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Friday, December 23, 2011

Meditation: A Mirror of Light: what do you shine out?

Open your Heart
To shine
a Mirror of Love

Open your Mind
to shine 
a mirror of Acceptance

Open your Soul
to shine a mirror of Connection

Open your Spirit
to shine
a world of Light

Open to Healing
so others can recieve and be healed

Open to Believing
so that others can Know Within

open to Truth
so that others may find it for themselves

open to compassion
so that others can feel loved

Open to Yourself
so that Others can understand
who you are and celebrate who they are

Open a Mirror to Freedom
so others can remove their cages

open a mirror of Forgiveness
so that others can be released from pain

Open  a mirror to Courage
so that others can see beyond fear

Open to Sharing your dreams
so that others will fly with theirs

Open to revealing your True self
so that others will no longer remain hidden

Open a mirror to Peace
so that others can end the war within
 and the wars of the world

Open to the gifts of your life
so that others can discover thier own

Open the Mirror.. and Create

What does your Mirror of Creation shine out ?
what does it glow with and flow out to others?
What is it a messenger of ?
What beliefs and truths does it shine forth?

Become a Mirror of Beauty
and Love will grow and ignite the mirror of others
opening worlds
of Light and Peace and Joy
~Victoria Pettella~

whether we know it or not
we shine a truth, we hold a mirror
what truth will you shine out today?
what reflection do you wish to hold in that mirror?
what ideas do you wish to reflect back into the world?
what truth do you wish to Shine inside
the Heart of the Universe?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Honor your Unique Version of Life: The Holiday Season

Honor your Inner Harmony
Follow your own unique version of Life and what that means to you. Express your Version of life to the fullest!

The Holiday season is here..
For some this is welcomed.. for others... it may feel stressful and full of different pressures.

For some it is simple, for others it is complicated.
For some it is full of Joy, for others compromise!
Everyone has a different life situation and how they may view this time of year.

In this sea of many expectations..there are some who feel swept away into a current.
For some this current is a positive experience for others not so fun..and for some who may not be into the holidays it can feel uncomfortable and they can feel invisible.

Wherever you fall...be true to YOU..and what makes you happy and comfortable and connect IN  to the Harmony of YOUR LIFE.

First of all..

If ...you Celebrate the holidays...
~Celebrate the way that feels perfect for you.
~Find your own balance in all areas and keep aligned with what feels like Harmony to you.
~Be healthy, be well, be safe, be appreciative of all that you have and all that is around you.
~Be loving, kind, sensitive and understanding if others are different
or do not celebrate the same way as you!
~ Be true to what brings you joy and share your treasures/your love-friendship/your time/ with those who may not have all that you do.
~Do not wait for the holidays to appreciate life, those you love or to be generous and giving..appreciate it every moment...give to those in need all year round!

What if I don't celebrate the holidays?
or don't want to?
or feel pressured by others/gatherings/gifts/...
~Same thing..honor what feels right to you.
~Honor what your version of life is and feel joyful about that!
~Everyone is unique, different and meant to be exactly as they are
~Not everyone observes the same events, festivals, religions, spiritual traditions etc
~Be exactly who you are and shine
~Not everyone follows a mainstream calender....if you are outside the box...celebrate that unique journey too!

What if I celebrate differently or have other Traditions /different forms of spirituality
~Celebrate them.....enjoy
~Don't be afraid to share you own unique traditions too..they are part of you!
~ The world is full of many kinds of beautiful ingredients..all valuable and purposeful and meaningful!
~Everyone ..whether you follow a mainstream calender..an ancient one, new age..or all of the abve..all are beautiful in their own way!

Money/Gifts..pressure...or balance?

~Gifts given fron the heart are best. Whether home- made, hand made..store-bought or a simple gesture of time spent listening and sharing and talking..all are valuable in thier own way!

~What's your style when it comes to that gesture..what  kind of gift giving Honors you?
Seek your heart and decide what feels healthy to you, and how you would like to represent that gesture..and if you  to wish to at all!

~You should never feel pressured to participate in things that you are not in harmony with.
~If it is something you don't mind doing or absolutely love doing.....simply enjoy!
~If it is something you have decided to do ..do it in your own way and be in Harmony with the way that truly Honors you!

