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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inner Power: Meditations of your Radiant Glow

Your Inner Power
makes you......"exactly you"
It is like your own "Personal Fuel" that uniquely respresents YOU
its makes your energy "vibe" and shine with Life-Force
it makes your spirit contagious with  a Radiant Glow..
it's what makes people love being around you

we often can recognize instantly
those that carry a Strong Sense of Inner Power
and exude this beautiful energy
they are strong, confident and anchored in Who they Are

Knowing who you are 
and who you are constantly Becoming
and Embracing it all.. is Key

Exude your inner radiance
Shine with your Inner power
Tap into this resource within

It is the personal fuel that flows towards all that is good on your journey
and carries you like a current of inspiration.. leading the way
All it asks...is for you to enjoy the ride..trust and shine and smile along the way
Let all that Inner Power within you embody the Magnificent Freedom
to express and flow where it needs to go...however it wishes to do so...shine shine shine!
Victoria Pettella

If you don't feel connected to your
Inner Power....Begin!
Your Inner Power resides in you..if you haven't yet been able to connect
with this natural space..
Let who you are within ...the power to shine
give it freedom..
give it full permission..
set afire it's expression..
get out and exercise it..
let it out in the open space.. till it feels effortless and enjoyable.

Find out what your Inner Power means to you..and begin to let that out!

You see.......our inner power aleady "knows itself" and "believes in itself powerfully ".. it needs no convincing...so one must begin to align with that Knowing too....
let the magic begin and get ready to shine!
It is a natural energy that instantly accompanies you when you feel a sense of Harmony about who you are and when you feel that excitement about your life journey! It just becomes part of you...and part of the flow...and it will continue to carry you through.. in every part of your journey.
~Victoria Pettella


Vivienne Moss said...

Beautiful! Just radiantly beautiful! Yor words are always so touching, so meaningful. Thank you.

Blessings, V.

Vivienne Moss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terri said...

Beautiful Victoria! Alignment with who one truly is...
Feels sooooooo good!
Like the sun beaming from within : )
Thank you so much for your wonderful words of Being.

Tammie Lee said...

you have so much beauty
and power
that radiates out to us in this post
thank you~

martinealison said...

Des mots remplis de sens...
Gros bisous

Melissa said...

What a boost this has given me ~ thank you : )

Martina said...

Wow, such a powerful post here! Yes, it's time for us to step into our power - somehow i feel that NOW is a very special time and i feel grateful to experience it all, good sides and bad sides. Keep sparkling your magical poerful you Kiki! xx

Geckostone said...

Kiki, thank you for this enlightening post!!! It made my day! ( and probably my month!)Hugs,Deb

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Your uplifting, bright photography always makes me feel better just by looking through your blog posts. Thank you.

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Bonjour Victoria, un petit bonjour (je suis de retour) j'ai trouvé en vacances un cristal rutile ce n'est PAS exceptionnel, mais aussi une autre pierre connais-tu la 'Tiffany stone4 ? On ne la trouve que dans l'Utah aux Etats-Unis, elle apporte sérénité c'est ça ? A -elle d'autres secrets le sais-tu ? merci de ta réponse, ton site est toujours un plaisir a visiter, j'adore!

weekend et coup de brosse said...

A last question Victoria can one carry the crystal glows at the same time as the tiffany stone, can one carry two stones on oneself into pendentive at the same time? do you know?
Thank you a lot!
kisses cath

RobanStudio said...

Beautiful photos and enlightenment! So very true, yet it's what I struggle with daily...who is the real me? Thank you! Hugs xo

Carrie Wachter~Martinez said...

Thank you for such positive uplifting encouragement! So true and so pertinent...we just need to trust ourselves and our inner power and realize our magnificence!

Auroran Lauriel said...

You have such strength and self-knowledge to be admired! . . . And, yes, to inspire. Im on a path toward cultivating inner strength and along this journey I so appreciate you sharing your insights and demonstrating The embrace and shine of your inner power.

Tracey Potter said...

Beautiful, your photos are amazing and your words uplifting. Thanks for sharing and also for stopping by my blog and commenting. Tracey xx

Emm said...

Victoria! I can't believe it is over a week since I last visited! My apologies - work + flu!

But it often intrigues me that I read your posts exactly when I need to. I was explaining to a friend yesterday about how strong my spirituality is without the need for religion and your post just confirms it. Thank you (a million time over for all of your blogs).

CraveCute said...

Another Beautiful blog, full of amazing and beautiful photos and words! Lovely!

Thank you for stopping by my blog too! ~Diane

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