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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fabulous Flaxseed: Such a Magical Seed

F l a x s e e d
Pure Harmony

Have you met
this Magical Seed yet?
Has it been part of your life for years?
Such a Beautiful Seed....
Celebrated in many ways...Flaxseed can do it all..

Powerfully Nourishing
and Wonderfully Healing
A True Wizard with many talents..
Flaxseed can transform itself into
many creative roles
It is truly Multidimensional

Healthy for the Skin
The Body
and Internal systems
Digestive System
Speed healing
Energy enhancing
I Love Flaxseed

Grind It...
Flaxseed can be simply ground down
in a coffee grinder
and used instantly.
Store Flaxseed out of light,
keep in a covered dark container
in the fridge or freezer

Both Dark and Light seeds
Brown Flax and Golden Flax
Beautiful in their own ways
*Filled wth Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Naturally healing for the body
Seeds can be used in many ways..
For Facials
Ground down it can be
Used in smoothies..drinks..
stirred into Yogurts, Kefirs, Museli
in baking, granola bars
Coconut-Flaxoil spread
Also popular as
Flaxseed Oils
*Oils can be used in salad dressings,
spreads, dips., butters..or taken as is with a spoon!
you name it
There are many different preferences out there
how one wishes to use it best..for it's powerful nourishing properties and oils

Tell me your fave way!

It makes a wonderful Natural Hair Gel
Simple to make.. and must be stored in a jar in the fridge
and used within a week!
**For a nice scent**
( as the gel doesn't have much smell appeal..
add an essential/aromatherapy oil you like and stir in)

Natural Flaxseed Hair Gel

To create a small batch
*Take a few handfuls of raw whole flaxseeds
*place in a cheesecloth tie with band
*boil in a small pot with some water
Just so the cheesecloth mixture is sitting in a shallow bath  
(you can add more water if needed..)

*Boil till goey gel begins to form
(Keep watch and you can agitate with a wooden spoon if you like)
More comes as you squeeze/press the cheesecloth

*You can let it cool down alittle afterwards when it is safe to handle
*(Take off the stove  and out of the pot once it looks like the seeds have been fully activated)
*Then squeeze more goey gel out when cool, push with a wooden spoon and into a bowl..
*Transfer it to a clean bowl and mix to desired thickness, or leave as is..

*Once you are happy put it in a jar.
*add some esseintail oils/aromatherapy scents..
*Leave in fridge
*It may thicken up more
*and you will have to take it out earlier before using it.
*Alittle goes a long way...you don't need much, I am usually giving it away!
*Don't be fooled /even if gel comes out thinly..it is still super sticky and works great to run through hair!

****It take practice to find your secret formula! and what works for you
*It is very ooey gooey..and sticky...but also fun to make!
Try experimenting with your own blend and your own way to make it.
Try it out!

Flaxseed is a
and a super-creative seed.
Definately a Super-Hero Food
It has been part of my life
for years and years...
and I enjoy it!
Hope you do too...


Fantastical Flaxseed
Such a Magical Seed...

Hope you enjoyed this Spotlight
on Flaxseed!
Anything to add or share....please do!
Join in on the Flaxseed Celebration

Finding Harmony
All Content
Victoria Pettella

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Healing Sounds; What is your Inner Soundtrack to Harmony?

Healing Sounds
are every where
Every Thing
Connecting with the Power and Beauty of Sound
is not new
we listen to music
we enjoy the sounds of Nature..
water flowing, the rain falling..
birds singing,
trees swaying in the breeze
Sound Healing is ancient
We all have " certain sounds"
that we feel drawn to
and this connection can
create Harmony Within
Singing is another Powerful way
to ignite healing and balance and harmonize
with your body mind and spirit
For those who create with  or work with
the Throat Chakra Center,
this is the beautiful energy center
of Sound, Expression, and Creative energies.
Sounds are created through speaking..singing..
it is a direct way of creating with
the Power of Sound
and Sound healing.
Singing or even Humming a single note..
or even a scale can change our energy instantly!
Sounds are Powerful!
Singing is very powerful and Uplifting.

Singing Bowls
are a wonderful way
to connect with
a single perfect tone
H a r m o n y
Uplifting and Peaceful
They can be enjoyed in many ways
..to energize the Body  Mind and Spirit,
to align the energy centers
to cleanse space,
to clear energy,
to attune to
new wonderful nourishing vibrations
to simply enjoy,
or to meditate with

Healing sounds can help our energy shift,
and move and flourish and flow more freely
Everything is a sound..
even we are sounds..
everything in our body also hums to a certain sound
All of our organs and cells dance
to a certain tone and frequency
It really is not strange..it is powerfully beautiful!
Music is so nourishing..is there any wonder
Everything in the Universe has  a sound..
a vibration..
a magical note that dances
within Creation

Notice what sounds you feel drawn to..
which ones are healing for you..
soothing, calming, relaxing
How does your body respond to different sounds?
What is your Inner Soundtrack to Harmony
This soundtrack may change often or remain!
The Body Mind and Spirit
is like Music...
To find your own
Inner Rhythm
is another Key
to Finding
Your Perfect Harmony
and in Creating
Balance on all levels.
Find your Natural Harmony,
the Music within.
This will Nourish you
and strengthen your Personal Energy
Sounds can uplift us
amplify our moods
make us feel calm
or even stressed
Using music or sound is
A Great De-stressing tool
What sounds are most healing for you?