~ Be healthy with spending money, never feel presssured to buy or give.
~The best gifts are ones that are simple..sharing our time, giving our love freely and being together!

FOOD and Pressure
Food can be an isssue for those not well or those who have food issues.
Always honor your Health and Wellbeing!
Do not feel prressured by others.
Do what is healthiest for you , stick with it...and be well!
Feeling well is more important that anything!

~If you have strict diet, follow it.
~If you have to bring your own food to certain events because you have alot of food issues..do so..honor your health. Simple as that! Enjoy your self...

~If you simply prefer a different way of eating or have different beliefs about food..a different lifestyle..be true to it.~Celebrate it!

~If you are hosting a dinner and have guests with different diets...be respectful of that.
For some, every thing they eat is vital in staying well. Respect they may have special dietary needs.

~For others who have major food allergies, they need to be in a situation that is safe and free from harm. Be mindful and aware of that!

~If your guests have different beliefs about food..Be open  and accepting to that..let them enjoy their food choices the way that honors them.

Eating together should be Joyful and there is often too much pressure, criticism and judgement about those who live a different lifeystyle or have different needs when it comes to food.
~ Let everyone do what is best for them!


This time of year can be very hard for some.
It can feel overpowering and full of pressure depending on what your Life Situation is!
If you feel stressed.....take yourself off the hook...be Kind and Loving to yourself, Find your balance in the ways that feel naturally calming to you.

Surround yourself with positive and loving friends and support.
Whatever is burdening you..release it as best you can. Let it out...let it go.

Stress is an invisible toxin that depletes us on all levels.
Understand how important it is to regain Your Balance,
let go of what you feel is pressuring you and press the re-set button.

Be well...your health is much MORE important than whatever you feel is burdening you.
If you feel the holidays are too much for you..do what is healthiest and most balancing for you at this time..and take care of you!

~Grief and Triggers~
This time of year can be very emotional for some.
It may be a time of loss and the holidays in general can be a Trigger for those dealing with heartache or still wounded by the past. It may also be a sad time of the year for those who have lost loved ones or going through a rough time.
~If you are sad or down reach out and let others be there for you!

 If you are aware of someone who is grieving or is triggered  in some way..Be there for them...reach out and offer support, love, connection. This gesture could be the most powerful thing you can do for those in a time of grief, sadness or depression.

~Also be Understanding of others who may not feel in tune with the Holidays..respect them and what they feel up to or not up to...do not add more pressure. Support means being there for others in the way most helpful to them!

~ If you know of those who are alone...reach out and share your generous spirit, and welcome them.

Universal Connection and Oneness

Energy, Connection and Universal Consciousness

~ At this time of year..people can feel sensitive and In tune to a Universal Essence.
For some this Connection is Empowering and Full of positive energy and often called the Christmas or Holiday Spirit.
~For some this light-love and energy feels  wonderfully vibrant and alive and positive..they feel deep joy and connection..their hearts feel generous and it is a joyful time of giving and thanks and love.

Many people are Connected In to this energy at a universal level "all at the same time".....and this is also what "amplifies" it's power and experience of it as well.
~If you feel full of the spirit...enjoy and shine.

~For others this may not be so joyful and they may be at the opposite end of this spectrum..and feel Stress and lack of energy and anxiety even.
~For others this can be a draining time, again..this universal or collective connection amplifies what we are experiencing. For some this is a time of sadness or grief or pressure...so this experience is heightened..and some can feel very sensitive to this energy!

~You can harness your own power back and regain balance!
~If you feel you are sensitive..try to find a way to balance and rejuvenate your energy and clear your mind, heart and spirit to feel lighter and refreshed.
~Sometimes simpy becoming "aware" is what can "instantly transform" your energy back into Balance and harmony!
~ If you are feeling stressed  , find a way to help alleviate it and feel better.
~ If you feel you are Sensitive to energy in some way..find a way to come back into your Own Energy, Find Balance and calm and anything negative you are feeling...Release it with Love.

In closing...

Living an Empowered Life means honoring your version of truth ..your path..and the way you wish to celebrate your Life and how you wish to Live it and experience it. If you have felt pressured to live your life through a filter that does not belong to you..begin to find your own Vision of what you want your life to look like and how you wish to experience it! Allow your True Version of Life to shine through!

