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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meditations to Nourish the Self and Bloom~by Victoria Pettella

There are times when we need to focus 
on Self-Care and Inner Nourishment
We Must Go within
to deeply Nourish
those pieces calling out to us
and Then Become ready to Bloom
Create Moments 
of Self-empowerment..
it will fill your life with blessings

I Nourish myself 
Body, Mind and Spirit
I honor the space in me 
that guides me
Like a seed through the soil
swallowing the moon's potion
so that I may rise to the surface, 
a seedling
and one day
a flower in the wind
a newborn of nature
finding beauty in the Sun's Glow
and harmony all around me
seeing purpose in who I am
and what I am here to create 
in The Garden of Life.
~Victoria Pettella~

Victoria Pettella

~Body-Mind & Spirit~VictoriaPettella

I Nourish Myself
in any way that I need
I do not judge myself for those needs
I love myself unconditionally
For in loving myself better
I can love those around me
and the world even more
I can love without condition
I can love Fully
and with freedom and joy

I nourish
my heart and follow where it seeks love and life
I allow it to explore new paths that bring joy to my world.
I nourish my mind
and know where It needs to LET GO
and where it must OPEN to new thinking
I nourish my mind with healthy thoughts
positive energy and beauty

I nourish my Spirit
and allow empowerment and strength
to be my allies and guidance
I Trust that my Spirit ALWAYS knows the way

I nourish the parts of me
that feel weak, afraid, lost
and find strength and renewal in who I am
Self-Trust is my Sacred Key

I nourish my Energy
and allow it to flow
n a t u r a l l y
I do not hold my essence back..I allow it to bloom

I nourish the emotional realm within
and create a rebalance,
I seek clarity and peace
transforming what needs to change
and creating with New Vision for joy
and finding well-being in my emotional world
I see and feel clearly and without issue..
I let go and fly with lightness.

I nourish my body
honor it and care for it and love it... just as it is
I take care of my health and well-being the best way I know how
and bring in new ingredients to create balance and health and energy

I nourish my connection to my True self
Letting myself be exactly as I am
and exploring more of who I am
allowing every piece of light in me the freedom to express and grow
and letting go of other's "thoughts- ideas or misperceptions" about me
I nourish my Own Mind and Thoughts and sense of self
unattached to what others think about me.

I Nourish my SOUL
and answer it's CALL
I seek it's Wisdom and allow it's  FULL Expression
and Creative Direction in my Life
I allow my Spirit to Dance and Shine
and I Celebrate the parts of me that are SACRED
and Connect IN to this space of Love and Beauty Often
I honor my own personal beliefs that I may have
and honor those connections in the ways that feel perfect to me.

I nourish any new seedlings in me that may arise
I do not resist my own growth or fear it
I flow with The pieces of me that still need to grow
For they are showing me New Pathways
and creating Blessings and Gifts in the most divine way for my life.
I trust my growth
I Nourish myself in this Moment ,
I am fully present in the space of now
and allow what is "Blooming" to Naturally Become..
and Follow this Nourishing Light..and where it is leading me.
~Victoria Pettella~

Take time to focus on the self...
It is not selfish...but imperative..for when we become our "better selves",
we become better people in the world and better people in the world
..make the world an even better place of hope,harmony and goodness!

Search within and ask youself what you need divinely at this time
If you already know...
then begin to nourish the self

IN nourishing ourselves....
we become healthier, happier and can give more of who we are 
to our own life-path and to others... and it comes in a most divine- naturally-balanced way.
When we are nourished fully... we then create  from a place of alignment..not from a place of imbalance or dischord. 

If you have neglected yourself..begin to shine light 
into your Inner-Self and Glow!

Nourishment reconnects us with our truest nature,
the way our own energy/ body/  and well-being NATURALLY operates and works in harmony for you.
Nourishment is also the way we honor ourself in invisible ways.
It is important to value yourself within...and bring HARMONY
to all parts of your being...body, mind, heart and Spirit.

~Where do I need nourishment today?
~ and in what areas in my life, what do I need?
~Find those ingredients and Begin!
~Physical health and well-being?
~New attitude? Fresh start?
~Letting go? Slowing down?
~ making TIME for me and what is important?
~What am I not willing to give to myself? and why?..how can I change that?
~What are my needs?..and how can I begin to NOURISH them?

