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Friday, October 26, 2012

Become your Fully Realised Self

Do Not wait any longer to set yourself free
In this moment you can become Awake
Do not wait to truly Live and Shine
Choose to Be all that you are right now..

Do not hold your true essence back
Let it become fully realised..
let it become all it wishes to be
Let it Create all it wishes to create

The moment you decide
to finally step out of the way of your spirit
to finally let it all go
you have set yourself free

there is nothing to hold onto..or burden yourself with
you have given yourself up... to the Light
Light that dances in honor and celebration
of all you came here to Be
In this moment..I stand in True Embrace of my Fully Realised Self
so that all pieces of me can bloom into their fullest potential
and into their most Divine Form
in the most Divine Way
in the Purest Light and In the Greatest Love
And Always Creating from my Highest Nature.
~Victoria Pettella~

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don't wait to Embrace Yourself

EMBRACE YOURSELF ~victoria pettella

Embrace Yourself
Embrace all that you Are
Especially if you feel Different..alone..unlike any other
Embrace the magic of who you are Uniquely designed to Be!

Embrace your Unique Self
Embrace your Spirit's Light
Embrace your Soul's Journey
Embrace it all! 
Don't wait for others to Embrace you..
Embrace yourself.

Sometimes people just don't "get you"..or undertsand who you are
don't wait for them to catch up...keep flying
don't wait for them to accept you...
celebrate who you are, just as you are
don't wait  for others to approve..
give yourself permission to be everything you are without apology!
don't wait  for others to say "who you are is aok"..
they may never...and where does that leave you?
you must love yourself..fully..completely..
and wholeheartedly...do it!

Be exicted that you "get to be" YOU
that you get to be different..or unique
don't waste time waiting for others to support or appreciate who you are
support yourself and value yourself in every way..
acknowledge that special essence you are 
and channel it forward into your path 
and the vision you have for your life! 

Embrace yourself today..Embrace yourself now
Embrace every single piece..thread..seed of light
Don't wait any longer...
The Moment you embrace yourself fully..
you begin to Free your Truest self into Being
and you begin to Ignite the Harmony of your Life..setting it in motion
And you will journey toward True Happiness, 
Harvest and Fruition..joy..peace, love 
and a life full of Magic!

And The only way to arrive there...is to first Embrace yourself..
receive the Gift of your unique self..don't turn it way..
accept yourself and Celebrate All that you are
and Shine it onward!
It is exactly why you are here, It is the reason you are who you are
It is the purpose within you
and it is Exactly who you are Truly meant to Be!
Embrace it with pure Love!
Victoria Pettella

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