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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Song you Carry , Soaring Beyond the Universe

The Song You Carry~ Victoria Pettella

What Brings you Peace
Brings Peace to the World
What Gives you Strength
Strengthens those around you

What ignites your Inner Power
Creates Empowerment for those who need to find their Own
What Invokes freedom in your Heart
Allows the Hearts of others to OPEN

What Inspires you to Create
Sets even more Creativity and Magic out into the Universe
What Lights up your Soul
encourages others to Listen to the voice
of their Own Soul, to Hear it... and  to follow it

When you Find Courage in yourself
You create Change and Invoke New Pathways in your Life
When you see that an Abundance
of options and choices always belong to you
you begin to choose without fear
and live in trust and love and hope

What sets you Free to Fully Be You
Inspires others to find their True Calling
When you Own the Power of Who you Are and why you are Here
you encourage Others to Step deep inside their Own Power
and never stop Growing

What it takes within you to Forgive Yourself
Helps to Heal others
what it takes in you to Forgive Others
teaches those how to finally forgive themselves

When you Release your shackles
you Take Back the Key to your real life
when you choose to See Beauty and Life
over darkness and hate
you make New Light shine
and illuminate New Consciousness

What brings you deep joy
Brings the Echo of Love all over the world
What makes you Whole
Awakens new pieces of Growth
to those searching for Answers

What sparks your passions to overflow
Encourages others to Quest
for their Cup of Creation

What legacy you leave behind
becomes the tree rooted
in the Hearts of the Future
What Heals and Transforms you completely
Becomes the Divine Medicine and Nectar
for others to Recognize in Themselves

What Gifts you find in your heart and Allow
to Become Fully Realised
Awakens hidden treasure in others,
and they in turn Can Become the Gift
that they were always Meant to Be

What makes you feel Truly Alive
with light, magic and deep love
Brings an Unwavering Spirit
and Incredible Life-Force
to All those upon the Earth
And then Carries a Song of Creation
Soaring Beyond the Beautiful Universe.
~Victoria Pettella~

What is the Song that you carry....set it free.


earthenmagic said...

...divinely poignant ~ thine words`y muse hath excelled beyond compare! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart! ~ super awesome to hear from thee!...(O:

Laurie said...

you are a magical word weaver!

Vivienne Moss said...

As always...beautiful and enchanting. It feels good to be back in blog land. I have missed your inspiring words and art.

Hope all is well, Viv

Martina said...

This is beautiful Kiki - yes, each of us has to find her own key that unlocks the inner treasures and strength! I have missed you already, and hope all is well and you have a magical summer! xox

Suzanne said...

thank you.....as always......thank you

CraveCute said...

Thank you Victoria! Your beautiful words and images nourish my soul.
Love and Light Always,

On Fragile Wings said...

What sparks your passions to overflow
Encourages others to Quest
for their Cup of Creation

What legacy you leave behind
becomes the tree rooted
in the Hearts of the Future.

This is the true importance
of sharing what you create.

You have nailed it Victoria
in these two stanza's.

Great post.

blessings of love and peace
hugs Sharon

Victoria said...

On Fragile Wings
Hugs Sharon, thanks for your beautiful words and thoughtful visits
I wish I could leave comments on your posts/blog but am unable for I do not have google plus. Please know I enjoy your blog each time I visit!

Victoria said...

HUgs kindred sister..many thanks for your super thoughtful words and sparkling spirit..your visits are always appreciated!

Victoria said...

Yay..thanks Diane, happy you enjoyed it!

Victoria said...

Thanks so much friend..hugs

Victoria said...

Vivienne Moss
Yay V, so thrilled you are back in blogland, thanks for visiting,I look forward to your magical realm!
Hugs kindred

Victoria said...

Hello sweet friend..so happy to hear from you, thanks for your kind words always. Wishing you a beautiful summer too!Can;t wait to see what you have been up to!

Victoria said...

HUgs dear friend..

Dianne said...

These words ares have touch my heart deeply, I have truly tried to live my life this way and its truly amazing you have said that in this magical poem, I have missed visiting you so much it makes my heart swell to be here thank you my friend...

Carrie Wachter said...

Powerful and inspiring words...thank you!

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