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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spinach and Apple: Green and Red ~Color Magic




chlorophyll-rich spinach

 decadent apples...draped in jewels

red and green

power colors and combos
of life-force
earth, nature

 Red~root chakra
strength and stability

Green-Heart chakra
balance and harmony

Thanks for visiting my Color-magic-poems

Finding Harmony


Willow said...

As alway my lovely Victoria your words and images soothe and lift my soul.
I am now staring at the beautiful citrine on my window sill and letting out a relaxing sigh ~ also feeling gratitude for fresh greens . Ahh

VM Creation Atelier said...

Beautiful and so inspire me again,Victoria!!!
Just red&green.... SOooooo fantastic combination:)))
Can't being more agree with you about those two,vibrant,magical,colorful!

Send to you my hugs from the sunshine Holland today:)


Martina said...

Yes, rec a nd green is a very strong and lively combination - feels healthy and FUN! Enjoy the magic of red and green and the harmony it brings! And thank you for visisting me - made me smile! xx

Mandy Southgate said...

Lovely Victoria. Spinach has become one of my staples now that just about everything else has been ruled out!

mirsini's creations said...

Hi my beloved Fairy Queen !!! Wow...Reds and Greens are such a feast for the eye and your photos are wonderful !!!!
I so admire your artistic talent and your magical inspirations !! Wow..and such magical vibrant jewelries...of a Queen !!!
Wishing you a great month and a happy..magical summer !!
Hugs & kisses my friend !! :o)))

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