Start somewhere and nourish your self, 
you will know exactly how to do that...
trust your Instincts and Heart.

I Nourish my need for 

I Nourish my Need 
for Creativity and Expression

I nourish my Need 
for movement and Flow

I Nourish my need
For Inbreath and Outbreath

I understand that when 
I truly Nourish myself
I nourish others
and when I truly Nourish 
my soul and spirit
I nourish 
the world

For I am living from
my Truest Energy
my Natural Rhythm
my most Authentic Being 
and from a Space 
of balance, love, clarity
I am Creating from 
the Centerpoint
of empowerment and divine measure
All is in alignment
and from there 
ALL things 
f l o w 
In Complete Harmony!
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony



Terri said...

Dearest Victoria,
Your expression here reaches deep within me...and truly resonates.
I love every bit of what you have shared.
"I feed my inner self with divine ingredients".......ahhhhhhh, that feels good : )
I can not find the words to let you know how loving, how magical, and how supportive your post is for me.
Thank you,

Victoria said...

Terri...hugs,you words have deeply touched my heart..you are always so wonderfully kind and full of light..I appreciate the special person and friend you are!
Hugs and sparkles kindred!!

Jane said...

Victoria, I can't begin to express to you how much your post has nourished and spoken to me today. I really needed to be reminded... Thank You for your words :) All your images are so beautiful and soothing - especially the Iris in Prayer Pose - just glorious.

Lynn said...

Hi Victoria, thank you for visiting me and your lovely comment. I have missed your blog, and have just now remembered how powerful your words can be , they really resonate through to my spirit. I am trying to connect and be still when there is always so much going on here. It feels as though everything is so rushed, and I just want to slow down. Your meditations really help, thank you :)

Martina said...

So so gorgeous Kiki! This is just what i need - somehow, i'm in a time of things changing and must find ways to nourish new beginnings. Thanks for posting and have a splendid day!

Tammie Lee said...

your words feel imbued with power, wisdom and truth. this is our life and nurturing it in every way is a gift to all life, as you have shared.

looking into your world through images and your spirit and all i see and feel is beauty.

lovely day to you~

Mina said...

Sweet Victoria, such beautiful and uplifting prose and images which fill my heart with peaceful contentment and the wonder of self nourishment. I have been away a bit too long and have missed your gentle wisdom. Hugs to you, dear friend. Mina

Lori Saul said...

Amazing how your own words and art are healing in themselves Victoria. Ironically, I seek out your blogs as a way to nourish my soul and art inspiration. Thank you for this post about not feeling guilt for taking time out to recharge and renew!

EM Illustrator said...

Hi Victoria,
I enjoyed reading your peaceful and inspiring post. I really needed to read this today - Thank you!
Have a lovely day


Joanne said...

Hi Sweetie,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and as always leaving a thoughtful comment!
I'm away with the fairies at the moment, finding my inner truth. Sorry I have not been around lately, but my creative energy demands I focus on my artwork right now!
I know you will understand that feeling.
It is so lovely to come here though and read your post again, which is full of inspirational words.
You are so right about focusing on the self to receive nurturing and nourishment. I have a strong need right now to put down solid roots and find some inner peace in my home life.
Thanks for sharing another beautiful post and for your kind support.

Many Blessings,
Jo. xx

CraveCute said...

Victoria, Your beautiful words and images always refresh my soul! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace with us. ~Diane~

casa decorada said...

Hello Victoria, I came to return his visit in my blog and tell you that now follow you too.
Thank you for comment and is very welcome.
A hug from Brazil

earthenmagic said...

...big kettledrum hugs for thee! ~ is there any books in the thought winds? ~ to be able to step off these pages ~ into specially created manuscripts ~ would indeed be the next chapter to your awakening! ~ blessed be dear kindred!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

Emm said...

Thank you for this Victoria. How fortuitous that I read it tonight when I can use it the most. You're fabulous m'dear.

narved kumar said...

Whatever you say ,no doubt its very true but seems very very difficult practically.it seems that my mind is not in my control but it moves me the way it likes.it is very unstable. It thinks negative. I want to change it. How can I do it? Please...

Victoria said...

narved kumar
hello, wishing you peace and hope things get better for you. I hope your journey gets more positive, try and find something positive in your life to focus on and build from there and if you need help seek it, reach out to those in your life who can help you. Hope things are brighter for you soon.

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