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Friday, July 11, 2014

summer blooms~soft and hazy dreams

S U M M E R    B L O O M S







and poetic

soaked in sunlit magic
and breathing in 
natural peace 
and flow

sometimes we too are in 

a peaceful blissful state

where the soul is 

open and aware 

and the spirit is 

listening and reaching

like a perfect meditation 
summer's flowering blooms 
call out 
and make us dream

and nourish us with the sun
and set us upon 
a new path 
once we awaken 
from this serene and magical space within
with the spark 
to explore 
new adventures
and creative journeys
filled with life's beauty 
and inspiring essence


nature is both 
the dream
 and the awakener 

wishing you 
summer blooms and new dreams

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