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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Begin Again: Choosing New Awareness

Begin Again~Choosing New Awareness
~Victoria Pettella~

There are times when our energy, mind and awareness must shift into a new way of thinking, being and Becoming. In those times be grateful for what you have learned, what you are healing within yourself, and feel blessed for having the courage to let go of the spaces you can no longer hold. 

Release that breath..and feel the spirit of new breath ..leading you into a new world that truly honors you .Understand this new space can create Harmony for your life and well being.

We often fear new space..it feels foreign at first..but as you begin to balance out..you begin to recognize the beauty and calm and LIGHT shining here so clearly.  Choosing new awareness can breathe fresh perspective, hope, potential and creativity into our life. It can heal and restore you. It can heighten well-being and ignite the clarity you have been searching for.

Choosing new awareness means we make a Conscious-Awake Choice to empower our life, change our circumstance, nourish and heal our world within and all around us. 

We must be willing to let go..and move forward into new energy!    Because when you are Already IN a process of Becoming New..you will feel that on some level..and that is why things are no longer working...change is already underway...your old energy is transforming for your higher good...into NEW Energy. And the New Space is already in alignment with the new you! Simple as that..let go..and TRUST.

Everything we need is in this space. Everything that embodies our true balance and our true path exists here.

All the mind-clutter and dischordant energy  is gone.......for HERE it is a Free,open , fresh and pure place to Grow With and become new again and again. Get ready for new ingredients..be open to receive new energy..to integrate new ideas and awareness..to bloom in a garden that truly honors you and the life that you know honors your well-being, your creative self and your true purpose. 

In simplicity..it is about finding Home..and creating in this space of love, empowerment  and  true abundance and working with the specific ingredients available to You....to create the life you want. Recognizing the changes..and moving with them freely..is a great gift..and will enhance the new pathways opening in your life.

Everything is already there..you just need to arrive..do not resist...do not fear..it is perfect and divine for you..trust in this New Awareness blessing your life and world. Let it carry you forward into the NEW World where you may Bloom.
~Victoria Pettella~


Jane said...

Just lovely Victoria! Love the butterfly and very regal sun :) I have embarked on a new path (I'll share details at a later date) - hoping it will lead me to a New World of creativity and self-fulfillment... Thanks for this encouraging post!

Suzanne said...

I need to start every morning by visiting your blog.....such a wonderful way to start the day.

earthenmagic said...

...how sO very true! ~ there being one only constant: change, along with the movement of ~ fluid motion ~ swirling ~ of wearing shiny effervescent gossamer rainbow dusted wings ~ whilst dancing in cascades of radiant reborn light! ~ blessed be! ~ big hugs to thee! ~ dear kindred!...

CraveCute said...

Thank you Victoria! I need to read this every day!

Lori Saul said...

I love your words here... often we are so reluctant to change. But change brings growth and new ways to see and feel the world. Your beautiful photos just grab the eye with wonder Victoria!

Giancarlo said...

Un bel post, e belle immagini!! Una felice fine settimana a te...ciao

Jan said...

Beautiful photos, words and blog...thank you~~~


Terri said...

Hello Victoria,
I am resonating with the words and thoughts you share here. I am ready to move into new space, to embrace my new energy...Yay!
Thank you, very, very Dear One.

BOBO CouCou said...

Wise words you share here on this blog! Thank you


Lynn said...

I have been letting go of resisting more and more lately and I feel a shift. I say YES to the universe :) Beautiful and wise words dear Victoria.

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