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Thursday, June 19, 2014

From Spring to Summer~ Reflections

From Spring to Summer

These are the last moments of Spring's Energy..
and we are now moving toward 
the Magic of Summer

Spring has awakened new life in us all..the Seasonal Gift 
of  True Beginnings and New Potential

And now Summer wishes to weave all of these new threads 
into pure creation, a new world  of Magic !

Will you allow Summer's Vision to unfold?

Honor the special gifts 
of Spring
and be open to embody 
Summer's New Energy 
and Life-force

~victoria pettella~

The Summer Solstice will soon arrive, 
each Seasonal Gateway is a Special Time 
to appreciate and honor in some way

Summer's Arrival~The beautiful power of the Sun 
will bring new blessings into your life, 
Be thankful to receive this
new energy, guidance and wisdom for your Life

Be open to the sacred and magic in each day

Enjoy the simplicity and natural beauty of Summer
Realign with your True Self, what is truly meaningful to you
Ignite with your New Growing Self..what you wish to create for the Harvest

Harmonize with Summer's Light and Your Inner Light
Find time to CREATE and to:
~Nourish and Heal
~Connect and Reconnect
~Bask in nature's wisdom
~Hear Summer's Wisdom-Song 
meant especially for you 
and your life at this time 

Explore Summer's Landscape: 
seek, learn, grow, awaken, dance

Summer is pure creation in motion..begin to create with your life, 
be "summer-like" and move, reach, bloom & Glow
Summer is awake, alive and weaving....
you too must embody these Magical Qualities 
and bring them actively into your life in some way!

Enjoy the harmony of the Universe
and the Abundance all around you 
in family, friends and simply...in Life

Listen in to the seasonal magic  and allow it to guide 
you on all levels:

Celebrate the Simple Beauty 
of each season...
Welcome the Gifts of Summer...

Thanks for visiting
Wishing you a beautiful Summer

Creating with the Seasons
~Victoria Pettella~

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