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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Endless Creation

Endless Creation ~victoria pettella~

It is the Autumn season, October always carries a unique and colorful magic all of it's own.

Although is it getting quite chilly, there are still the boldest of buds forming and many hopeful blooms striving for awakening and harvest. The seasons are blending and morphing.
The ghost of summer still awake in Autumn, and the future spirit of Winter casting it's solemn presence of shadows and bones.

Nature is powerful and each season is remarkably awake with a strong-willed essence of it's own inner dream. Even though Autumn's glow is still burning brightly, the seasonal changes are becoming very evident as the warmth fades and the cold decides the new reality!

Life is a potent gift and all that we cherish is alive with each day that we are blessed to walk...

I hope you are all enjoying the seasons...and moving along with the transitions in Harmony, balance and deep joy!  Each season carries it's own dreams and seeds and reminds us to be more awake to the beauty they all hold in their own way!

 Each Season is a wise keeper of time, change, of letting go and becoming new! Life, death, birth, creation and awakening...we learn these seeds again and again like a sacred spiral pulling us in and letting us flow outward again, reweaving the journey. We keep learning till we truly understand that we Belong to the Ancient Seasons and must embrace their sacred teachings and  the ever-present blessings.

 October is almost over...but I am savoring each Autumnal Gift and choosing to see the magic even  as the leaves begin to abandon the towering  trees and the songbirds silence the world beneath.  There is endless creation...everywhere..each day..each moment. With each season's first and last breath; nature is a meditation of Endless Creation..
~victoria pettella~

Finding Harmony

Wishing you Endless Creation


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Vitoria!... I enjoyed the contents of your site - the images in tandem with the spirit and honesty of your thoughts and words!

Harmony exists everywhere in Nature ... in every season... if one truly "sees".

Choosing to exist in Harmony with the Natural World requires letting go of so many thing that society imposes. It's about choices...

I think that the common path we share offers Peace and Contentment...riches beyond monetary value!

A great blog! Keep up mthe great work! I'll drop by again soon!

Warmest regards.
Bruce Sherman

Emma said...

Beautiful, dear Victoria. Thank you so much for your beauty and your wisdom. It always feels like a gift. I like to send you my Autumn poem in return. And please, don't feel obliged to post it publically. Much love, dear kindred.


she celebrates the secret of letting go
First she gives away her green,
now her orange,
her yellow,
and then her red,
until the fire fades
at the last, to lose her dying embers.
All, all is given away, to her very last leaf
There she stands, empty and silent,
Leaning naked against the Autumn air
she begins her watch of trust.


Victoria said...

Bruce Sherman
Thanks so much for sharing your insights and wisdom...powerful words...most appreciated! Glad to connect with a like-minded soul! Wishing you the magic of the season.

Victoria said...

Wow Emma...I am deeply touched by your magnificent poetry as always..your words always touch my spirit...so deeply beautiful! I enjoyed every moment of it!! You are a gifted poetess!! Many thanks and much appreciation for the beauty and wisdom and spiritual essence you share and tribute to Autumn..a very powerful magic!
Hugs and blessings

Emma said...

Thank you, dearest friend, thank you so much for your heartfelt reply. But you have a way with words yourself that touches my spirit and between the two of us there is something at work which indeed comes close to magic. Love and blessings x and thanks again x

VM Creation Atelier said...

Thankyou million time for your beautiful spirit,dear Victoria!!!
Love Octobet,love Fall.... All in:)))
Creative,amazing mood of life is here!
I send to you my inner embrace dear friend:)))

Mandy Southgate said...

It feels so strange V, we've had such a mild autumn that I wore a t-shirt on the weekend. I'm looking forward to winter but equally glad I'll be in South Africa in December for their summer.

Martina said...

Beuatifully said Kiki, you really catch the essence of the dance of seasons, the circle game of nature, taking us along, changing, developing, growing, discovering … Have a magical week, love to you!

Kae said...

Beautiful reflection on the changing of the seasons and your journey through them. After a long and arduous journey of my own, I have finally moved from the tropics to US Northwest and am loving the seasonal changes. We don't have the same experiences or the degree of change compared to your neck of the woods, but it is a drastic change in weather and nature compared to where I used to live. I love it all!

Becky said...
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Cassie Dunston said...
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Becky said...
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