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Monday, September 12, 2011

Meditation: Embrace those who Color outside the lines..

Embrace Those Who Color outside of the Lines~ Victoria Pettella

Sometimes along life's journey you are not accepted, or you may  feel different. Sometimes others just cannot think in a new way..or are unable to accept you just as you are. You may not fit their picture. If you do not fit their Ideals or beliefs you may feel rejected and insignificant.

I have met many people along the way of life waiting for someone to accept them .
....waiting forever at times. Sometimes people cannot open their mind or heart to what is different. Sometimes people think in a very linear conditioned way.. and they maybe cannot help it.
But don't let that stop you...be you! If you pay too close attention to how others percieve you or what others think....it will take a toll. It will keep you tangled..caged,  it will leave you stuck...and most of all it will keep your TRUE SPIRIT and the GIFT of who you uniquely are to be locked away from your self and the world.

Even if others cannot embrace you..embrace yourself.. celebrate yourself. Being different is also a wonderful journey..embrace that journey...it brings deep joy and freedom..and for me..it has brought many gifts to my life.

I have met many who are Beautfully Unique and they hide who they are because they feel devalued by what others think. They begin to feel who they are is unworthy or invisible or meant to be hidden away. Not so! Value yourself..and your Unique essence!

Think instead..what a gift it is..to Be able to SEE  the world the way you do..and Feel and Know the things you do....to celebrate the way you experience life....to be able to color outside the lines in life..is a gift..celebrate that you are one of those unique ingredients floating through the universe!

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind..

An Open Mind
Embraces you, embraces Space
A closed mind
Thinks in boxes
And makes things fit
Leaving out anything else it does not understand
casting it out into the abyss

An Awake mind
Sees beyond form
And accepts an ever-changing landscape
Of magical ingredients
and an ever-flowing stream of awareness
that moves beyond time and space
beyond the senses
beyond labels and definitions
a Space of Harmony
where the Heart can celebrate everything different
seeing it instead….as Unique
seeing it as Relevant
And even Beautiful

How does your mind work?
Is it closed
Full of judgement or full of Love’s embrace?
We are all important and valuable just as we are!

 Do You Color Outside the Lines in life?
If you do...embrace this special magic!
Beyond the lines..and outside the frames..
exists ALL that is possible..
all the potentials..all that is new. 
It is the Creative Essence still arriving..
and waiting to be discovered.
Those who color outside the lines in life..
are usually here to bring in New Ingredients..
and they create changes.
.awaken consciousness..
open the heart and spirit and help shift others 
to think in a new way..
and even experience life in a new way!
So don't wait to fit in..
you are not supposed to..
how can you possibly fit in a frame..
when you truly belong outside of it 
in the open- creational-space......
it is where all the magic is!
Embrace this...
Share your colors..
your unique You..
it is why you are here!
~victoria pettella~

This is for those out there…especially…
if you feel different and have never been accepted or fit into perfect boxes..

Know there is a divine reason for this..and this is perfect.
You do not have to belong anywhere…
or wait to belong….
for you already Belong to yourself!
Celebrate that!
Victoria Pettella~

Symptoms and Side-effects
of Coloring Outside the lines
Victoria Pettella
~ A strong draw to experiencing life in your own way

~You see life in a unique way..even multi-dimensionally

~You experience life in every color..all are purposeful

~you naturally move beyond the frame..a need for freedom
and expression in some way
and honoring that unique nature within you

~A Strong Independent Spirit lives within you

~ you know your own mind and create from that space

~you are not a Follower..but  Flying your own way

~ you know that new discovery, new knowledge and the power of magic
exists outside the frame and you visit &create there often!

~A strong sense of "Self-direction" guides your life

~you don't "believe" in your ideas..you Powerfully Know them and follow them..

~Self-trust and Intuitive awareness are natural aspects of you
~your creative essence is  always flowing in some way, on some level

~you are not afraid to embark  on new ways of thinking
..mindful awareness and passion sparks you

~you have found many amazing  and magical ingredients that live outside the frame
and you have learned to create and color with them..enriching your life

~your perspectives are in an awake state

~your perceptions are always willing to shift and change
and explore  beyond what you know

~your higher nature is ready to grow and evolve at all times..

~You Love coloring outside the lines and it is the only way
that you know how to be

~You know it is important to honor this beautiful part of Who you Uniquely are!

If you already color outside the lines....
then great..
you are finding new gifts in life everyday
and how to weave your own 
unique magic into the world..
If you are willing and wanting 
to color outside the lines..
simply begin
and let that new freedom guide you
it is filled with the Natural Flow of harmony..
nothing is put in a box or frame
or held back.
it is all allowed to flow and be free
and naturally become
what it is meant to truly be.
 Coloring outside the lines..
is open for everyone..
it is the space that we all belong to.
~Victoria Pettella~


Martina said...

