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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Release your Tears so that you may heal: Open up and Let go

your hurts
your pain
let go

Open your heart
to those hurt and in pain
Listen to them
comfort them
Be there

Understand it is an Honor to be there
for those when they need you
Even without words
silence and connection brings peace

Open your Self
and share your heart
If you are hurting
let yourself be heard
let your feelings be known
someone will hear you
someone will comfort you
Let your fear go that
you will not be understood
let someone IN
share your heartache so that you can begin to heal
Releasing what is burdening you
will lighten your heart
letting your feelings fall out instead of carrying them
will lift your mind with light and peace
Know how to let go and release
set your self free
~Victoria Pettella~

Being there for Others
You may never know
what is truly happening in someone's life
be there for those you care for
those you love
friends, family
You may be..all that someone has
Be awake..Listen
be there
Make time for others..

When someone feels heard
they begin to heal
when you listen
you help them heal

A tear falls
so that it can nourish new beginnings
and so that you can become strong again
with hope, life and love

I dedicate this post..
to those who need healing
to those hurting and need to know they are loved
just as they are

and not to let go of hope
talking is a beginning
sharing and releasing pain
is healing
Be there for those in your life.
be there!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Creating Empowered Choices:Letting go of what Others Think~victoria pettella

Creating Empowered Choices~ Victoria Pettella
Only you know
what is healthy for you
Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit
Be true to what feels TRUE... for you

When in a place where you need to make a change and feel confused
all you need to ask yourself..
is ...

What is healthy for Me!

we often judge our choices
we often can also.. feel the impact
of others and what they may judge "about" our choices

Creating Empowering Choices
simply means..
That you "sense what your truth is" on some level
and you are creating the best choice you can make in that moment
being true to the TRUTH that "Now represents you"

That Truth may shift and change
especially if you are moving through many changes
but ...Be and Become your strongest ally along the way
and support your choices..
feel the Arrow of Truth flying forward
and "align" yourself and All that you Are
in that direction!

It does not matter if others agree with you
approve of your choices
or have something to say
Connect In, feel your strength and hear only
what YOUR Inner Spirit is saying
It is what you are meant to do.... to honor you!

No one else has a say in what empowers you..
Only you can Recognize it!!

Try not to pay  too much attention
to what others say or project or judge
We are all meant to look after our Own Path and life
in the Way that feels Best and True and Empowering for you!!
Celebrate that !!
Victoria Pettella

Over the years I have met and connected with many who were in the Midst of great changes in their life or on their Path. They knew or sensed what they needed to do..but felt blocked by others judgements or the slight anticipation of that.

Sometimes we need to make changes and create new choices and
can feel 'Overly Conscious"of the outside world and how others view us,
those we know, how they may react or being judged etc!

If this has troubled you...Press the reset button..and Tune in to YOU.
Spend time within, honor your truth.
Try to connect MORE with your "Own Awareness"
and what is healthy and joyful for you( instead of connecting To what others think)..
So..Connect IN, stay in this space... find your balance and create harmony!

 By following your truth....more and more.. you will Begin to know what "that feels like and looks like" for you....and don't worry what it looks like to others or what they think !! As long as you follow your own path ....you will always find home! No one else knows what your path is...but you!
You are your Own Greatest Guide, Teacher and Ally on your journey..
celebrate that..and honor that!~ Victoria Pettella~

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meditations: Set Peace free...

Peacefulness exists ...already... within you
step out of the way..

Peace ...in the world
already exists
step out of it's way

when we channel LOVE's potent power
this is how peace ............is set free

If you set your Own Heart ...Free
Free to be Fully "Awake"
and let that "Inner Peace"... fly out into the Universe
surely then...
the Universal Heart can begin to do the same

Peace Exists
it has always been there
it will always be

But  it cannot Come to Life
on the outside realm
and into world
Until we Fully Realise
it's Power.. living inside of ourselves..

Let that part of you out..
let it come to life...
send it... on it's way..

Don't hold back your heart..
For ..it is the Carrier of Peace
Open your Heart..and let Peacefulness fly out...
When you do..
it will carry itself
to all ends of the earth
and set the World to Light
And this Sacred Translation ....will Ignite the Universe.
~ Victoria Pettella~

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