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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Healing Potions for every season: Create your Own

Each season we can create wonderful healthy drinks 
that nourish and inspire our well-being.

We are each unique in what we need and what works for you individually!

This summer my body was in the mood for  Fresh Cucumber juice..
This was summer's healing potion for me!

My brother and his wife 
generously gave me tons of fresh cucumbers 
from thier garden! 

 I enjoyed just plain cucumber juice, and even some different combos!
Do you have any fave summer combos?

A friend passed on this recipe to me, avocado-cucumber and lemon.

In this recipe below, if you want to add an avocado for some creaminess 
take what you have juiced, mix it in a blender, then add the avocado last
whiz it up for  a few seconds.....if longer it gets real puffy! (Up to you!)

And now that a New Season has arrived...
I am sure to create new combos for my Autumn Body!

 We can create different healing combos to shift into each seasonal body..

Listen close to what your body needs... create something wonderful!
What are your new healthy habits if any?

***I also love just plain  water and fresh lemon or lime juice early morning.
Simple and brilliant and cleansing for the body!

I will be sure to post my Autumn Potions...and feel free to share if you have any faves!
Or if you have any wonderful recipes, ideas or combos..please share!

Wishing you Healing, and Well-Being and Harmony!


Below are other healing potions
and favorite foods I enjoyed this this year

many variations of whatever fruit or juice combos I had..sometime nectarines..orange etc..

So with Autumn here...it will be fun to explore New Magic..new foods..new potions for well-being!!

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