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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Your Truest Self and Letting your True Nature Guide you.

Your Truest Self
does not hide from the Light
for its Knows
it's Worth,
and it Knows only Love
It is like Light ...seeking light.

Your True self will
unveil itself to you
with open arms
when you stop hiding from it.

Know Your Light
And Honor that it's purpose
is to be Revealed
and to pierce open like the powerful rays
of the Stars and of the Sun.
Your true nature is meant
to Grow, Bloom and Become.
Victoria Pettella

Your True Nature
Having a healthy sense of self is vital for your life to be fueled with harmony. Liking and loving who you are, letting your true self come to the surface is your gift to yourself and to those in your life.. Don't hide who you are or stop the natural flow of the Light within you! It is perfect light and meant to be revealed and to shine as is!

When we stop the natural flow of who we are, we suppress that inner light.
Honor your true self, find out who that is..and let it come out.
Honor your true nature and how it is guiding you from within.

Self-trust and self -love will awaken your heart-mind and spirit to new levels. Your life will feel lighter, healthier and happier. And in turn you become more loving and understanding to those around you and more conscious of the world around you and how you can grow to be even more loving/ giving/understanding of those around you.

Once you acknowledge your Own Inner Light and Give it a purpose...you are here to Create and Grow even more light...letting it's essence spread.
Self-love is important ...it is a potent seed that once Nourished..then blooms and moves you Beyond the Self and into the Space of Others and the World.

Your True Nature..is  N A T U R A L...
it knows exactly who it is , how to BE itself...and how it wishes to flow, grow and create.
It's higher-nature is here to pursue that Inner Current to Be All that it can be.

This Inner Current is Awake and Alive...
It has it's own inner magic , it's own evolution and this inner current guides us
to follow the truest path Towards Harmony and Flow with Harmony for your life,
personal growth and well-being.
It is also what will make your most Empowered Nature come to Life! 
Don't stop the flow...let it roll!
Be your True Self and the rest will follow.
Victoria Pettella

Thankyou for visiting..



Martina said...

Yes, let it flow. let it roll - and bloom and shine! Bloom was my motto for 2011, but the journey is not over yet! Thank you for being such an inspiring friend on the way!

earthenmagic said...

...wise words victoria! ~ like a fresh breeze ~ gentle fragrant petals ~ milk & honey tonic ~ light ~ the joy of the world ~ as the shades ~ many are its hues ~ as a litmus ~ to the radiance! ~ blessed be!...

Carrie Wachter~Martinez said...

Wonderful wisdom we all need to hear! Thanks :)

Victoria said...

Thanks so much for all your beautiful comments!
Much appreciation

HUgs Martina....thankyou for being all that you are and for your inspiration too...and wishing you a wonderful magical 2012!

yay..thankyou Carrie..I always appreciate your beautiful words!

Thankyou friend for your wonderful visits and sparkling words!

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