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Monday, September 12, 2011

Meditation: Embrace those who Color outside the lines..

Embrace Those Who Color outside of the Lines~ Victoria Pettella

Sometimes along life's journey you are not accepted, or you may  feel different. Sometimes others just cannot think in a new way..or are unable to accept you just as you are. You may not fit their picture. If you do not fit their Ideals or beliefs you may feel rejected and insignificant.

I have met many people along the way of life waiting for someone to accept them .
....waiting forever at times. Sometimes people cannot open their mind or heart to what is different. Sometimes people think in a very linear conditioned way.. and they maybe cannot help it.
But don't let that stop you...be you! If you pay too close attention to how others percieve you or what others think....it will take a toll. It will keep you tangled..caged,  it will leave you stuck...and most of all it will keep your TRUE SPIRIT and the GIFT of who you uniquely are to be locked away from your self and the world.

Even if others cannot embrace you..embrace yourself.. celebrate yourself. Being different is also a wonderful journey..embrace that journey...it brings deep joy and freedom..and for me..it has brought many gifts to my life.

I have met many who are Beautfully Unique and they hide who they are because they feel devalued by what others think. They begin to feel who they are is unworthy or invisible or meant to be hidden away. Not so! Value yourself..and your Unique essence!

Think instead..what a gift it is..to Be able to SEE  the world the way you do..and Feel and Know the things you do....to celebrate the way you experience life....to be able to color outside the lines in life..is a gift..celebrate that you are one of those unique ingredients floating through the universe!

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind..

An Open Mind
Embraces you, embraces Space
A closed mind
Thinks in boxes
And makes things fit
Leaving out anything else it does not understand
casting it out into the abyss

An Awake mind
Sees beyond form
And accepts an ever-changing landscape
Of magical ingredients
and an ever-flowing stream of awareness
that moves beyond time and space
beyond the senses
beyond labels and definitions
a Space of Harmony
where the Heart can celebrate everything different
seeing it instead….as Unique
seeing it as Relevant
And even Beautiful

How does your mind work?
Is it closed
Full of judgement or full of Love’s embrace?
We are all important and valuable just as we are!

 Do You Color Outside the Lines in life?
If you do...embrace this special magic!
Beyond the lines..and outside the frames..
exists ALL that is possible..
all the potentials..all that is new. 
It is the Creative Essence still arriving..
and waiting to be discovered.
Those who color outside the lines in life..
are usually here to bring in New Ingredients..
and they create changes.
.awaken consciousness..
open the heart and spirit and help shift others 
to think in a new way..
and even experience life in a new way!
So don't wait to fit in..
you are not supposed to..
how can you possibly fit in a frame..
when you truly belong outside of it 
in the open- creational-space......
it is where all the magic is!
Embrace this...
Share your colors..
your unique You..
it is why you are here!
~victoria pettella~

This is for those out there…especially…
if you feel different and have never been accepted or fit into perfect boxes..

Know there is a divine reason for this..and this is perfect.
You do not have to belong anywhere…
or wait to belong….
for you already Belong to yourself!
Celebrate that!
Victoria Pettella~

Symptoms and Side-effects
of Coloring Outside the lines
Victoria Pettella
~ A strong draw to experiencing life in your own way

~You see life in a unique way..even multi-dimensionally

~You experience life in every color..all are purposeful

~you naturally move beyond the frame..a need for freedom
and expression in some way
and honoring that unique nature within you

~A Strong Independent Spirit lives within you

~ you know your own mind and create from that space

~you are not a Follower..but  Flying your own way

~ you know that new discovery, new knowledge and the power of magic
exists outside the frame and you visit &create there often!

~A strong sense of "Self-direction" guides your life

~you don't "believe" in your ideas..you Powerfully Know them and follow them..

~Self-trust and Intuitive awareness are natural aspects of you
~your creative essence is  always flowing in some way, on some level

~you are not afraid to embark  on new ways of thinking
..mindful awareness and passion sparks you

~you have found many amazing  and magical ingredients that live outside the frame
and you have learned to create and color with them..enriching your life

~your perspectives are in an awake state

~your perceptions are always willing to shift and change
and explore  beyond what you know

~your higher nature is ready to grow and evolve at all times..

~You Love coloring outside the lines and it is the only way
that you know how to be

~You know it is important to honor this beautiful part of Who you Uniquely are!

If you already color outside the lines....
then great..
you are finding new gifts in life everyday
and how to weave your own 
unique magic into the world..
If you are willing and wanting 
to color outside the lines..
simply begin
and let that new freedom guide you
it is filled with the Natural Flow of harmony..
nothing is put in a box or frame
or held back.
it is all allowed to flow and be free
and naturally become
what it is meant to truly be.
 Coloring outside the lines..
is open for everyone..
it is the space that we all belong to.
~Victoria Pettella~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meditations of the Inner Voice: Speak the Song of your life

The Power of your Inner Voice

Speak through your Pure Heart
speak from your Awakened Mind
speak from your Beautiful Spirit
Speak with wisdom
love, peacefulness

Shape your words into wings
let them fall gently
never sharpen your words like a fierce blade
or like a shard of glass
you may wound and hurt another
in a way you can never repair

our voice has power
how you use that voice
can enlighten and heal
inspire and awaken
our inner voice is empowered with Truth
how you wield it's power is up to you

Imagine...Words being....
a sword of light ...piercing open the veil
to a path of beauty and illuminating the sky with the sun...
or as a sword of hate , a weapon destroying the flow of goodness

Sometime we must speak our truth and stand up for ourselves..
this also must come from a place of balance that honors you and your truth

your voice can carry love, compassion, patience and gentleness
it can carry qualities of Strength and Empowerment when needed as well
Carry your OWN Voice, find out what that voice IS within you
and allow it's light to flow through you
Find your voice...build a connection with it
know it well
know How to use it
When to use it
how BEST to use it and how to wield it's beautiful power
in a way that honors your life, your  needs, your truth
and also can respect the truth of those around you.

no matter how different we may all be
we are all one in the same
we each have the right to claim our inner voice
and speak it's truth

use this power daily..try your best to allow that inner voice
to speak for you when you need
and honor the natural flow
of that empowered place shining within you.

your inner voice
is Wisdom and light..
it is love..
it is the dialogue of your life..

how will you use it?..

and will you allow it to show you the ways
of an empowered awareness?
...this empowered awareness..can shine through
your voice, your words and your truth
if you allow it..
it will show you many things
your inner voice is a gift.
Create with it.
Speak the Song of your life.
~Victoria Pettella~

If you have found the power of your voice..celebrate that!
If others around you have not..be patient with them.
If someone you know struggles with allowing their truth to speak..
help them...nurture this..help set them free.

Children especially are wonderful at using their truth and inner voice..they are to be admired!
And there are also some children who struggle with this....help give them the courage to bloom and to know the Worth of their inner voice and that this power is theirs to use!
Set your inner voice free...

Finding the Power of your Inner voice..
begins a Powerful Dialogue
in finding the perfect harmony for your life.
As your words  begin to flow
and honor your truth..you empower your path...
and begin to align all things in that direction..
celebrating your sacred truth
and what makes your life special to you
is part of your journey.
Shining your truth and finding the voice
to express that and carry it outward
will bring peacefulness to your life.
~Victoria Pettella~

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