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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Calling in Balance: Celebrating Autumn Equinox by Victoria Pettella

We can create with the seasons..
as a metaphors for 
healing, harmony and balance!

Autumn Equinox..is the time of Equal Energy..
Total Balance..
both dark and light are in equal measure.
it is the Ultimate Timing of Balance.

You can create an intention that aligns with the qualities of this powerful day..you can work with this energy in any way that inspires you!

~Victoria Pettella

Autumn's Essence
brings Transformative magic
Creational Energies
are sparking to life
New changes of the season's spirit
are moving
From Summer's Light
to Autumn's Amber Flame
The Flowers begin to transform
and create future seedlings and pods
The earth begins to prepare
the dust of sleep
The Trees
touch the Sky with colorful poems
they sing aloud till their song must die

Autumn's Energy
brings many symbolic powers and gifts
The Gift
to Become Colorful
and shift like the rainbow
The Power to Fall like the leaves
and to Let Go
The Wisdom of SEEDS
of New Kingdoms
that will Birth in the Spring
the Knowledge that
all things must shift and change
so that new worlds
Can Become

Nature's Dream
is unfolding
through each seasonal spirit
We must give thanks
and honor these changes
and move with them
body, mind and spirit
It is There
that Nature can be born within us
again and again
and in this Divine and Ancient Cycle
we can never truly die
for nature is
and the seasons are the keepers
that guide us
as ONE.

Autumn's Beautiful Light
is shining...
Let this Lantern
Guide you
to gently fall
into the Arms
Transformative Space
you cannot die
you simply Become
Something Beautiful and New
Victoria Pettella

Reflections and meditations for Autumn
Calling in Balance by Victoria Pettella
a simple reflection is to Connect into the idea of Balance, body mind and spirit!
What qualities do you need..
what changes can you create with the flow of this energy today!
Search your heart mind and spirit..and be honest about what you need,
what ingredients you must create with and what personally needs to be worked on
to achieve Blissful Balance in your life in all areas and in all realms!
Start somewhere..the rest will follow..

This truly is a magical season...in the Arms of Autumn...you can create with the energy of change ..moving with it...instead of resisting it! Work with the flow of it and not against it! A time To align with Transformative Magic and see it in a positive, empowering, healing- loving way..you can spin new ingredients into your life on all levels!
Create alongside this magic as an empowered partner fully participating 
in your transformative essence! Think of it as PLAY!

Ask yourself some interesting questions..see how you respond....
What are you willing to let go of...but also.. go a step further... and ask what are you willing to Offer Up to transform....what are you willing to do to CREATE WITH those new changes to bring positive growth and new life and beginnings?
what changes do you truly wish yo see in your life,  health, path, relationships.. your overall well-being?

How Can I bring more MAGIC into my life
More CREATIVITY in all forms?
What Powerful Ingredients do I want to bring out more..express more..shine out loud with?
Is there a New Me sparking to get out? Begin to let that out!

Give Gratitude for All that you have Created..and all the goodness in your life..
A Time of HARVEST..time to celebrate all the GIFTS of Summer's Abundance
Truly Celebrate All the Blessings you are surrounded with and Create With them to bring even more beauty and magic into your life.Think of all the Wonderful Ingredients  and how you can flow with this Abundant Energy!

What do you really wish to change..want to resolve..see a new beginning for?
What do you want to transform?
Are you afraid of Transforming? There is nothing to fear..only beauty and light will greet you!

What will bring you the Ultimate balance in your life that you could build upon.. all winter long..so that in spring ....you can begin fresh and anew??

Start these seeds now! 
Call in the new ingredients you wish to Bloom into your life!

You could also create a symbolic meditation...create an Offering Table /Nature-altar to focus on...and connect with Autumn's energy. Or if you love being outside..be in Nature and spend time in the Autumnal Energy! Create a Healing Meditation..do some Yoga outdoors.. Become One with that energy..breathe in and out this magical energy!

Simple Autumn Meditation
Open your Arms and Embrace Autumn, Feel the Beauty, Explore the trees, the leaves..
Find a special space...Find a Special Tree..become the Power of nature!

