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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meditations with Victoria: Carry Only Joy upon your back, Let your Burdens wash away

Begin to see the Beauty all around you
Find a small moment inside each day...
and let it bloom into a Garden

As you walk through life
Carry only Joy upon your back
Jewels in your Heart and Mind
And surround yourself
with an appreciation
for the Blessings you have
and the beauty all around you each and every day

Walk your journey
with balance, with love, with gratitude
Understand that..what you align your path with
will powerfully influence the way
you feel and think .....about life the world , your relationships
and how you experience your every day awareness  and choices

Your "walk " can feel heavy, long, painful
it can can also feel..... light and flowing and healing
Your life can be Blissful and Beautiful
as you participate in this Awareness more and more
like a beautiful ripple ...it continues to emanate
through all layers of your life
What you build onto grows..and grows and grows
Joy comes to life.

Not all days are like these.. not all moments are bliss
there are days of sadness and challenge
but to empower your spirit and heart
with Beauty, Calm, and Peacefulness
Can Enhance your Ability
to Become more Susceptible to Joy instead of pain
to be Open to Life and  Positive Energy and Healing
to always seek new potential
and enhance your ability
to grow and adapt and shift with Joy
Be Susceptible to Joy...........

Take a moment each day.. to Encounter Beauty
to know it's relevance and build in it
Add your Beauty to the World
It creates the potential for your world to change

Carry only joy upon your back
walk steady, strong and in balance and harmony 
It can ignite new pathways for you to explore
and  help you to experience even more Joy.

Today's Meditative Thoughts

*Carry only Joy upon your back..it feels light as a feather

*Become Attached to your Joy.. and less attached to what may burden you..

*Become Susceptible to Symptoms of Joy!

*Make Space for Joy.
It cannot make a home  within you..if you do not let it in.

*When you remember How to carry only Joy upon your back
your burdens wash away ...for there is no place for them to stay

*Make a conscious effort each day to Create Joy
and Embody the Spirit of Beauty and Love
For these Seeds are far more powerful than any burden you may have.

*Seeing life through the eyes of joy and love and being able to find the Beauty,
especiallty when it is hard....
can transform your burdens and create powerful change.

Every burden holds Powerful Ingredients..
instead of carrying them upon your back....Open this Gift  up..
and allow it to Transform you into new life.
It may be hard to think of burdens in this way..
but become less attached to them..
For this is the only way
that you can Become
A Vessel for Joy.

~Victoria Pettella~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meditations with Victoria: The World has been waiting for your Love

The World has been waiting for your Love
and Someone
in the world...
 is waiting for your
Share your Light
so the World can Shine

Lend a hand
to the world
to those in need
to those you know
to mere strangers

lend an ear
to those who may feel forgotten
to those who feel their voice is unheard
to those who may need a friend

Lend a heart
to those who are lonely
to those who need compassion
to those who feel lost and without love

lend comfort
to those who struggle
to those grieving
those who feel without hope
those with heartache
and those seeking peace

lend healing
to those who suffer
those with challenges
to those who need their spirits lifted
and those who need reconnection with Life

Share your gifts, your talents
to those who need to remember Beauty and Joy
to those who need  the courage to Shine
Your Gifts may brighten someone's world
and Inspire someone to follow the dream in their heart

Give to those in need
and share your blessings
wherever you are..whenever you can
A small gesture can change someone's life

Lend a Helping Hand and Heart
without expecting anything in return
Send Arrows of Peace to the wars of the world
Set the spark of Light
to Shine powerfully in the dark
Ignite the Universe
You are one person...
but you are Immeasurably Powerful.
Lend your Light to the World
It has been Waiting for your Love.

~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meditations with Victoria: Ignite New Vision and Perspective, by Victoria Pettella

To Ignite New Vision
you must Open your Mind
tilt your head
Feel the sun
be willing to shift Within
be willing to change direction
be willing to recieve new ingredients
 and to percieve "Light" coming from New Angles..
To be nourished by new perspectives
will bring you into a New Empowered Alignment
for your Life..
Shifting into new areas....enriches your life
enhances a healthy connection to the world around you
heightens your awareness
and brings balance to the vision of your own life
and the world.

What happens when you ignite new vision?
The ability to seek new perspective
brings you to a balanced space of awareness
where you are able to recieve
New Light-Knowledge-Insights
New sources and directions
and most importantly From Within
To be nourished
with a fresh outlook
you must open to a  New Way
 of thinking..feeling being and creating
Even in everyday life..approach it in a renewed way
Re-ignite your Attitude
In places where there is challenge..
Creative Solutions can come to the forefront
new ideas come to life
new adventures open up
new acceptance and respect for others, your self
and the world also flourishes and shines
Share your vision..Recieve the vision of others
Celebrate your perspective and the perspectives of others
~Victoria Pettella~

Internal Shifts
If you are feeling stuck or immobile
 in some way
 it may be time for a New Internal Shift
 a beautiful shake within..
something new to stir the spirit
and open your path up in new ways
Open your mind..listen to your heart and spirit
Begin to wonder...
 what new worlds you may need to discover
to bring you
to an Authentic space within..
find "you"
Recieve the nourishment of the Sun and Bloom
You always have the Power to Shine.
You just must be willing
to allow your heart
to guide you there
open your mind ..give it The Empowered Wings 
of New Vision  and let it do the rest!
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony
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