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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free your Dream

Free your Dream

Free your dream

Free your Dream

~ victoria pettella~

Free your dream...
Begin ..
start somewhere
Find a seed..open it
Find a thread ...follow it
Find a path..explore it

Find even one single bud..bloom with it
start somewhere..
unleash the potentials..
give them permission to Flow outward
take action...spark something into creation
even a tiny piece..
and it will naturally glow and grow..
It will come to life on it's own
you just have to begin somewhere 
even if you do not know where

keep creating...keep nourishing it..
and watch it bloom into Pure Life-force
you will feel the shift...now keep sparking with it 

Begin to practice freeing 
this Inner Space into the Outer World
Flowing this current of dream-energy out from your Being
 like the wildly beautiful-winds of Creation..
send it onward..it knows where to go..
Now follow it..
Decide you will give full support to it's magical journey
Give all of your heart and spirit and energy to it...
Make time and space available 
to shape this new world

Let what needs to drop away..drop away with lightness and Joy
so that you can make room for this New Journey 
to become the main current of energy
Let it take root without hesitation, give it the expanding-space it needs 
to stretch out and BE..and keep growing

Now come back down to earth...
(yet always keep the magical buzz flowing in your heart and all around you)
make some positive choices that help support your plans
Create positive actions that reflect this dream
take steps to help build and create what you want
Find all the ingredients that you need
to grow your dream and anchor it into reality

If you need insight-assistance-specific helpful info..
go hunting for that knowledge
come back empowered!
Keep in tune with your Inner Gifts
of Self-Trust and Intuition and Creative Intelligence
Trust your instincts along the way

Keep creating...the spirit of your passion begins
to take care of all extra ingredients you may need
but you must begin somewhere..
as your energy amps up with joy and positivity..
it naturally draws into you..
your map of Creation

all the pieces and threads
that are vital parts of this design will come to life
your dream big or small
is valuable and important and sacred to you
Becasue it is the True Spirit
of you and why you are here

let it become, let it shine
Allow it to honor all creative aspects of you
Be your Dream..
it was never meant to stay hidden
 on the inside of you
it is what makes you whole
and makes you Fully YOU!

For when you Free your Dream
....you Free your Soul!
And when you Free your Soul
you truly Live the Gift of your Life.
~Victoria Pettella~
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Free your Dream


Mandy Southgate said...

Wow, this is spectacular Victoria. Such fabulous words, so powerful.

Willow said...

Such a lovely map to awakening your dreams and making a choice to bring them out into your life.
This resonates deep in my soul.
I love living my dream.
Have a marvelous magical day indeed.
Thank you for the loveliness here.
Be Well ,

Cath.H.C Photography said...

très très joli post, Victoria !

Inge said...

I love it - such inspiring words and sights. Have a magic evening. Greetings from across the ocean Inge

Tammie Lee said...

so beautiful
full of life
completely inspiring
and inspired by you ~

Terri said...

Once again, Victoria, your beautiful expression speaks to my heart and soul. I almost wonder if you write just for me (lol!). It just feels like you always share what I am needing. Thank you, Thank you.
"Let what needs to drop away..drop away with lightness and Joy"
Find a seed, follow a thread, give permission....
Hugs and hugs,

mirsini's creations said...

Wow !! Your wise and uplifting words was all i needed right now !! I have to follow my dream and not give up and loosing my path !! That was wonderful Wizardess !!!!
Thank you so much my special friend !! I' waiting for you in my blog's birthday autumn fairy party..heheh !!
A biiiiig hug and kisses my beloved friend !!

Suzanne said...

Well said.....beautiful

Dianne said...

You are a blessing to so many,my heart is singing, my spirit is flying and my soul is soothed Bless You for doing that, you my dear make this a better world, with your shining beautiful spirit.. Namaste!!!!

Martina said...

This is a beautiful post Kiki - yes, our freams are like seeds that grow in their own time if they are nourished well ,,, and we've got to take the time, looking after them, even if things are busy. Hope you have a sparkling and magical Halloween weekend, celberating the outer and the inner world, dancing!

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thank you Victoria,your posts are always beautiful and inspiring.

Have a lovely week,

kat said...

Dear Victoria I've missed coming here to visit your soulful site, so many wise words and musings, there is so much magic around for us to be grateful for.
Thanks for sharing your magic

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