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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Victoria's Color Harmony: Meditations and Insights

~Color Harmony~
Victoria Pettella

Color is Powerful
Color is Vibrational
Color is Sound and Movement...

Color is a Potent Language...full of meaning, energy, essence and symbology.
It is flowing with Creativity and Life Force.

Color is Beautiful, Radiant and Magical..Color is Everywhere!

Colors can Heal, Uplift and Inspire

Color can create Harmony within.. on all levels..Body-Mind and Spirit
Colors are Expressive..
Colors are Creative and Multidimensional

Color can change our energy, our thinking..our behaviours
Colors can invoke feelings..memories
Colors can energize you ..invigorate you

Colors make us feel positive or even negative...we all interpret colors uniquely, we even have an opinion about them..and associate them with our own inner-symbology. We may feel influenced by our experiences with them...good, bad and neutral. Some colors create an overall sense of well-being and harmony..like music to the soul.

Color can bring one into balance and also take one OUT of balance.
Color can alter our mood, stimulate our thoughts, even hunger and also make us feel well or even unwell. We are all unique and our color harmonies and our color- needs are unique too.

Color Frequencies impact our lives...it is all very amazing, magical and intriguing. If you have ever studied in the area of Color Therapy, you will learn that the Skin is aware of light and vibration..it is sensitive to the colors it is recieving, the colors it is absorbing..and soaking up..and even the colors that we wear....our skin is very aware of them. To the skin( the largest organ of the body)..color is a language full of light and life and flowing with information.

How connected are you to your Own Personal Color Expression?
..in the home, in surroundings, in foods,  in what you wear..in the kinds of colors that you are drawn to visually..intuitively and even emotionally..have you ever taken notice..?

Color is like music..like notes on a scale..like codes that have thier own unique signature, sound and speed and vibration..colors are frequencies..they carry sound...they are healing and transformative and communicate with us on many levels!

Keep a Color Journal
A Color Journal can be  agreat way to get in touch with color and help you feel more intune with how color communicates with you personally and also to Explore your own unique insights and your relationship with color energies! You will be amazed what you will find out..
Take notice of your reactions to colors...
your likes and dislikes..

Explore Color Context....where do you find the Colors
that you Love?
I love Nature as a Source!

A great topic in your journal is to explore ....Which "Context" do you prefer colors in..for instance..you may not like to wear "Red" but you love red flowers in nature ? 
We often prefer colors and experience them differently in different contexts..home, decor..outside in nature's natural settings..

Do you have preferences..what context do you enjoy colors in?
What colors do you dislike?
Have there been colors you once felt a block towards and now have healed that color barrier?
What patterns come up in colors and the way you use them?

Which colors do you feel help calm you..heal you...stimulate you..balance you?
Do colors make you feel sad, happy..introverted, extroverted ?

What Colors invoke confidence for you..creativity, spiritual essence..wholeness?

What are your Colors of Empowerment?
What colors are your helpers, allies?
What are your Power Colors?

What colors represent you right now?

Ask yourself some creative questions..you will know all the answers!

If you feel especially sensitive to Colors, a journal is  a great way to record your experiences and take note of what colors are most helpful to you...and also to see how you have changed color-wise!

If you even can "see color energies" that is fun too..observe how they make you feel intuitively and what they mean to you!

I am very color sensitive and stimulated by colors on all levels.. ..so using colors in any form is a wonderful way to work with color energy when you feel called! Writing about your creative ways to use color is fun too.

Create a colorful-array of what inspires you! Have a special box that you keep all your color-healing treasures in. Collecting fabrics, papers, objects, crystals and photos/pictures embodying your Color-Harmonies is fun. Make a Color-care-package and use when you need it most! This package and the contents will change as your color-needs change..also great to add to your journal to track your colors shifting!


There will be times when color seems VERY important to you..or you feel strongly drawn to a certain Color Palette or even repel certain colors. You may have outgrown some colors...or are even merging with new colors that you have never liked before!

Something is changing vibrationally in you..you are going through a  frequency change...I call this Color Shape-shifting....color is literally creating with you and speaking to you and connecting with you..aligning you and attuning you with new ingredients. Like a rainbow and all of it's color rays...you are shifting along that scale and transforming with new frequencies!

For some, this is about healing..or for others it is about integrating new wonderful changes. Your own energy field is transforming... colors are stimulating you to new ingredients they are moving towards.
Color Balancing is occuring..or like a re-balance and reformulation..seeking Color Harmony.

We sometimes shift and change vibrationally..meaning..our color harmonies and what "we require" color-wise shifts and changes. You may suddenly LOVE orange..and never liked it before...you may suddenly need to have blue walls..or wear red...or paint in green...or be in nature and see it visually..........these are usually indicative of major color changes and "color needs" that are presently expressing in you.

You may be going through changes..physical or even spiritual......and colors can help acknowledge that journey..or even bring in Healing ingredients or stimulators to move that along..body mind and spirit. Colors can help us mentally and emotionally...nourish us and carry us to the next level...colors are pretty potent allies.

Your whole energy field is made of color harmonies that uniquely express you...and embody your energy. That can change and shift and alter throughout your life.

Color as Meditation

Color can help Align your energy and Attune you to Balance
It can help re-focus energy and create harmony
Color can help you with internal shifts.. and bring through new knowledge.
Color-Breathing is also a wonderful way to  work with colors and connect with colors..simply visualize and breathe in that color for nourishment.

Color Meditations can expand awareness and expand Consciousness.

Create Visual Meditations by gathering a few objects you are drawn to, choose colors you want to focus on..and simply reflect and enjoy!

Color can be calming, soothing, reflective ad deeply meditative.
Color can be Energizing and make us feel wonderfully alive and radiant!

Color Meditations can help to bring harmony..neutralize the mind, calm emotions, stimulate creativity , activate new ideas, release grief and emotions and old thinking patterns.

Painting~ Meditation Orb~ Victoria Pettella

Color can also bring us to Wholeness and ONEness...a Rainbow is the perfect symbol or vision to think of to represent that Ultimate Color Balance and Pure Harmony!

Catch a rainbow now and then..and absorb it's beautiful energy...
I love catching rainbows..don't you?

Whether you work with colors consciously, directly, intuitively...through healing work, meditation....or simply appreciate them and their nautral beauty all on their own..it is a powerful part of our life.....enjoy your color journeys!

You don't have to know a single thing about color or the reason why you like a certain color...just enjoy it...and just trust what you are drawn to...and enjoy it's magical energy! It embodies exactly what you need at that time!

Everyone NATURALLY already  knows what colors will help them and can sense what they need...some feel very sensitive to colors intuitively and also know what will bring harmony to them...go and explore and find your own Color Magic!
Allow the Gift of COLORS to help you  in Finding Harmony.
~Color Harmony  by Victoria Pettella~

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