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Friday, November 29, 2013

Easy Gorgeous Green Wraps

Easy Gorgeous Greens

If you are like me..and cannot eat any bread....then a green-wrap is a nice little alternative!
You can use any greens you like..lightly fill...and enjoy!

Simple, easy and yummy!

What are your fave green wraps..or any lovely combos you enjoy?

Thanks for visiting..


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Almond Milk: Simple and Beautiful

Over the years I have enjoyed making my own Nut Milks at home

If you can tolerate nuts and are not allergic..
Almond Milk is a lovely soothing drink..

It is simple and beautiful!

The process is pretty simple, I have made different variations over the years,
have tried recipes from friends and so on, all pretty similar.

Find a recipe you love! I always love trying new ones..share yours if you wish!

There are versions with or without almond skins, some done boiled, some simply raw. ..
some flavored with molasses or sweetened with papaya , dates , maple syrup
 so many versions.

The basic method is to soak your almonds overnight in water.
For a small recipe, you will need about 1 and 1/2 cups of almonds,
pour in enough water to fully cover them , with a little extra water an inch or two.
Place them in the fridge till softened! Overnight will do!

Then once softened, drain away the water, place almonds in a blender,
again add 1 Cup of fresh water to cover.
Blend 1 min -2 min  and it instantly becomes a lovely thick paste.

Take this Almond paste and put into a heat-safe bowl and add 2 cups of boiling water, stir gently and  let soak for a good 8-10 minutes like a huge bath of tea. Then begin to extract the Almond milk by using a strainer/sieve, press out milk. Continue  ..so easy!

*Some prefer not to use hot water, other recipes simply add more room temp water and preferred flavors and blend in a blender and then strain the same way and extract the milk!
Both methods work..
Up to you!

Here is what the Almond Milk will look like once extracted...

Once you have finished, the Almond Milk can be altered if you desire with added flavors or sweetened with a touch maple syrup or whatever is good for you. Some recipes call for a dash of salt, up to you!

Explore what you like! You can also leave it as it is!

Keep it in the fridge for a few days and enjoy!

The leftover Almond paste can be used for other recipes if you desire.

Almond Milk can be added to your favorite Smoothies 
or energy drinks..yum!
anything really....or simply enjoyed as is!

Grab a shot and enjoy! It is wonderfully soothing and nourishing..

 Do you have your own version / variation or fave Almond Milk recipe?
Feel free to share!

*Here is another version  from Peta, which removes the skins from the almonds and done a little differently, I haven't tried this version yet...will try this one next.

There are lots of links and lovely books out there with different versions...try one out you like!
Or share your fave nut milk recipes..I'd love to hear about it!

Finding Harmony

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sacred Moments and The Spirit of Gratitude

Find a Moment
Find the Sacred 
in every little thing

Find the Gifts 
waiting inside each Day

Find the Spirit of Life
shining in all things
and in those you love

make each day a  journey of dreams that come to life
Make each moment..a sacred meditation
~victoria pettella~

Finding Harmony

Find a Quiet Moment

Find a Quiet Moment

Meditation~Return to Center ~The Empowered Space

Yoga Spirit Meditation

Yoga  Spirit Meditation

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