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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chakra Magic :Meditations of the Root Chakra

Creating with the Chakras can Connect you with Vitality, Harmony, Balance...Body, Mind and Spirit.

~Victoria Pettella~

I am Root Chakra
I am Mother
I am Earth, I am The Soil
I am the solid ground, a place to anchor All that you are
I am the Life-force
I am the Labyrinth of the Sacred Earth
I carry the Powers of Red
I ignite the body with Energy, Vitality
I am Passion that shines with Light and Creation

I am your Balance
I am Strength, Inner and Outer
I am a safe place to land, to Create, to live and nest, to make a home

I know who I am
I know what I believe to be Truth for me
When I carry the Essence of my Root-Chakra-Power; I Walk my Path Fully,
I walk In confidence,
I align With Joy and Shine In True Harmony.

Feel the beautiful earth beneath your feet...find Peace in who you Are
Feel the Love of Mother-Energy surround you,
Feel the magic of the earth
Feel the beauty of your physical body
and all the gifts of health and blessings it brings to you
Be Grateful for the Vessel you are, the body of Creation you have been given
and the Powerful Essence of Life that is Alive inside of you right now!

Feel the power of Manifestation and bring your Truest Intentions and dreams
into Full Realization
When you find the star of creation..( Visualize your star!)
bring it into the Earth,
connect with your Root Chakra Energy
to continue to nourish it......
make it grow and bloom divinely... so that it may Become!
What was Once a Star.....bits of sparkling dust...becomes a Living Flower!

I honor the part of  me that is the Root chakra,
I Empower the part of me that is Earth, Mother, the Life-force of the Physical world
And the Spirit of Creation.
I Belong to the earth, to Mother, it is my Home.
I am Home.
Victoria Pettella~

I am the Earth Rose of Mother...


Martina said...

Beautiful Kiki, this is just what i need now - some grounding and connection to mother earth. Have a magical monday! xx

earthenmagic said...

...soul colour blossoms... ...earthen ochre hues... ...gentle observations... ...where in nature... ...representations there of... ...retina red refraction... ...images made... ...analysis... ...the colour of my life juices ~ flow with magical reds ~ blessed be dear kindred heart!...

Mina said...

Oh Victoria, such beautifully magical prose and pictures. Always a peaceful experience to visit your lovely world. Hugs, my friend,

Auroran Lauriel said...

So beautiful and true. I love the idea of creating with the chakras . . . I don't really know much about them and have been wanting to learn more . . . creating with what I learn about them would probably a great approach.
Thank you for sharing your experience and reflection.

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