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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Universal Oneness, We Belong to One Another

We Belong to One Another
WE all walk as One
When we remember
that we are ALL Interconnected
we become Unified
in the Spirit of LOVE
In the Magic of True Connection

when we realise that at every level of our Being
that we are truly the same and deserve
the same love, respect and support and value
we become healed in the perceptions of one another
and break down the energy of Judgment and Hate

when we come to know
that we all need one another
to find connection, Love, hope, strength and peace
we realise that we are all One Universal Family
and we should embrace  eachother as sisters ,brothers
..as universal spirits and kindred souls

When we stand as ONE
and walk together, the World-Heart Ignites
when we shine our compassion, forgiveness,
acceptance and celebration for one another
the Universal Heart begins to beat even stronger
this pulse is like a Universal Drum..
a Sound Current of Oneness
A Vibrational Arrow of Light
We each carry that LIGHT Within
We Each can Become this pure Song of Harmony
This Gift Invokes new currents
of Thinking, Being and Becoming
it creates healing..it empowers Love and releases Freedom..
It Opens the Pathways to Peace
and enhances creative energy
Ignites creative solutions
and Opens a Bridge to Higher Awareness

when we Grow together, the World Grows
when we treat eachother as Sacred Beings,
walking on the Earth together
appreciating we are all unique and yet we are all the same..
we create Rays of Enlightenment and warm the Earth's Heart

we all belong to one another
no one is ever excluded
we are all vital ingredients, valuable seeds
important threads of  New Consciousness
weaving all as ONE SPIRIT
every single piece is relevant and instrumental
in creating a world that shine in Oneness
and Lives In the Empowered Essence of Love.
We Belong To One another
We all walk as ONE
~Victoria Pettella~


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Forest Dream Weaver said...

Victoria,your words are as always spot on. I love the peony image.....absolutely divine!

Happy weekend,

Martina said...

Lovely post, it so fits with the spirit of these times, where people are, or can be, more connected than ever , times of change in which it is needed that we work in a sense of wholeness. YOu put the words so beautifully! Hope your weekend id filled with magic moments!

Victoria said...

Forest Dream Weaver
HUgs Ruby..thanks for such kind words and for your lovely visit! Wishing you a sparkling wkd too!

Victoria said...

yay Martina..happy you enjoyed it..thanks for always adding a sparkle here and for sharing such wise and beautiful words! Hugs and wishing you a blissful wkd!

earthenmagic said...

...good fruits of the spirit ~ are governed ~ by strong foundations... ...the lantern of wisdom ~ as the corner stone ~ can become ~ with patience and time ~ a universal teaching ~ an invitation to fundamental understanding... ...if our surrounds are conducive ~ to corner stone practice ~ the rest ~ naturally ~ falls into place ~ thus ~ societal healing ~ may prosper and blossom ~ into the next plateau... ...big hugs sister!...(:

Auroran Lauriel said...

beautiful thoughts and so true. Hmmmm . . . I've paused here to write a journal reflection on this subject. Thank you for your bright and insightful thoughts/ awareness, Victoria. :)

Terri said...

ahhhhhhhh.........that was such a great breath of joy for me! Thank you so much!
Beautiful imagery for owning our oneness. I love the seeds arranged in a circle with the light and dark sides.

Introverted Art said...

such beautiful thoughts Victoria...

CraveCute said...

I enjoy being here, it's such a lovely place.

keiths ramblings said...

A beautiful post on a wonderful site. I'm so glad you dropped into my blog because as result I've found yours.DElightful.

Donna Yates said...

so very beautiful, calming, and oh so true. Loved this post.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Victoria,

Such lovely photos and uplifting words. Your peony image is so gorgeous!

Emm in London said...

This is stunning Victoria. I absolutely believe that, that we are all interconnected and that Spirit is in everything, woven through the fabric of the universe. ♥

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