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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blissful Surrender: Meditation To Become

Blissful Surrender...
are you ready to Become?
Let go
so that you may be free

so that you may fly

so that you can Allow Creation

Change is Creativity in motion
Surrender can be Blissful
when we let go of the old world
and embrace the new

Usually when we resist
it is because
the change is "already here" we sense it's power
and feel fear in the 'foreign"space
but this space is YOU..so there is nothing to fear

So understand...that the energy you use
to hang on and hold on, to reject and resist
is stopping the flow of new life and energy
you are altering the Life-Force in you
you are holding your Bliss back

Bliss is Radiant Energy
Bliss is peace and beauty
Your Bliss is a joy-seeker
a pendulum that seeks Flowing LIGHT 
Creating With Harmony
and only wants Happiness for you..

Be Blissful
be Free
Trust in the spirit of life
trust in the spirit of your path
the Natural Harmony
of your Life.

The moment that you allow yourself
to bloom
you have set your world free
and this World
can now
newly create on your behalf
in a way that truly honors you
and sets your Path to Light
and Ignites you to Life.

Don't be afraid of your Own Journey Unfolding
It is Perfect for you
It carries all the gifts you need
each step of the way
Begin your BLiss
and Become
A BLissful Surrender
is waiting for you.
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony


Martina said...

A beautiful reminder - to go beyond fear and allow change! Let it flow - and have a lovely sunday daer one!

martinealison said...

Un bon moment passé en votre compagnie...
Gros bisous

Inge said...

Thank you for those wonderful and needed words. Beautiful - have a great week ahead....Inge

earthenmagic said...

...thankyoU victoria ~ the journey of bliss and yoU is beautiful ~ your harmony shines thru' ~ with all that you do! ~ blessed be ~ dear heart!...

Vivienne Moss said...

Thank you Victoria for another beautiful and heart felt post. Change is my biggest obstacle. I do need to let go and just be.

Blissful Blessings, V.

joanne May said...

Letting go and freeing the spirit, must be the most difficult thing to do. Why do we hold on so tightly to baggage from the past which stops us from moving forward in a positive way?
I ask myself this question often and I hope that 2012 will be a good time for change and transition.
Yet again, thank you for your lovely words and images that helps us to think about things a little more deeply and try to open our minds and hearts.
I wish you much happiness with inner freedom this year,
Many blessings,
Jo. xx

Auroran Lauriel said...

Letting go and becoming? My first thought wa 'but it's so hard to do that . . . and then I started to reflect on the short blissful moments I have every other day and I realized . . . that is exactly what is happening in those beautiful moments--for whatever reason, i was letting go and such peace comes with that way. Thank you for this meditation.

Felicitas said...

I so needed to hear this today... it's just been one of those weeks!

What a beautiful, inspirational blog you have here. I've really enjoyed visiting!

Emm said...

What an incredible post! I love that - let go so that you can become. This post reminds me that spring and the period of regrowth and rejuvenation are around the corner. I love the images in this post, especially those featuring the statue.

Mina said...

Oh Victoria, such beauty and tenderness. What a wonderful post to help bring me to regeneration. Hugs sweetie.

Sabina said...

These pictures are beautiful, and so are the quotes!

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