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Friday, August 26, 2011

Natural Magic: Meditative Beauty

Natural Magic
is Found everywhere
and in all things
Nature is a Powerful Source of
Natural Magic
Housed in all Kinds of Metaphors
and Created from each seed
Natural magic can be experienced
Through Colors, Shapes, Textures
Through the Beauty of Scent..Taste
every Mysterious Fruit,
healing herb,
Sacred leaf and petal..

Meditative Beauty
Color Harmonies sing through all of Nature's
Creative Magicians

Fruits and Flowers Create Visual Enchantment
Natural beauty can stimulate all the senses
Inspire the mind with inspiration
Ignite the brain with imagination..
Engage the senses beyond the 6th..
to a multisensory level
of Bliss and Blissfulness
Natural Magic
awakens you to New Energy
What things stimulate you in Nature?
and so on?
What colors, sights, shapes, sounds..scents
captivate you?
What plants, flowers, trees
 spark you?

what messages and metaphors
are you awake enough to hear?

Summer's Harvest
a beautiful metaphor
a reflection of gratitude and abundance
* Be thankful for all that you have..
celebrate and share every day

The Power of Color
Purple Morning Glory again fresh peaches
and the Floral Wand of Spearmint
are you in awe of nature' color palette?
I am mesmerized!

Explore the Power of Nature's Healers
Awaken to the healing essence of nature's herbs
Beautiful Spearmint in this photo..
I love the Gorgeous green creases of life in each leaf
Do you take time notice the beauty in the tiniest of things?
Are you awake to the miracles in nature's sacred geometries?

Take a moment in each day
To infuse the heart and spirit
with natural beauty
Attune to the harmony and flow
* It is all around you..
Truly take In the Beauty of  a simple plant, a rock..a  flower
This is also Natural Meditation
Become aware of your Connection
Nature is Healing and can ignite you with new ingredients

see the healing metaphors

Listen closely to nature
and your own natural magic

the Natural wisdom within you is
Your Truth
and that truth you find
is deeply profound and sacred

Sage leaf draped against a sunlit peach

Sage a Symbol of

a symbol of Immortality
Morning Glory
a symbol of Magic and awakening to the Power of each day

The power of peach and sage combined?
~Immortal Wisdom~
What Natural Magic have you awakened to?
Can you hear Nature's Meditative Beauty
speaking to you?
~Victoria Pettella~

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