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Friday, August 26, 2011

Natural Magic: Meditative Beauty

Natural Magic
is Found everywhere
and in all things
Nature is a Powerful Source of
Natural Magic
Housed in all Kinds of Metaphors
and Created from each seed
Natural magic can be experienced
Through Colors, Shapes, Textures
Through the Beauty of Scent..Taste
every Mysterious Fruit,
healing herb,
Sacred leaf and petal..

Meditative Beauty
Color Harmonies sing through all of Nature's
Creative Magicians

Fruits and Flowers Create Visual Enchantment
Natural beauty can stimulate all the senses
Inspire the mind with inspiration
Ignite the brain with imagination..
Engage the senses beyond the 6th..
to a multisensory level
of Bliss and Blissfulness
Natural Magic
awakens you to New Energy
What things stimulate you in Nature?
and so on?
What colors, sights, shapes, sounds..scents
captivate you?
What plants, flowers, trees
 spark you?

what messages and metaphors
are you awake enough to hear?

Summer's Harvest
a beautiful metaphor
a reflection of gratitude and abundance
* Be thankful for all that you have..
celebrate and share every day

The Power of Color
Purple Morning Glory again fresh peaches
and the Floral Wand of Spearmint
are you in awe of nature' color palette?
I am mesmerized!

Explore the Power of Nature's Healers
Awaken to the healing essence of nature's herbs
Beautiful Spearmint in this photo..
I love the Gorgeous green creases of life in each leaf
Do you take time notice the beauty in the tiniest of things?
Are you awake to the miracles in nature's sacred geometries?

Take a moment in each day
To infuse the heart and spirit
with natural beauty
Attune to the harmony and flow
* It is all around you..
Truly take In the Beauty of  a simple plant, a rock..a  flower
This is also Natural Meditation
Become aware of your Connection
Nature is Healing and can ignite you with new ingredients

see the healing metaphors

Listen closely to nature
and your own natural magic

the Natural wisdom within you is
Your Truth
and that truth you find
is deeply profound and sacred

Sage leaf draped against a sunlit peach

Sage a Symbol of

a symbol of Immortality
Morning Glory
a symbol of Magic and awakening to the Power of each day

The power of peach and sage combined?
~Immortal Wisdom~
What Natural Magic have you awakened to?
Can you hear Nature's Meditative Beauty
speaking to you?
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. I am using orangish hues along with purples in a new oil of pansies. Your colors are very similar. So pretty.

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Merveilleuse harmonie de couleurs, ton post est magnifique de vérité, et plein de créativité!
(magnifiques photos)
bonne soirée à toi Victoria

Tammie Lee said...

natural magic indeed, in the form of shapes, color, scents, life ummmmm

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...


YOU POST IS SOooooooooooooooo amazing!!!
All you colors combination and a magesty of you photos just tooks my heart away,BEAUTIFUL!



Plumrose Lane said...

I'm just making my way through blogland to say thank you so much for all the love & support and thought this would be the perfect blog to leave my comment for you since Finding Harmony is such a treasure in this world. Thank you SO much Victoria for the blessful wishes, I've no doubt they helped tremendously!

Terri said...

*sigh* all that peachy goodness! Soft, velvety, deep and delicious! Healing foods are a blessing! Your visual feast fills my soul with color and warmth : )

Kim said...

Another beautiful post! I love the contrast of the purple and orange colors together, they make each other come alive. Great composition!

I also like the symbolism you shared too. Let's see, in nature, I love lush green, the sounds of birds and the rustle of leaves. The scent of of dark musky earth and fragrant antique roses that ramble and climb with abandon. Oh! And ancient oaks! Those are my favorites. :)

Your mint looks way better than mine does, this Texas heat is zapping my poor plant.

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet kindred. Hugs xxxx

Paula said...

Dearest Victoria,
It's as though this posting was written just for me (though I know it wasn't);) I spend so much, perhaps too much, of my time completely absorbed observing nature and in my surroundings. With a fossil-hunter's eye, my gaze is forever turned toward the ground seeking treasures.

I believe one reason I find it so difficult to ever stray too far from our nest is the years I have spent creating a cocoon for ourselves. One that mimics the soulful beauty from nature.

As always, your images are fuel for the soul. Your words ignite powerful thoughts. For it is a true pleasure and blessing to peruse the pages of "Finding Harmony"

By the way, thank you for your visits. Your beautifully written comments truly make my day and help keep my pages alive! ~ Wishing you a beautiful and blissful week ahead ... may it sparkle!

WrightStuff said...

I adore the magic of nature, but right now I am riding on the waves of music that touches my soul.

IM GIRL said...

Visions of colorful inspirations, creativity and beauty off the chart!


Carrie Wachter~Martinez said...

Every time I visit here it feels like home! Love the colors, the contrast of the smooth peach and the wrinkled mint, the light and shadow.....and the words add magic. To me, natural magic is the only kind there is....it is infused in every moment and experience of every day if we awaken to it. Thanks for the wonderful post! Wishing you a world of beauty, joy and natural magic :)

Mina said...

Oh, such a beautiful post filled with the magic that soothes my soul. Thank you so much for sharing your magic, my lovely friend.

Martina said...

So beautiful these fruits and flowers Kiki! In summer, i do enjoy them so much and am deeply grateful for natures abundance! I drink a lot of fresh min tea at the moment - so good! Would love to have more time for long walks, because connecting to nature is so important for healing and happiness! Have a lovely evening, sweet friend!

Betty Gaeta said...

Hi Victoria,
Your pics are amazing! Congrats for your artworks.
Thank you to visit my blog. I'm following you and you'll make me happy if follow me.
Have a great week.
Best regards.

Anja said...

Dear Kiki,
I love peaches so very much got such an appetite while reading and looking at the beautiful photos of your post. What a nice surprise that you shared my latest post. My soul didn't had have the inner room to blog to go so much outside, there has been more inward processes on several levels. So thank you you didn't forget me. Do you know the music of http://www.williamfitzsimmons.com/
there you can find at the first page a video with a song just made for you, you will love it!
Alles Liebe (Love)

Emm said...

What an inspirational post! I love this: Color Harmonies sing through all of Nature's Creative Magicians. It is so true!

I am inspired by forests and an abundance of green, by views and vistas where you can see to the end of the world or the beginning of heaven.

Jessie said...

Nature is beauty.
We are nature :)
These images are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.xx

Simonetta Vespucci said...

Maravillosos todos tus rincones,un Placer encontrarte.
Gracias por tu visita mágica..

Jennifer said...

Lush, velvety, royal all come to my mind in this post. It made my mouth water and my senses come alive. I am very color sensitive and I'm usually not drawn to orange as a color but the combinations you've chosen made me feel so happy! I love sphere and shell shapes - anything round and the symmetry of natures shells - eggs too. The smoothness. Jennifer

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