I Love this small mini singing bowl..
it fits in the palm of my hand
and it is easy to bring anywhere..
it is beautiful to play outside in nature
It is wonderful to use when you have a small moment..
it can help you reconnect with
your inner space instantly
If you are feeling Mind-Clutter,
it can instantly Take you OUT
of that clutter and brings you Back into FOCUS
I'd say it is like having a peaceful cup of tea..
it is a quick energy balancer..
clears the mind and 
is like a "Re-set Button".
Singings Bowl are One way of connecting with sounds.. 
there are many tools out there..like tuning forks as well etc..
or even playing any instrument..
But you don't need a bowl or anything at all
..it is a wonderful to play
with beautiful tools

but ....

Our most Powerful
is an Open Heart
and the Beauty of Nature

Being in Nature
is a Naturally Attuned Environment
that contains Natural Healing
and Natural Energy
we can harmonize with the power of nature
at any time.
It is no secret
and not new
yet it is so powerful..
Even Silence and Stillness
is the most powerful Vibration of Sound
Sitting in Nature can bring us to that inner space
The Natural sound of our Breathing..
flowing in and out is also soothing
Finding that Inner Stillness,
especially in Nature
and Breathing IN
that Power of Nature
and Natural Energy is wonderfully Meditative

Every Flower, leaf and rock that you see..
every star, snowflake and grain of sand
every creature
and every bird flying in the beautiful sky
 ...carries an Invisible Sound..
Magical Sounds
of the Universe.
Music is in All Things

Listen Closely
and you will hear the Voices of Nature
singing to you..

Sounds nourish us
Nurture us
From the time of being inside the womb...
to being a little baby being sung to
by a mother or father,
or falling asleep and feeling safe next to
the sound of a Heart gently beating
sounds are powerful energies..t
they conjure emotions, feelings, connection
We naturally connect to sound
it is how we communicate
sound touches our lives...
Can you imagine a world without music?
Pretty hard to imagine!

Music is the Poetry of life
it is filled with immeasurable tones,
notes and harmonies
 and it is a Universal Language
that everyone understands,
responds to..and is touched by!
Sound is healing..Music is Creational
and whatever Inner Music you feel uplifts you
will be another Key ingredient
to Bringing
Harmony to your Life.
Celebrate the Power of Sound.
Healing Sounds~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony
Articles of Creative Well-Being
Victoria Pettella

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Luscious Hummus..and variations

Beneath a Royal Cape
 a beautiful secret is waiting

Oh that Luscious Hummus
You may not think it is super-sexy on sight...
but it taste divine..
and there are many creative ways to amplify
this Favorite...
especially if you have an adventurous palate!

The basics of Hummus are well known
Chickpeas aka Garbanzo beans
mashed or pureed
with Tahini
Lemon Juice
The Basics
Different variations exist
Find what you like! and build from that recipe!
Enjoy Hummus... simple... as is
add your zing or flare...
if you'd like to change it to your tastes
or take into a new level of flavor!

Hummus is
pure music to me
In this series...
Hummus is the Main Base flavor...
but also has given over to a mixture of tastes..
I have added Red Roasted Peppers
a splash of Olive Oil
To enhance the roasted red pepper taste
( if thats what you want to come on top)
..add a table spoon of Tomato Paste
Italian seasoning..
If you like heat..
Hot sauce  or/Mango chili sauce( for some heat)
Roasted garlic is beautiful too..
I have added Greens
such ingredients as
Curly Endive..
you could use any Greens you like..
spinach..rapini ..fresh basil etc
Raw as is..
or Wilt them...with a touch of Olive oil..
IN my verison I have
also added  few Sundried Tomates
and one Fresh Tomatoe
just to lift the flavor
sea salt and pepper
 blend them all down together
Keep tasting and see what it needs!
If you need a sweetness..
add a teaspoon of agave nectar..
if you enjoy as is..leave it!
use what you like...simple as that!
IF it were summer..
Id be throwing in all my fresh Garden Herbs..
wow..that would be awesome!
I alway create with what I have...

