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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meditations with Victoria: Breath; a Powerful Ally for Well-being, Be Nourished

The Breath is Powerful
Both beautiful doorways
of Unity and Connection and Wholeness

When we take time to be calm, quiet and still
and to focus on the breath..breathing can instantly shift us on all levels.

Breath is a Powerful Nourisher,
it can invoke beautiful ingredients in the body, mind and spirit
and make us feel fantastic, rejuvenate us and bring clarity to our mind!

Breath is a natural healer..
When we align with our breath...
focus on the breath..
And Become Nourished by the Breath
we can find our Natural Harmony....

Think of Breath
as a Powerful Ally
of Transformation, 
and Creativity:

this ally can transform stress into calm
it can take a burden and make it lighter
it can mold a problem into a solution
it can slow down a racing state of anxiety
and bring gentleness and peacefulness and a coccoon of safety

Breath is Wisdom
it can open the eyes to deeper perception
it can make a bud fully Bloom
it can awaken all of the senses
it can carry us into a new world within
it can make what ails us .....heal

Breath is Transformative
it can take tears and find paths to joy
it can take us deep within... to hear the answers
it can bring us out of pain ....and into bliss
it can shift what is negative... into a positive space
it can shapeshift the mind and ignite new wisdom
it can transform anything.... and bring us into balance
it can help the mind and body heal, restore and rejuvenate
It can strengthen us on all levels
reduce stress and re-align what is out of balance
It can bring your whole being into Harmony

The Breath is alive with life-force,
essence and energy
it can reawaken the body, mind and spirit
into a space of well-being

Take a moment each day
to Honor the Breath
To flow with it
to be still
to listen to it
to allow it to Guide you
to heal your whole body
and enhance your well-being
into a State of Harmony

Breathwork..breathing...IS Harmony...
the circuit of unity , wholeness and balance.

When we breathe...we become awake, in focus,
we become intune and aware and creatively abundant.

The breath is sacred
and greets us with our first breath of life,
it carries us all throughout... till the end of our journey,
until our final and last breath.
It is a sacred gateway..to the beginning, the inbetween and the end.

Tune into Breath,
Tap inot this Resource...
it can bring your whole Being into a Creative-Awake Space
and a healthy mind and body.

The breath is your powerful ally...create with it's powers!
Victoria Pettella~

What are your favorite ways to Create with Breath?
I love yoga and breathwork
I also love being in Nature and walking and flowing with my natural rythym of breath. I love to be still and meditative and focus on the abundant resource of our natural breathing...

Honor the Breath...breathe...be nourished by this powerful ally!
Victoria Pettella

Finding Harmony
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Victoria Pettella

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