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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sacred Celebration: Each Day on Earth

Each day
The World is Reborn
we too.. are reborn

Each day
Creation is awakening
we too.. are awakening

We Too Can BECOME 
And Bloom Within the Garden 
of the Universe
~Victoria Pettella~





VM Creation Atelier said...

I am totally speachless,Victoria....!!!

SO fantastic and SO gorgeous is again and again:-)))*

Much Love,

Jess said...

I love to read your comforting words, inspiring words. I feel so uplifted by this, thankyou.xx

martinealison said...

Ouvrir votre blog est déjà un moment fabuleux dans ma journée...
Gros bisous à vous.

kat said...

Victoria as always such lovely words, full of gratitude for all our blessings, indeed we must relish and celebrate each day and above all be full of gratitude for all we have! Blessings to you!xx

Dianne said...

Such lovely photos and beautiful words,YOU are one of the blessing in our life thanks for that my dear. Have a wonderful week..

Terri said...

Victoria, you have captured my very own sentiment about life! Yay! I love each day so much! I go to bed at night eager for the next day, and wake up ready to enjoy it : ) Even on difficult days, I still feel the truth underneath! I feel so lucky!
Your beautiful imagery enhances the wellbeing I feel. Thank you so much!

earthenmagic said...

...yes! ~ Victoria: every precious moment is ~ sacred ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred sister!...(o:

mirsini's creations said...

You are a wise fairy my friend !!!!! So beautiful and powerful post !!! Magical images !!! Kisses !! :))

Martina said...

Oh, i almost missed this post Kiki! Magical as always, Yes, every day deserves to be celebrated and at least sometimes, we should take the time for a ritual to really honour the gift of life! Have a sparkling weekend!

Hilde said...

Such a magical post! Beautiful and powerful words and photos :)
Thank you so much, Victoria.

Mandy said...

What a fabulous post Victoria, just a wonderful reminder that we cannot take even one moment for granted because each day is ours to create and challenge and grow. Love this.

Inge said...

I wish you a nice week ahead, it is always a pleasure visting you, reading your words and enjoying the pictures. I hope, you are doing fine. Hugs, Inge

eM said...

I love to meditate with your lovely photos Victoria - admire the sensitive compositions, You are creating a poems in pictures.

One Conscious Dreamer said...

Today is good day for me
because I started clicking
links on your page and found
another awesome blog.

I agree with you, we are
all one energy on the same
path, perhaps, sometimes,
at different places along
the way.

Our energy and spirit affects
everyone around us.

Love and peace shared
becomes a powerful force
of love and enlightenment
that shines and touches
our hearts with love.

This was a bonus indeed.
Thank you for sharing
your light.

hugs and blessings

Jo said...

Hi Victoria,
It is wonderful to see that you are still here blogging and creating inspiring posts. I have been away for a year and have been out of touch. It has been a crazy time with moving again... Anyway, it is always lovely to come here for some peace and to read your thoughtful words.
Spring blessings,
Jo. x

Jo said...

P.S. Just realised I have not been following you here, but I am now! :-)

Jo May said...

Hi Victoria,
I thought I would stop by here again because I was finding it difficult to find any new posts by you on your other blogs.
Do you not have a comments section on your other pages because I could not find them?
Anyway, I came here for some more peace and time to dream, and look at your beautiful pictures.
I will put this blog on my blogroll, just so I don't miss any new posts!
Jo. xx

Bernardo Velasco said...

Victoria hello, your site is a lot about you, a lady full of inner peace and tranquility are also very attractive, I love all images and text, all a place to reflect and relax a while, I appreciate the site visit, I send a kiss and have a good night ....

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love the way you captured the sun light in all these pictures. Blessings, my friend!

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