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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meditations of the Inner Voice: Speak the Song of your life

The Power of your Inner Voice

Speak through your Pure Heart
speak from your Awakened Mind
speak from your Beautiful Spirit
Speak with wisdom
love, peacefulness

Shape your words into wings
let them fall gently
never sharpen your words like a fierce blade
or like a shard of glass
you may wound and hurt another
in a way you can never repair

our voice has power
how you use that voice
can enlighten and heal
inspire and awaken
our inner voice is empowered with Truth
how you wield it's power is up to you

Imagine...Words being....
a sword of light ...piercing open the veil
to a path of beauty and illuminating the sky with the sun...
or as a sword of hate , a weapon destroying the flow of goodness

Sometime we must speak our truth and stand up for ourselves..
this also must come from a place of balance that honors you and your truth

your voice can carry love, compassion, patience and gentleness
it can carry qualities of Strength and Empowerment when needed as well
Carry your OWN Voice, find out what that voice IS within you
and allow it's light to flow through you
Find your voice...build a connection with it
know it well
know How to use it
When to use it
how BEST to use it and how to wield it's beautiful power
in a way that honors your life, your  needs, your truth
and also can respect the truth of those around you.

no matter how different we may all be
we are all one in the same
we each have the right to claim our inner voice
and speak it's truth

use this power daily..try your best to allow that inner voice
to speak for you when you need
and honor the natural flow
of that empowered place shining within you.

your inner voice
is Wisdom and light..
it is love..
it is the dialogue of your life..

how will you use it?..

and will you allow it to show you the ways
of an empowered awareness?
...this empowered awareness..can shine through
your voice, your words and your truth
if you allow it..
it will show you many things
your inner voice is a gift.
Create with it.
Speak the Song of your life.
~Victoria Pettella~

If you have found the power of your voice..celebrate that!
If others around you have not..be patient with them.
If someone you know struggles with allowing their truth to speak..
help them...nurture this..help set them free.

Children especially are wonderful at using their truth and inner voice..they are to be admired!
And there are also some children who struggle with this....help give them the courage to bloom and to know the Worth of their inner voice and that this power is theirs to use!
Set your inner voice free...

Finding the Power of your Inner voice..
begins a Powerful Dialogue
in finding the perfect harmony for your life.
As your words  begin to flow
and honor your truth..you empower your path...
and begin to align all things in that direction..
celebrating your sacred truth
and what makes your life special to you
is part of your journey.
Shining your truth and finding the voice
to express that and carry it outward
will bring peacefulness to your life.
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony


Inge said...

What an inspiring post. Wonderful words to think and reflect about. I really like your creative photos. It is always a great pleasure and inspiration to visit your blog - love and light, Inge

Martina said...

So inspiring and beautiful Kiki! Something to remember daily. Some of my friends are going through a difficult phase right now, and i have to remember to speak from a point of integrity. It gives great strength, to empower your higher self. And it needs courage to go with it. May we celebrate that in September! xx

Anja said...

Dear Kiki, here comes a little story for you. About more than 22 years ago I read a book about angels and a community called Findhorn, its beginning started with three persons one of them Eileen heard the inner voice who told her what to do and to give also to other the words. I read that and thought it is a nice story but didn't believed in that so much. Then one day I was sitting in the train, and suddenly I heard a inner voice in me telling me to speak with the woman sitting in front of me. I wasn't shocked about because the voice was friendly and in a way very common for me, nevertheless it was the first time I heard it. Ok, I made that, I asked her about the title of the book she was reading I couldn't see that and after five minutes I got the adress from Findhorn from her and then I did know oh that was not a nonsense with that voice Eileen heard, because I recognized I heard the same voice. It tooks then years until I heard the voice again. To hear this gentle voice is such a great gift for my life. Now I am able to hear it more often.
Hope you feel fine, a gentle hug from far away but in a way also from very near.

Mina said...

Your words are full of rich beauty, Victoria. Always a pleasure to spend time with you. Hugs, my sweet.

Auroran Lauriel said...

Beautiful :)

With our words, our language, we give form to our thoughts and they can be gifts.

I feel so validated after reading your post here. I have a friend whose husband's humor is cruel and she says he doesn't mean harm; if he thinks of a joke, he says it and let's it go; even if the joke is mean and at the expense of someone else. They think they're clever. But really, observing someone else's weak spots and then digging into them is not clever. So many of us can see someone else's weakness, but our first thought is not "how can I get a reaction out of him or her by playing on that weakness?" He's like a hurt child playing with a very powerful tool--it's dangerous.

Words are powerful. How will I use mine? To stand up for myself before leaving the aforementioned situation. Not negatively; not with a throw-down, but with affirmation of my worth and to set boundaries.

I think I will read this post before I have to be in his presence the next time and meditate on what you have shared here. I don't want to go into the situation angry or ready to be hurt, but ready to have BOTH my inner and outer voice be strong and full of light. :)

I will remember to speak with love and care. To not forget the value of my sensitivity and respect the affect my words may have on myself, as well as someone else.

I think my situation is a great learning experience and when I figure out how to navigate it and act with light and being true to myself, I will be stronger and know myself that much better. :) :)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Thankyou so much everyone for sharign your stories...you widsom and insights!
Always Appreciated!


Auroran Lauriel
Wow..Powerful sharings and insights!!I am touched by all that you wrote and kindly shared!
Many thanks!

thankyou for your kind words!

Thankyou so much Anja for your wisdom and sharing your stories..happy you have heard that voice too.i too am aware of Findhorn community..magical indeed!

Thanks Martina for sharing that..and for your beautiful words..and your friends are very lucky to have you by their side!

Thankyou Inge for always leaving a kind word and sharing your spirit.

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