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Friday, November 16, 2012

True Power and Inner Strength: Power Invocations

Finding Harmony


CraveCute said...

Thank you for the reminder. Your brilliant photos help me to envision my own light within. Peace be with you!

Sharon Souter said...

Your posts really are so beautiful and uplifting Victoria. I love the second saying the most - true power comes from a peaceful place within you.

Tammie Lee said...

lovely post in every way
thank you~

Victoria said...

Thankyou Everyone

Thankyou for such kind words, so happy you enjoyed it..Blessing and peace to you too friend!

Sharon Souter
Many Thanks Sharon for your beautiful words and for adding sparkles to my world!

yay Martina..wonderful! And yes my wkd is nice and cozy!

Tammie Lee
HUgs Tammie..thanks so much for your kind words!

Lori Saul said...

I love your blog name here Victoria -I truly do find harmony in all of your posts. So beautifully balanced in word and image I always leave your sites filled with peace.

Thank you,


Auroran Lauriel said...

Thank you for this beautiful meditation. I love the visuals--the strong earth, rocks . . . thinking about their literal strength and then the accompanying flowers that are delicate but have great strength within. A portal open, and a reflection offered.

Ruthie Redden said...

Beautiful words Victoria, i don't always find harmony the easiest to come across but your meditation works wonderfully x x

kat said...

Hello Victoria, this post gives such strength, thank-you for your magic and for sharing with us all, I love reading your posts!

Barbara said...

Lovely photos - and wonderful words, thank you.

One Conscious Dreamer said...

May you always find peace and love within the light Victoria.

Thank you for always sharing you blessings of love with all of us.

hugs and love

WeekendAbstrait said...

Victoria , tu ne cesseras de m'éblouir de tes clichés qui sont un ravissement!, tes compositions recherchées et superbes!
Trouver le bonheur, il est bien en chacun de nous!

Terri said...

"True Power harms none Empowers All"
What a wonderful statement!
I feel the strength in your post. The circle of amethyst and other stones look so beautiful laid out like that.
I hope that you are well and feel joy.
I am thinking of you : )

Giancarlo said...

Un felice Natale e uno strepitoso fine anno a TE e ai tuoi cari!!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Beautiful spirit, hello! I have missed my blog land and visits to you. I have a bit of time off from my many jobs, now. I love that when I come here, it is full of you still. Blessed am I to know your wisdom and kindness.

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