If you cook just for yourself or others or a whole family..
tastes vary...so it can be fun experimenting
with flavors and ingredients that suit everyone!
If you know your own palate well...
then creating flavor-combos will be easy!
I often find it hard giving recipes out..
for my style is intuitive and "in the moment"..
I trust my instincts , use what I have
and depending on the amount
also always changes the ratio of flavors
If you  know the basics of  ANY recipe..
taking it into Your Realm and re-interpreting it is fun!
I love to encourage intuitive creating..
so try out some flavors you adore
and it  makes
such simple sense..
if you know what you like
and understand the
language of flavors
then creating a recipe for yourself  is easy!
For others? not always so easy!
Our taste buds can literally exist on different planets!
so this is also another reason 
that I often kick up some traditional recipes
in  a new way..
like a Hummus..
those I am cooking for
begin to embrace and even enjoy
what I eat...
and it is nice to share a meal.
I tend to know their palates too..
so I can bring a recipe into a flavor-space
they are drawn to...

I love eating hummus  as is.....
simply on  a bed of lettuce
or greens!
I find this nourishing, grounding 
and energy-uplifting..
My food approach is pretty plain and simple
but always flavor-rich!
If you cannot eat breads and such..
it can still be enjoyed..it is wonderful to make.
I prefer to make it all from scratch..
and buy the dried beans, cleaning then soaking them,
cooking them 
and then blending them down  in a food processor.
From there..any ingredients, spices, seasonings 
or flavors you wish to add
or any cooked additions you wish to add..
throw in..blend down..puree...and voila!
If you make a huge batch..
you can set different portions aside..
and even flavor them all differently!
They are wonderful as a dip-spread
for a festive event..
adorn them with some bling to enhance appearance.

Others ... enjoy it with Pita breads, Crackers, Nachos 
Garlic bread and Brushettas etc

Hope you enjoyed this spotlight
Do you like Hummus?
Do you ever make variations?

Thankyou for visiting and adding your magic here..

Finding Harmony
Part One
(if you missed it)
Beautiful Chickpea Power
Beautiful Chickpea Powers

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Chickpea Power

Chickpea Power

Also known as
Garbanzo Beans
Powerfully Nourishing
There are a few different varieties...all wonderful

Easy to add to any dish..and flavor as you choose
In my Italian upbringing ..Chickpeas were often used
They are used in many
cultures and cuisines
I love them in Beautiful Indian dishes like Chana Masala..Curries,
Middle Eastern Cuisine and so on..
How have you used them ?
or what is your favorite way to eat
these gorgeous glowing morsels?

Soaked over night, the beans will soften
They can be added to salads, soups, stews..
cooked into many dishes
or eaten as is
They can be made into
Pureed Dips and Spreads
They can be Transformed
into the Ever-popular Hummus

The Dried beans can be ground down into flour
Also called Graham flour
a great alternative to use

These beans are full of anti-oxidants..
They are Health enhancing

Beans are a wonderfully Vitamin-Rich Option
for Nutrition, Balance and Energy

Hope you enjoyed this spotlight...
On  such a Magical Bean...
Finding Harmony in  the Food Realm can be fun
Try new things..or recreate new ideas with your menu!
Explore some Food Magic Today!
Find what you Love!

Next post ~Part 2

Luscious Hummus
Luscious Hummus Variations

Finding Harmony
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
Thankyou everyone
for your
awesome comments,
and adding your sparkle here!
Thankyou all followers
and new ones too.

I am also joining
PLay or visit..
FRiday's Favorites...


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Power Potions: The Magic of Smoothies

Power Potions

Smoothies are Fabulous

The Perfect Spell
for Energy
and Balance
and Harmony
Deliscious Potions..
This one is My Fave..
I call Purple Magic

Smoothies are so easy to create...they are quick,
Grab a blender
add in what you love..blend..Voila!
One can simply adapt to their taste, flavors, preferences
and also thickness..light and smooth..
heavy and thick and rich
There are truly a Kazillion ways to make a smoothie
Everyone will of course have their own preferences of ingredients
*Use Bananas to create thickness
* Use Fruits that you love
*You can use what is in season or whatever you have..ENJOY
*Some are Juice Based, Soy Milk Based, there are countless versions
Whatever your food/beverage preferences are..create what you like!

Smoothies are wonderfully nourishing,
health enhancing
full of nutrition
easy to digest
simple quick energy boosters

They are gorgeous eye-candy too!

yet light

Awe-inspiring Goodness...
They pack a powerful punch!
Wonderful Color Therapy too don't you think?!

The Blueberries in this smoothie give it
this dazzling purple power..
and such a Color-Rush!

If you experience food challenges,
a smoothie may be something you'd like to try.
Or if you just have loved them forever..create away!
There was a time in my life, when I was not able to eat solid foods..smoothies were a real life saver !
Simple..pure...and nourishing..!

Great for Breakfast..
or as a snack
at anytime..

Smoothies have been a part of my life..since forever..
I enjoy their simplicity and versatility
They are the Ultimate 

Create some Smoothie Magic...
Discover your
Power Potion
What are your fave ingredients..
or recipes?
Any special secrets
you wish to share?
What is your Ultimate Smoothie?

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