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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Meditation: Your Spirit's Power: Immeasurable


earthenmagic said...

...greetings dear kindred heart! ~ thee shines thine radiance with perfect serene beauty! ~ may thee always be blessed with this most awesome light!...(O:

Silke said...

A perfect reminder for me today! I hope you are doing well, dear friend! Your spirt continues to shine brightly!! xoxo Silke

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thank you for sharing this Victoria.Good to remember as we move into longer,darker nights.Actually I look forward to cosy times indoors.

Have a lovely week!

Terri said...

Hello dear one,
You have blessed me once again with your words of wisdom. Sometimes I feel like you have written your poem just for me. Lol! I really appreciate your poetry and your beautiful imagery. You have lifted a bit of the veil for me today.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Thankyou,dear Victoria!

Thankyou for your wonderful talent tomake people smile and happy:)*
Beautiful post,touching words,dear friend!

Hugs and blissful week to you,

Terri said...

Victoria....come see my blog...some see what you won : )

Martina said...

Beautiful Kiki - thereÄs something wild and free in this post, that i love! Hope your week is going well and you have time to fly with the wind! xx

weekend et coup de coeur (sur weekend et coup de brosse) said...

Victoria, je suis toujours très heureuse de suivre tes blogs, celui-ci me donne le sourire de voir autant de superbes photos cela donne de la bonne humeur! Tes posts sont un vrai plaisir à découvrir!
Bonne semaine à toi
Bisous- Cath.

Tammie Lee said...

each word feels charged with the truth of what you share

entirely powerful and radiant

encouraging and beautiful

thank you so much!

Vivienne Moss said...

Very powerful and full of beauty and truth. Thank you for this Victoria. Your art is such a blessing and I always come away feeling refreshed and enchanted by your words.

Much love...Viv

Suzanne said...

Now I am craving a nice hot cup of tea and a back porch to relax and reflect......but alas I shall be at work till 5.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Your new post touched my heart always....
I LOVe your talent to describe all the beauty from the world:)*
Fabulously nice photography,creative spirit and amazing soul!

Hugs to you,

Mandy Southgate said...

Wow Victoria, such a beautiful, poignant message. I like that you recreated the one image in monochrome and colour. It is worth repeating for sure.

Dianne said...

Hello dear Victoria,stunning photos and such wisdom you evoke, our spirits, are the strongest source in the world..BIG SMILE sending (((( BIG HUGS ))), I've missed visiting you..

Cath.H.C Photography said...

j'adore tes blogs on y voit des photos magnifiques, c'est un vrai plaisir!
Quelle profondeur les prises de vue sont sublimes!!!
Merci de tes visites sur mon blog.
Bonne fin de semaine à toi, Cath

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