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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meditation:You Are Already Empowered Within

You are Already

You have the Power
to Follow your Own Heart
and to KNOW your OWN MIND

You have the Sacred Connection
That Links You to your Inner Spirit

You have the WISDOM
of your Natural Essence
Living Inside of you

You have the Ability
to Create With the Magic of your Life
to make Choices for your Highest Good
and Guide your Dreams into Light

You are Already Empowered Within
Never let anyone make you feel
as though you do not Know
your Own Mind, Heart and Spirit

Create Always with the Truth
that is Shining inside of you
and flow DIRECTLY from that Inner Space
it is in Perfect Alignment with
your Paths, Journeys, Lessons and Dreams
It leads you to All gifts that are a part
of the Sacred Tapestry of your Life

It brings you In Direct Contact with your Highest Good
and leads you to Recognize-Sense and Intuit
what will Bring your Spirit the Greatest Joy

It brings you to the Place of KNOWING
And brings you to Understand
that All that you experience is Meant for  you
and for your Journey to Divinely Unfold
 into it's TRUEST LlGHT
and all that you Create WITH is there to Bless you
and to Bring you toward Completion and Wholeness,
To Shift you, help you grow and thrive
in your Soul's Evolution
and feel Fully Connected with Your Spirit's Gift
of Unconditional Love!

You are Empowered Within
No one can teach you that or show you how
Only YOU can Create from this sacred space Within you
as you come to Love and Fully Accept your Self more and more
as you come to Value and Celebrate the GIFT of who you are
and TRUST that the way you are Designed
 is Perfect in Every Way
your Empowered Essence begins to Shine Through
ALL parts of your Vast Being
you feel this Powerful Energy
and this magical part of Your Sacred Self
comes to Life  in Great Measure..

Keep creating with this Part of yourself
Until it BECOMES ALL of you!
You are already Empowered Within
Remember that! And if you have Forgotten..
Reunite with this TRUTH
in this very moment!
Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony


My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning Kiki....I really needed this inspiration this morning. We are making little changes again in our life and although I am always looking forward to the new adventure. I feel it is time we were FINALLY settled....I a little at loose ends at the moment.



laurie said...

it always makes me feel better for just coming to visit you, the photos and words are just so beautiful and calming,

Autumns Veil said...

How divinely inspiring~ I was just reading this morning that
until we follow our pwn path, accept and create and embrace the light within, we will never truly know peace.
Your post is like a guidebook for the soul~

Victoria said...

Thankyou so much for visiting..

My Grama's Soul
Thanks Jo for yoru beautiful words and I am so thrilled for you and your new advntures..shine on!

Hugs Laurie..thanks for sharing and for shining your kind beautiful words!

Autumn's Veil
Wow Kelly..thanks fot sharing that..magical and inspiring..and thankyou for your thoughtful words..they touch my heart!

Lori Saul said...

A wonderful meditative message that is so true and sometimes so hard to hold on to. Finding beauty in nature and sacred light as your powerful photos do- brings us to our center again. Thank you for this inspiration Victoria!

One Conscious Dreamer said...

Your post is so very empowering Victoria...

just what I needed this evening.

Thank you for always leaving such uplifting blogs for us to help mend our spirit.

hugs and blessings Sharon

Martina said...

Thanks for this string and empowering post Kiki, awwww, i can feel it! Have a fabuous day full of magic and LOVE!

mirsini's creations said...

Hello my unique fairy friend !!! Wonderful & empowering post !!!! You always awaken and calm my spirit and make me think more clear about my own needs and what is most important in my life !!! I just need to nourish myself...as you say in one of your previous posts and trust my inner spirit !!!! You are so precious for me :o)) and...i want you to know that i'm thinking of you and reading your magical posts although i'm not commenting so often lately...
A biiiiig hug for you and lots of kisseeeeeees !!! Have a beautiful day my sweet friend !!!! ;oD

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for sharing your wisdom, beauty and inspiration in such a deep and beautiful way.

Giancarlo said...

buona giornata e felice fine settimana...ciao

Lindsay Drya said...

So many beautiful pictures. Totally inspiring, thanks for bringing some color into my day! :)

Carrie Elizabeth Wachter-Martinez said...

I love this...so inspiring! Thank you for sharing such wisdom...let us all trust our own innate power and awaken to our greatness!

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