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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kale Pesto~

Juicing?...have lots of leftover kale?? 

Thought I'd experiment and use the leftover kale after juicing and make a pesto.

The remaining juiced kale had a nice soft texture that seemed great for a pesto..


Kale Pesto

KALE: Chop up the kale more if you need too..

OIL: add your oil of choice
( enough to coat greens)

GARLIC: some garlic, 1 clove  is great
( or more up to you)

NUTS: nuts if you like
( pecan, walnut, pine nuts all work well)

SEASONING: season to taste(up to you)

OR: Find Inspiration & create your own version!

*The juiced  kale seemed to absorb liquid quickly once coated
....but this beautiful bowl of pesto 
didn't last long anyways and was eaten quickly.
* you could eve skip the pesto idea 
and add some lemon juice and seasoning  
and blend up as a green-spread  
or  verde sauce or add to a salsa!

Thanks for visiting..


Willow said...

The photographs and quotes are so uplifting Victoria.
The Kale dishes look full of vibrant energy and sound delicious .

martinealison said...

A l'Île Maurice je consommais beaucoup de choux... J'adore ça.
Vos photos sont magnifiques. Merci pour ce partage.
Gros bisous

Victoria said...

thanks so much Willow for stopping by and adding your sparkle!

Victoria said...

Thanks so much Martine, always happy when you stop by!

Terri said...

Kale is just so gorgeous! What a vibrant green, even after being juiced! Your salad looks delicious, and healthy. Thank you so much for sharing with us : )

Martina said...

Have never eaten Kale - we don't get it here often. But it öooks totally yummy! Happy weekend, dear Kiki!

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