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Monday, February 4, 2013

Mango-Love Smoothie


I Love the fresh sweetness
of Mangoes
the luscious red-pinks of strawberry
a hint of banana 
and the vibrant glow 
of Pineapple juice
the perfect combo 
for harmony 
and a potion of love 
and for kindred spirits..

This sweet little drink
makes me feel Lively..

do you have a fave combo ?

 I love to see the red flecks of strawberry  
mixed with mango

Some magic sunlight..


Vibrational Upliftment

and tiny rainbows dancing..

The perfect moment to share with a kindred..or loved one!
Wishing you the magic of Nature's Flavors...

Find the Flavors you Love..
Find what makes you feel Nourished and Alive
Create with what makes
your Whole Being feel...
Awake, Uplifted and Energized!
Restore and Rejuvenate your body..
Experiment with what you are naturally drawn to..

Nature's Flavors can spark 
the body-mind-spirit ..on all levels..
Refresh your Well-being..
Listen to what your body needs..

Create a Potion of Wellness..
Create with the Magic 
of Color , Flavor , Beauty, Texture and Nourishment!



Jane said...

This sounds super delicious, Victoria!! Love your accompanying pics - that blue really pops - and everything reminds me of spring :) It's +3 here & melting - so things are looking up!

Terri said...

MMMmmmmmmmmm....Mango! Yes!
Mango is the most delicious fruit. I think I could live on mango and avocado! lol! Both very beautiful fruits.
Drinking mango juice is like being powered by the sun!

WeekendAbstrait said...

Mmmm, comme les commentaires précédents, tu nous donne envie de goûter cette boisson qui est source de remise en forme!
Tes photos sont magnifiques!
Belle journée à toi Victoria.
Gros bisous

Dianne said...

This looks and sounds fantastic, gorgeous colors, yummy. Thanks for sharing, bug hugs..

Kristin Aquariann said...

Your smoothie looks scrumptious! *swoon* It's my birthday on Friday - want to bring a batch over? ;D

♥ aquariann
Featured Photo: Pegasus Sculpture

CraveCute said...

Your Mango and Sweet Potato posts have me writing them on my grocery list! They are gorgeous subjects for photography this time of year! We need some of the warm sunny, yellow and orange colors here! Lovely my dear!

Kidslife said...

So yummy - hmmm, i need to get me a Mango! I love them as a "Lassie" to, mixed with youghurt and mineral water, so fresh and creamy! Happy weekend Kiki and thank you for sharing the magic! xx

Emm in London said...

Oh, I adore mangos and bananas too which is no surprise as I was weaned on them!! Add orange to the mix and I'm a happy girl.

Bernardo Velasco said...

Hi Victoria, thanks for your opinions, I feel very happy about what I express myself and I like it and visit each of your blogs because you express much of the text and photos all tranquility and peace that is what is missing to this world, I send you a kiss you're beautiful bay good weekend ...

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