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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meditation of Balance : Harmonizing with the Elements

Meditation of Balance and HarmonyCreating with the Elements..to Find personal balance
and Energize yourself body, mind and spirit
~Written by Victoria Pettella~


*Victoria Pettella


Hope you enjoyed these Reflections and Meditations on the Elements
Create your own Reflections,
Find your own Connection to each Element
that Uniquely Inspires you
Work with the symbols/ideas/visison that speak to you!
Create with the Elements for HARMONY and BALANCE
 or work with the one you are most drawn to..
it will be what is most divine for you in this timing!

Have a BLissful Day!

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Victoria Pettella

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blissful Surrender: Meditation To Become

Blissful Surrender...
are you ready to Become?
Let go
so that you may be free

so that you may fly

so that you can Allow Creation

Change is Creativity in motion
Surrender can be Blissful
when we let go of the old world
and embrace the new

Usually when we resist
it is because
the change is "already here" we sense it's power
and feel fear in the 'foreign"space
but this space is YOU..so there is nothing to fear

So understand...that the energy you use
to hang on and hold on, to reject and resist
is stopping the flow of new life and energy
you are altering the Life-Force in you
you are holding your Bliss back

Bliss is Radiant Energy
Bliss is peace and beauty
Your Bliss is a joy-seeker
a pendulum that seeks Flowing LIGHT 
Creating With Harmony
and only wants Happiness for you..

Be Blissful
be Free
Trust in the spirit of life
trust in the spirit of your path
the Natural Harmony
of your Life.

The moment that you allow yourself
to bloom
you have set your world free
and this World
can now
newly create on your behalf
in a way that truly honors you
and sets your Path to Light
and Ignites you to Life.

Don't be afraid of your Own Journey Unfolding
It is Perfect for you
It carries all the gifts you need
each step of the way
Begin your BLiss
and Become
A BLissful Surrender
is waiting for you.
~Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony

Monday, January 2, 2012

Natural Wisdom, The Inner Expert: Make Contact with this space

Everyone has Natural Wisdom
It resides within you
it is always there
it may feel soft and quiet and subtle
but it is Vibrantly Alive
and awake and full of life
and it is always In Tune with your Higher Nature
it is your natural essence
and a natural part of you

Everyone has access to the Expert Within
this place in you that Deeply Knows
what is most empowering for your life
This inner expert
Strength, Instinct, Intuitive Knowing

It Carries the Expression of Self-trust and Confidence,
Creative and Inner Guidance
It feels powerfully aligned
in guiding the Inner Terrain
toward the external flow of Truth

It is totally aligned
with the wisdom pulsing
like a current moving outward
and knows how to carry that Out ...into the outside world
~Victoria Pettella~

Have you acknowledged the Space Within you
that Simply KNOWS?
Have you taken notice
of this special essence within you
that NATURALLY knows
how to guide it's own current
and how to flow in confidence
with the compass within?

Do you pay attention to the
natural wisdom
that shines within you?
do you recognize it.. answer it..and follow it?
You strengthen it each time you answer it and put it into practice!

This Creative wisdom is within you
it is like living part of your being
that embodies your truth, your wisdom and what guides you
in your life, choices, decisions and journey.

Pay attention to it
Acknowledge it
Honor it
Trust in it!

Although in life there are times when we need
to value the advice/ expertise or insight of an external source...
always remember as well...that INNER source..
It is a Natural resource that also has wisdom, awareness and knowledge and insight.

Oftentimes we are taught not to trust ourselves or feel empowered
to know our own mind and act upon that Internal Wisdom.
Make that an active part of your life!
Never forget the wisdom within you!
Listen and Trust and Give it Freedom!
Victoria Pettella

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