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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Beginnings

New Beginnings
are Waiting
in every Moment
In each Awakening Day

New Energy is Being expressed
in every living thing
in every living form
the Pulse of miracles speaking to you

New Worlds are breaking free
each time that you Open your Mind
and Allow Your Arms
to Embrace New Ingredients,
To accept New ideas and Perspectives and Insights

A  Current of New Flow.. is tugging at you
Nudging you to move with Changes
Seeing the Divine Beauty in it
Feeling the Magic..
instead of feeling resistance

Seeing the Blessings and Receiving them
like the exchange of inBreath and outbreath
allowing reformulation
and alignment with the Self
and harmonizing with the Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit

A New Living Essence
is filling your Cup
With Light and Beauty and Harmony
every time that you Allow your Spirit to Awaken from sleep

A New Purpose is igniting you
each time that you Answer
the Call of your Soul
and Follow your Spirit's Dream

New Beginnings are here
in every moment
in Each day
the Garden within you... is waiting
Create with every gift and blessing
Create with each opportunity
Create with the Magic of a New World.
~Victoria Pettella~

Happiness and Blessings in 2013
Thank you All.. 
for your kind visits, Words
 and your Friendship!
Wishing you Many New Seeds 
of Creation, Beauty and Light


Suzanne said...

Happy New Year and brightest blessings to you!!!!!!!

Jess said...

Thankyou for all your magic that you create here! Jess xx

Terri said...

Dear Victoria, thank you so much for weaving your spell of magic, to draw us closer to our own selves. I love the garden within...and the embracing of new thoughts, ideas, ingredients. I am ready, it seems a bit painful this year, but I am ready!
Hugs of Love to you!

CraveCute said...

Thank you for your magical words and beautiful images. I am happy to embrace a new year!

Victoria said...

Wow..thanks so much everyone!

Blessings to you too!

Thankyou for the amazing beauty you share too!

Hugs and blessings..thanks Terri for your kind words, I hope this year brings you much joy and harmony..hang in there..always a friend here if you need!
Hugs and sparkles kindred!

Yay..thanks kindred..thankyou for all the sparkles you share!

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Thank you Victoria...Your posts are an oasis in an arid desert. Beautiful and uplifting. May this New Year bring you beauty and joy

kat said...

Blessing to you dear one, many thanks for your soulful words!

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Chère Victoria, il me semble bien t'avoir adressé mes voeux pour la nouvelle année sur l'un de tes sites. Je réitère et te dis merveilleuse année à venir que pour toi le bonheur t'anime encore, car tu as la bonté de nous éblouir de belles poésies et paroles certaines magiques d'autres ésotériques.
Je voulais te dire merci pour ces cadeaux tous les posts, qui moi me ravissent vraiment!
Même si parfois je n'ai pas le temps de te laisser un commentaire, je dois te dire que je recharge le positif grâce à toutes ces belles photos et jolis textes, c'est pour cela que tu mérites que l'on te dises...MERCI !
Gros bisous

Sharon Souter said...

This is absolutely beautiful Victoria. The first photograph and words makes me think of my early morning walks in the park on my way to work - you have captured the wonder I feel when I am there and dawn is just breaking!

Donna Yates said...

Amazing. Your blog calms me. I loved the pics and the poems and the sayings. I'm in the Land of Bliss now, thank you very much.

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