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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meditations with Victoria:You are Instrumental in all that you Create; You are Divine Fuel

You are an Instrumental Force 
in all that you Create
you are Divine Fuel 
~victoria pettella~

when we speak with positivity and love
words heal and enlighten and awaken...

when we express with creativity and joy
inspiration comes to life and spreads beauty
into the heart of the world

when we take the time to truly listen
others feel heard and valued

when we reach out to help someone in great need
we have answered a prayer and created a miracle

when we bring new perspective into a situation
we have become an arrow of transformation

when we flow with change and allow it to guide the way
we ignite the flow of life even more
and become one with the current of harmony

when we make choices that bring balance and well-being
we empower ourselves

when we encourage children to be exactly who they are
we give them the freedom to know their path and to walk it proudly

when we believe in ourselves, validate ourselves, respect ourselves
we make it impossible for anyone to belittle our worth

when we communicate with clarity and with light
there is no room for misunderstanding
and instead, there is infinite space to awaken one another

when we say what we really mean and feel
we empower our truth

when we think creatively
we free up time , we create space
we shift energy and reduce burdens

when we are patient and compassionate
we allow others to grow at the divine pace of their soul

when we allow ourselves and others to be free
we remove the cages we created

when we allow our emotions to be felt
then released when divine
we honor our human nature and create healing on all levels

when we take notice of our world
and see where we can offer ourselves in some way
we embrace our power at a world level
and the world can feel supported and empowered

when we make choices that feel good
and use our discernment
we no longer judge ourselves

when we assume things about others
we diminsh who they are and alter the truth

when we change our beliefs
about the world
it has the Fuel to become New

when we hold ourselves, others and the World
with an Empowered Vision....
it can become exactly that!
Empowered, Free and Peaceful.

Release the fuel needed to set that into motion..
It resides in you...and can ignite the new.
You are an Instrumental Force in all that you Create.
You are Divine Fuel.
Victoria Pettella~

What are you creating today? 
what are you building onto? 
a positive empowered vision ?
a space of compassion and love ?

Honor yourself, the world, 
those in your life..the planet..
create with change..
ignite new energy..
you are the fuel to make that happen.
Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meditations with Victoria: Show Up and Shine in All Directions, The World needs your LIGHT

Come out..
Show up!
Be All that you ARE

The Journey to be you..is a GIFT
you do not have to wait
for others to approve or value you

Value yourself
Value your Spirit
Honor and Celebrate your unique self and who you are

If you already Shine..keep shining
if you find it hard..start somewhere...
Don't hold back your light..
it is why you are here!

Don't hide..you are here to be you.
Don't be afraid to be you..
that was not an accident at all..
it is perfectly divine..
show up just as you are

Come to life fully
and express your spirit fully
shine in all directions..
let yourself go..

The energy you use
to hold yourself back...
is holding LIGHT back
from the World
and those in your life

s h i n e
S h i n e

Part of finding harmony..
is Honoring the person you are Within..
and allowing that to flourish and to bloom
without hesitation or apology..
Have Courage to be YOU

about All that you Are
that you are Valuable and Divine
just as you are

 and CELEBRATE that this is an absolutely perfect opportunity
to SHOW UP in LIFE just as you are
...and who you are ...is beautiful, wonderful and worthy

If you find it hard to show up..and to shine..
begin in small steps..
Love yourself Unconditionally
and With a passion..share your light

Ask youself....
if there are any pieces of you
that you are holding back
Ask yourself if there are any parts
that you have not allowed
to fly out in the open space..

if there are any parts of you
that need freedom,
healing, expression,
acceptance..or ever BIRTH
..begin that journey...
and set these parts of yourself  FREE!

Eveything about you is relevant, purposeful
valuable and  it is all a  unique gift.

Don't hold that light back..
don't keep the world in the dark
While you are on the Earth..
you only have one thing to do..with all your heart and might..
It is
to Be you.....
and Harmony will bloom.

And the Magnificent thing is
that it Blooms..
not only in YOU....

but it Blooms
" Infinite Harmony"
into the World.

The world needs every single
Ingredient of Harmony..

You are One of these
Powerful Ingredients!

Now that you know..
How can you  ever hold back
your Light and Empowered-Harmony from the World?
the World needs your LIGHT!
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony

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