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Monday, March 12, 2012

Your Creative Essence: Become the Channel of this Creative Life-force

For Some...Once the Creative Essence
opens up fully..it truly changes their Life.
There is an Immeasurable Power and Impact 
that Creativity has
in our lives..our health..our well-being
..our connection to joy
and the ability to see beyond what we know
..the more we allow our Creative Nature
to Flourish on all levels..
and in any way..big or small..
we open a gateway of infinite ingredients..
and creating with those ingredients
can shift your world and the world of others!
~Victoria Pettella~

Your Creative Essence
is a Natural part of you
It resides in everyone
This powerful space of creativity
flows with beautiful energy, ideas,
inspirations and natural knowledge.

Every person can access this space within
for some it feels totally natural and already embodied
For others it may feel alittle distant..but it is easy to conjure
open your heart and keep tapping into
this magnificent resource
The soul of all creativity comes to life
it sings , dances..makes me you feel awake, empowered
and sparked with life.

The Creative essence can mean anything
it does not have to mean art or music or poetry..
but  it can truly be anything that Becomes
an "act of Creation" for you
and this act brings you harmony and creates joy and well-being!
Infuse your sense of creativity in all that you do....in all areas of your life..

If you dream to cultivate even more of a connection
with your creative soul..simply begin...start anywhere..
creativity has it's own pulse and conscious essence"..it knows the way.."
Just follow this inspired flow..it is pure magic!  You Become the Channel of this magic..
Your personal energy /symbolic-fingerprint mixed IN with this powerful Fuel makes your creations come to life uniquely as Yours..and only yours!!

The Creative Essence is Magical
and has wonderful side-effects!

~It Opens your world  to new levels  and allows you to discover new realms

~ Brings to the surface dormant seeds,  magical seeds of creation, helps you Open them and access potent ingredients

~Changes the way you think..opening new consciousness, shifts perception, sharpens awareness

~It clears the mind..heart and soul, brings you in a higher state of awareness

~ Brings True Harmony and Balance to your life the more you channel this creative energy and explore it and create with it in a way that feels meaningful to you.

~Takes away heaviness and Uplifts the spirit, transforms us on all levels

~Transforms stress and creates Bliss, truly begins to change the flow of your energy, activates new patterns of calm and  also invigorates you with new energy that flows in freedom and harmony

~Frees up time and space....makes room for creative thinking in all areas of life

~Brings a powerful sense of well-being to your life the more you allow this part of you to grow

~helps you see more possibilities , potential and experience life through all your senses fully

~Creates even more inpsirational energy..and naturally builds your connection with this resource

~The Creative Essence is a Transformer, a healing agent, an energy enhancer,
a spiritual attunement and a soulful adventurer. It helps you shapeshift along all of your journeys and gets you to know yourself more fully and deeply.
~Victoria Pettella~

Visit this space often..and make it a part of your life..your Inner Creative realm will awaken you to the magic of your life



VM Creation Atelier said...

You are my daily inspiration,dear Victoria:-)))*

Such bright,sunshine,enchanted and beautiful post!!!

Wish you mostly creative week ahead,my dear friend!

Love and warmest virtual hugs to you,

Auroran Lauriel said...

I agree with Violetta--your posts are always inspiring :) I really dug the bullet points in this one. I'm thinking that's a good checklist for me to read when I'm not living creatively. I also appreciate your thoughts on creativity not being just alive in the arts! Creative thinking can belong to anyone and have many manifestations or applications. For me, personally, I'm walking away from this post with a sense of joy for my day, which is just starting--oh the possibilities! :)

With love,

martinealison said...

Lire votre publication est un bonheur...
Gros bisous

Jane said...

So very inspiring and uplifting! You are a great source of encouragement Victoria, and I look forward to your posts. Like Alaurie, I appreciate you affirming that creativity is not alive only in the arts - there are infinite manifestations possible. Blessings, Jane

Lori Saul said...

I really like how you promote creativity as not only through music, art or dance. There are so many ways to be creative; we each need to find that sweet inner calling and then... answer by whatever means we can.

Have a wonderful week Victoria!


Martina said...

Dear Kiki, "Transforms stress and creates Bliss, truly begins to change the flow of your energy, activates new patterns of calm and also invigorates you with new energy that flows in freedom and harmony" -yes, this is JUST my theme this week - thank you so much!

Terri said...

Feeling the creative flow!!!
Yahooooo : )
Thank you so much,

Junibears said...

I feel so much better after I've read your posts dear Victoria! A magical blog!! xx

earthenmagic said...

...resonate ~ power ~ reclamation ~ of former things ~ wonder ~ choosing ~ inflow/outflow ~ guidance ~ self willed ~ destiny ~ transformation ~ fire medicine ~ transmutation ~ bubbles ~ freedom ~ floating ~ drifting upon the calla ~ heart song ~ vortex of creation...
...blessed be victoria...

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