearest KiKi....oh how I miss you and your beautiful space full of hope and peace and tranquility. The photos are incredible and these words are so calming. I've been so busy lately and before I know it, the day is over. I so miss connecting with my beautiful friends. I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. I'll be back soon. Thank you, so much, for visiting me. It means so very, very much. Hugs, Sheila

Cobalt Violet said...

I think I need to read this every day.
Thank you. :)
Hope you are have a beautiful amazing week!

Auroran Lauriel said...

I was just contemplating breath yesterday, but only briefly. I feel like your meditations are a guide rope along a trail, helping me to traverse deeper depths of thought and experience. You are a wonderful teacher and I so appreciate your presence here. I agree with Cobalt Violet, this entry would be good to revisit and contemplate.

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for sharing the mysteries the healing gifts, the spiritual gifts, the lovely life that rises and falls with in the beauty of breath. you also are a beauty.

priti.lisa said...

Yay You, Victoria...Almost exactly how my Mom taught me a kajillion years ago. Meditation made for a queen.
Love to you sweet and dear little one♥

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Do you sell your photos on Fine art america, I think they'd do awesomely well! Just so beautiful!

Auroran Lauriel said...

"Breath is a natural healer..
When we align with our breath..."

Something so simple and available to us. Time--this is what I am working toward setting aside every day for meditations and whenever I do meditate or pray, it is with a conscious effort that I focus on my breathing at the beginning, during and at the end. It IS truly transformative and I have to laugh at myself when I forget this.

Victoria, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blog Award. If you do not participate in awards and tagging, I understand. Just know that I appreciate all the beauty, truth and experience that you share in all of your blogs! We are so blessed to have your presence here :)

You can see two examples of the award and and how to display it here (if you are interested):


and here:

Happy fourth of July,

Toyin O. said...

Wise words, thanks for sharing.

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Hope your having an amazing day, lots of love!
I was on Janine's blog writting a comment when it suddenly jumped to your blog, so had to leave you a message!

ruthie said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder, a reminder to re-connect & find peace. How very perfect that i should read this post today of all days, i felt a great need this morning to create a painting today that has the words "breathe deeply" incorporated into it to remind me to do just that! x x

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Your a star!

Julie-ann Bowden said...


dhymalk said...

What a wonderful post.

very wonderful words
wonderful pictures
and wonderful girls..

happy blogwalking sist, even i am so far from your place, with blogging all be near.

i'm waiting for u in my home...

i keep u'r link in my blog..

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I walk daily in the woods and this is excellent for fresh air. When there Inhale the scent of the woods.xx

Martina said...

Just rediscovered your wonderful post here - aaaaah, deeeeeep breathing, so helps to keep centered! Hope your day is wonderful Kiki! xx

lilabraga said...

OMG!! this is powerful stuff! fabulous and healing post! all I needed to remember now; to breath again!
thank you for remind me of this powerful tool!!!!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Victoria,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving such supportive and thoughtful comments. It really meant a lot and put a huge smile on my face.

I'm happy I found you and your beautiful blogs! I will follow so we can keep in touch.

And thank you for such an uplifting post. Your photography is stunning and the message is grand! B R E A T H I N G is good... I need to remember to breathe more!

All my best,

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hello Everyone!!
Thankyou so much for all these beautiful comments and inspiring words! Thankyou for sharing and visiting...

and to new visitors...it is lovely to meet you all and thanks for your kind visit!! I'll be sure to visit you all..

Simply Us said...

Such beautiful images. Especially love the blue cup in the first image ~ Alexandra

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