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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Attune to the Gifts of Nature

Nature is all around us
we are drawn to this Natural Essence
for it embodies the True Spirit
When we feel a call to balance
look to nature
it carries many powerful insights, lessons
gifts, metaphors
Teachings and Blessings
a simple seed ...blooms into the vastness of creation
when you feel out of Alignment
with your True self
FIND Nature!
when you feel out of Alignment
with your body, mind  or spirit
Rejuvenate with Nature
when you feel disconnected
from your sense of well-being
Go..and Be with Nature
in some form 
in some way
in any way you feel called
the more you Attune to Nature's "natural energy"
you also become Nature
n a t u r a l
and move into a space Within
that truly embodies harmony
Become Nature
Become you 
become truth

When we feel a connection with nature 
and in turn, our Inner nature
we begin to move into the Flow of Harmony
in all areas of life
For we realize
this Natural Flow 
we are Out of Balance 
and out of our True Alignment
( your sacred seed that blooms in creation for you)
The more you Regain balance
the more you 
Integrate Harmony
and what is HARMONY
for YOU
is perfect for you, your perfect SEED!
And this SEED when in true aligment
knows the way 
and carries ALL the perfect ingredients along with it
It is a gift to you..body-mind and spirit
And the Magical Guide to your Well-being  and Life- Path always!
~Victoria Pettella~

~Peacefulness, Calm,  Bliss
~Energizing, Inspiring, Creative
~ Connection- Reconnection
~Endless Harmony
Whats gifts has nature brought to you?




laurie said...

that is just beautiful and rings so true, I need nature, it feeds my soul, without it I would be an empty shell and that's the plain truth,

Jane said...

All your 'Gifts of Nature' resonate with me. We have been rained on for the last four days and I've been spending time cocooned in my garden shed (my summer office, hehe) reading, dreaming and drinking in all the scents and sounds. Love the rain as much as I do the sun. "Nature is a Wise Sprit" is wonderful! Thanks so much for this really lovely post.

Giancarlo said...

La natura ci regala sempre delle belle emozioni, noi tutti dovremmo trattarla meglio!! buona giornata...ciao

earthenmagic said...

...beautiful as always ~ blessed be dear kindred!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

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