Whatever the Holiday season means to you...enjoy it in the way that feels Most Joyful to you.
If  you do not celebrate or participate in the season..Honor that too....and enjoy!
Finding you Own Unique version of Life and honoring that ...is how you Create Personal Harmony in your life. Celebrate YOUR life...your way...your path..whatever that is!
Fall in Love with your own Unique Version of Life...let it Be and let it Bloom.
Be you!
Victoria Pettella~
I dedicate this article to those I have spoken with recently having these issues and those I have worked with over the years that are trying to find harmony in their Own Version of life...and to encourage them to embrace thier life as they wish!Be true to you!

Wishing Everyone Beautiful Blessings
in 2012 and A Very Magical New Year ahead!
Thankyou for adding sparkles to my world and sharing your friendship and light!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Your Truest Self and Letting your True Nature Guide you.

Your Truest Self
does not hide from the Light
for its Knows
it's Worth,
and it Knows only Love
It is like Light ...seeking light.

Your True self will
unveil itself to you
with open arms
when you stop hiding from it.

Know Your Light
And Honor that it's purpose
is to be Revealed
and to pierce open like the powerful rays
of the Stars and of the Sun.
Your true nature is meant
to Grow, Bloom and Become.
Victoria Pettella

Your True Nature
Having a healthy sense of self is vital for your life to be fueled with harmony. Liking and loving who you are, letting your true self come to the surface is your gift to yourself and to those in your life.. Don't hide who you are or stop the natural flow of the Light within you! It is perfect light and meant to be revealed and to shine as is!

When we stop the natural flow of who we are, we suppress that inner light.
Honor your true self, find out who that is..and let it come out.
Honor your true nature and how it is guiding you from within.

Self-trust and self -love will awaken your heart-mind and spirit to new levels. Your life will feel lighter, healthier and happier. And in turn you become more loving and understanding to those around you and more conscious of the world around you and how you can grow to be even more loving/ giving/understanding of those around you.

Once you acknowledge your Own Inner Light and Give it a purpose...you are here to Create and Grow even more light...letting it's essence spread.
Self-love is important ...it is a potent seed that once Nourished..then blooms and moves you Beyond the Self and into the Space of Others and the World.

Your True Nature..is  N A T U R A L...
it knows exactly who it is , how to BE itself...and how it wishes to flow, grow and create.
It's higher-nature is here to pursue that Inner Current to Be All that it can be.

This Inner Current is Awake and Alive...
It has it's own inner magic , it's own evolution and this inner current guides us
to follow the truest path Towards Harmony and Flow with Harmony for your life,
personal growth and well-being.
It is also what will make your most Empowered Nature come to Life! 
Don't stop the flow...let it roll!
Be your True Self and the rest will follow.
Victoria Pettella

Thankyou for visiting..


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meditations with Victoria: You are the Key: Unlock yourself



creates Awakening

sends divine arrows into Existence
bringing to All
the keys
to Love, Freedom and harmony

These keys are for everyone
they are not secret
not hidden way
they are available , accessible , always waiting..

if you had the most powerful key in the world
to unlock more love, light and peace
to all the earth....
would you open and unlock that space?

the truth is ..
that you...me..everyone around you
is a Sacred Key that unlocks the Powers of the Universe
you, me, everyone that you see..
is a vital ingredient
on the earth to bring and create light here

in some way..in any way...  big or small
It is all valuable, purposeful, meaningful
It is all relevant ..it is all empowering..each tiny thing we do.

You are the key..Unlock Yourself..
release your light to the world
let all that you are shine

when everyone understands
that they Are
the Ultimate Power
of love, light, compassion and purpose
they will
b l o o m
and the earth's heart ...will accelerate and bloom..
for everything it has been waiting for ..
will be opened...and set free ...
free to change all things... into Harmony.

Compassion..it begins there..
a seed of power
what seed will you create with today?

Understand that You
are love's greatest power..when you become
it's ally, it's agent..it's partner
and invoke it's magic to the world.
All you have to do...is Be Fully You.
you are the Key!
~Victoria Pettella~

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