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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sacred Celebration: Each Day on Earth

Each day
The World is Reborn
we too.. are reborn

Each day
Creation is awakening
we too.. are awakening

We Too Can BECOME 
And Bloom Within the Garden 
of the Universe
~Victoria Pettella~




Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Spirit of creation is Calling you..Awake and be Free

The Spirit of Creation
is calling you
 waiting for you to answer...
To Embrace your Awakening Heart 
to Receive LOVE
To Remove All cages from the Soul
to invoke Change and Create New Life
To Honor the Spirit 
to Embody it's Power 
To Discover Beauty, Wisdom and Knowing
To Understand who you are more profoundly
and To Let it Come to Life 
without reservation, hesitation or any fear

the Spirit of Creation
knows the Divine Dust that Created you
and what Deep Purpose it embodies
You must accept the Power of Your Inner Truth
and let it Guide you to Loving yourself more
and Honor the Gift you have been asked 
to Be while you are here 
Each time you set your Self Free
You allow the Spirit of Creation to Awaken within you
This Treasure of Creation is yours to Nourish
to create with
and to Give, Share

It is  not only the Blessing you share with others
It also becomes a Blessing to you
For as you Allow your True Purpose to unfold
and as you Allow your Spirit to Live 
in it's Fullest Expression
you Become Pure Creation
You Become a Vessel of Empowerment
 this pure magic, light and love carries a peaceful existence  
a divine wave of harmonic Light
Invoking New Consciousness to the earth 
A World that Vibrates in Beauty, Peace, Joy and Love.

Set all that you are FREE
Express, Create, Share
each piece of Light that you allow to GROW
Builds New Streams of Consciousness
They Shine and Flow with Harmony, 
Weaving the Face and Heart of a new earth
a new world consciousness

It begins with your inner Light
you must nurture it..
and let it Become all it wants to be
Trust that Inner Light
It knows the Way 
It is why you are here...
it is yours Life's Work
It is Your Spirit's Purpose 
and the Dream of your Heart's 
Awakened World

The Spirit of Creation will always call upon you
To Become the World it sees Living Within you.
and as you awaken to this world..
it sparks others to awaken, ignites new seeds
weaves MORE Light, 
More Love and Peace into the World
and this divine connection
we all have to share 
Ignites the Gift of Creation  
Spiritual Oneness and Freedom
 to All.
~Victoria Pettella~


Monday, February 4, 2013

Mango-Love Smoothie


I Love the fresh sweetness
of Mangoes
the luscious red-pinks of strawberry
a hint of banana 
and the vibrant glow 
of Pineapple juice
the perfect combo 
for harmony 
and a potion of love 
and for kindred spirits..

This sweet little drink
makes me feel Lively..

do you have a fave combo ?

 I love to see the red flecks of strawberry  
mixed with mango

Some magic sunlight..


Vibrational Upliftment

and tiny rainbows dancing..

The perfect moment to share with a kindred..or loved one!
Wishing you the magic of Nature's Flavors...

Find the Flavors you Love..
Find what makes you feel Nourished and Alive
Create with what makes
your Whole Being feel...
Awake, Uplifted and Energized!
Restore and Rejuvenate your body..
Experiment with what you are naturally drawn to..

Nature's Flavors can spark 
the body-mind-spirit ..on all levels..
Refresh your Well-being..
Listen to what your body needs..

Create a Potion of Wellness..
Create with the Magic 
of Color , Flavor , Beauty, Texture and Nourishment!


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