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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Awake and Free: a new year, new moon, new bloom

A new year arrives
a new moon
a new bloom


Wishing you all a New Year
filled with Beauty, New Dreams and Seeds of Creation
and A New Journey 
Enjoy each new moment
become awake and free
with all that you are
PS: Enjoy the New Moon Magic


Wishing you many New Seasons ahead of Beauty and Harmony..

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Awakening with your Spirit, Again and Again

Your Spirit
Forever Guides you

(click pictures to enlarge for easy reading)

~body-mind-heart ..Soul & Spirit

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kale Magic, add some Greens to your Treats

If you already love it , Kale is a lovely addition to your favorite treats..

Pictured below...some various muffins with KALE for extra magic..

Kale is beautiful...nourishing..powerful
It is fantastic simply raw...and can also be enjoyed in muffins

Gorgeous green flakes peering through banana shreds
so yummy

Add a bit of green magic to your goodies..

Finding Harmony

Monday, December 9, 2013

Moments of Magic and Meditation

m o m e n t s

There are Moments
of Magic
and Meditation 
waiting to be celebrated 
in each day

Take a moment 
to see your life in a new way
to see your world in a new light
to experience your journey with new vision
to feel the magic in the simplest of treasures

Take Time
to know the sacred in every living thing and being
to seek the potential and positivity in every corner
to acknowledge the beauty all around you
to feel the gratitude of your circumstances,
all the good and even all that challenges you
Find peace in your Journey

Find time
to Create from your Heart and Spirit
and share your Soul's Light
To explore your deep dreams
and weave them toward light

Take time to Reflect
to know you are blessed
to see the spirit  and soufulness in people
to recognize the love that exists in all

Take Time to Breathe!
To slow down, to savor,
to take it ALL in
and be mesmerized by LIFE!
Take In the BREATH...
like it was your first
Truly live it
 truly express your Life Essence

Take time to simplify
to find your wings
set yourself free again and again
Feel the lightness and joy
Stop to feel the enchantment in each new day 
and to recognize the gifts
being given to you in all forms

 Take a moment to be AWAKE
and to Know
that magic lives in each day
and that each day
is a sacred meditation
waiting to greet you
~victoria pettella~

Thanks for visiting...

Wishing you Moments 
of Magic and Meditation

Finding Harmony


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Find a Quiet Moment

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