Stand in Nature....go outdoors( or look at an image/photo of Autumn).
Breathe in Autumn's Beautiful Energy
( simply follow your heart and feel it)...
focus on the Idea of Balance..or the Magic of Transformation
( or whatever Quality  is more meaningful to you at this time)
Breathe In balance..then exhale...and let go..
continue until you feel recharged..aligned/more focussed /relaxed
(or whatever brings you harmony naturally in your experience.)
Give gratitude for your experience.
Spend some quiet time afterwards.. you may recieve new ideas, insights..a new formula for calling in the balance into your life....if you feel inspired create from there!

Be creative..allow the beautful energies of nature to create with you!

Autumn sparks transformation into our lives... 
Begin to allow things in your life 
to divinely shift and change...
knowing that there is light and new life ahead.! 
Trust in that Knowing..that..to let go..
is how things can newly Become! 
Allow Transformative energy to bless you 
and spark new ingredients into your Life!

Finding Harmony

Wishing you the Blessings of Autumn's magic!

Wishing you the Beauty of thr Season
Thankyou for visiting!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meditation:You Are Already Empowered Within

You are Already

You have the Power
to Follow your Own Heart
and to KNOW your OWN MIND

You have the Sacred Connection
That Links You to your Inner Spirit

You have the WISDOM
of your Natural Essence
Living Inside of you

You have the Ability
to Create With the Magic of your Life
to make Choices for your Highest Good
and Guide your Dreams into Light

You are Already Empowered Within
Never let anyone make you feel
as though you do not Know
your Own Mind, Heart and Spirit

Create Always with the Truth
that is Shining inside of you
and flow DIRECTLY from that Inner Space
it is in Perfect Alignment with
your Paths, Journeys, Lessons and Dreams
It leads you to All gifts that are a part
of the Sacred Tapestry of your Life

It brings you In Direct Contact with your Highest Good
and leads you to Recognize-Sense and Intuit
what will Bring your Spirit the Greatest Joy

It brings you to the Place of KNOWING
And brings you to Understand
that All that you experience is Meant for  you
and for your Journey to Divinely Unfold
 into it's TRUEST LlGHT
and all that you Create WITH is there to Bless you
and to Bring you toward Completion and Wholeness,
To Shift you, help you grow and thrive
in your Soul's Evolution
and feel Fully Connected with Your Spirit's Gift
of Unconditional Love!

You are Empowered Within
No one can teach you that or show you how
Only YOU can Create from this sacred space Within you
as you come to Love and Fully Accept your Self more and more
as you come to Value and Celebrate the GIFT of who you are
and TRUST that the way you are Designed
 is Perfect in Every Way
your Empowered Essence begins to Shine Through
ALL parts of your Vast Being
you feel this Powerful Energy
and this magical part of Your Sacred Self
comes to Life  in Great Measure..

Keep creating with this Part of yourself
Until it BECOMES ALL of you!
You are already Empowered Within
Remember that! And if you have Forgotten..
Reunite with this TRUTH
in this very moment!
Victoria Pettella~

Finding Harmony

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Charming Harvest :Abundance in Many Forms


Around this time of year
so many generous souls
share their harvests
Large or small
they are charming and beautiful and so appreciated!
Nature's Gifts are all blessings..

Celebrate the Harvest In your Life
Reflect on All Metaphors of Abundance
Gifts of Love and  Treasures of Family
the Miracle  of Growth and Life Cycles 
and The Magic of Transformative Seasons

Give thanks for all your blessings
share yours with others..
Share the Seeds and the Blooms
Share it all!


can also
To be Fully Awake and Appreciative with what you have
and to Realize
you have MORE Than enough
You are Abundant in many deeply meaningful ways
To Feel Abundant Within
and To Know you are already
Blessed Beyond Measure
Living inside of this awareness
Is a Powerful place within ...to Be!

Wishing you All the Spirit 
of Abundance 
and Harvest 
in whatever way you need!



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