You are so right Kiki - hmmm, we artist have to think outside the box and find new colors, otherwise we are boring! Outside, inside - it's all one world! Cheers to all the colors, to magic and oneness!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

i LOVE what you said..very wise..it is true it is all one world..when we harmonize as one..powerful! Thankyou!

Manon Doyle said...

That was a fantastic post!! Thank you!! : )

Vivienne Moss said...

Thank you for this. Your words ring true with me.

Tammie Lee said...

you are such a beauty, so supportive and wise. so many wonderful thoughts you have shared with us. an open mind, thank you ~

martinealison said...

Il est bon de vous lire aujourd'hui... Après une longue absence... Je vais être heureuse de me retrouver devant mon chevalet...
gros bisous

Bohemian said...

Yep I'm an outside the box outside the lines colorer! *winks* So are my kids & G-Kids, guess it just runs in the Family. *smiles* We are totally comfortable with who we are and marching to the beat of a different drummer, we celebrate it in fact. It saddens me though when someone is not comfortable in their own skin and with their own unique personality and style, therefore stifling it for fear of what others will say or think or to fit in. This is a lovely Post that I Hope inspires those who have not stepped out and embraced who they are, to do so.

That said, finding this wonderful Community in the Land Of Blog made me realize how many other Kindred Spirits ARE out there who are very much like me... who knew?! *winks* And it is so easy to connect and built relationship with those who 'get' you and share similar Passions and Lifestyle.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Thankyou Kindred!

Vivienne Moss
Hi V..thanks so much..glad you enjoyed it and we are kindreds!

Tammie Lee
Yay thankyou Tammie..that means alot..much appreciation for your beautiful words!

Yay Martine..merci!!
Bisous! I'll be by to see you soon!

Yay Dawn..thanks for sharing your thoughts..wonderful..and lovely that you celebrate that in your life..fantastic ..shine on!
Yes i agree Blog land is a great potral for kindred spirit and like-minded souls!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Sometimes I do have a closed mind. Hmmm. Will work on that. Beautiful pictures, as always.

Kim said...

What an inspiring post!!!

Though I do care very deeply about people's feelings on a human level--I don't care if they 'disapprove' of my individuality. Even as a young girl, I always thought and lived "outside the box" and if a person can't accept that me, as a 40 year old woman, still loves to wear black Mary Jane shoes and white frilly socks, that's their problem, not mine (laugh) :)

Thank you for this post, inspiring people to embrace their own unique individuality!

Hugs xxxxx

Inge said...

Such wonderful thoughts - thanks for sharing them with us. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. Have a great day..Inge

Lori Saul said...

We can all learn so much from embracing the uniqueness of each other- this is a powerful and inspiring post. Thank you!

Carrie Wachter~Martinez said...

Such wonderfully wise words. Thanks for the uplifting and inspiring post...very encouraging to just be ourselves and celebrate our uniqueness...our world is better and much more interesting because of our differences!

the wild magnolia said...

I'm 65 years old this month. My generation of southern women, for the most part, were raised to be good southern wives. You were raised in a box of making a good impression, definitely to live in the "southern lady" box of keeping up appearances. It mattered monumentally what other's thought.

I was conflicted for years. No longer, age and life itself, has cured me of that.

Your blog is a wonderland of delights. A helping hand to anyone who is ready to fly.

In my sidebar, I used your quote and shining our light and if you click on the picture your come here. At the bottom of the picture I reference this blog.

Thank you, for sharing your light.

Happy weekend.

Jennifer said...

Was having a few reflective moments of doubt - not sadness but just overwhelmed...this brought me in touch with some joys I forgot about and I'm off to savor them. Will return to read and remember again. This remeinded me that I need to take a moment for me every now and again ... in a word, a thought, a prayer. Thankyou, Jennifer

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Always belong to yourself!!!

HOW great is it,dear Victoria:-)))*

I coming by you again and my heart get incredibly much warm inspirations,
Thank you million times!

My virtual hugs and Love to you,

Martina said...

Kiki, thank you for visiting today! I love coming to you as well and refresh my soul with your pictures and words. It's so important to stay tuned on the inner voice and turn your face to the sun! Have a fabulous weekend sweet one!

Emm said...

Oh Victoria! I was chastising myself for missing one of your posts, thInking "I haven't seen this before". But I know why now. I needed to see this today! I needed to read this message. Thank you so much. You are so right and your message reaches me just when I was having a crisis of confidence.

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